May 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, May 11, 2015 – Episode #7074

Liam and Wyatt and the Bombshell

Wyatt says they have what they need.  A huge bombshell.  You are not going to believe this, Wyatt tells his brother.  What did Maya do that Rick is going to pay for Liam wants to know.

Wyatt says Maya didn’t steal someone’s identity; she just changed hers in a major way.  Maya was originally Myron.  She’s transgender, Wyatt tells Liam.

That’s a good one Liam says.  That’s funny.  Wyatt says he feels bad about Nicole.  Bad enough not to use the information against Rick Liam wants to know.   Liam thinks private business is private business and wonders if they can use this.

Wyatt says they need to use what they know to take down Rick.  They aren’t after Maya its Rick.  This will take Rick down.  It isn’t how Wyatt wanted it to go, but they can’t back down now.  Liam is uncertain because of how personal the secret is.  Exposing it could ruin Maya’s life, Liam notes.

Maya Has Taught Rick to Trust Again

Maya introduces Rick to Nick.  Nick says they have much in common.  Rick says he’s welcome at their home anytime. Rick says Maya has changed his life and he’s learned to trust again thanks to her.

Rick gets called away to deal with an issue before they head to Big Bear.  Nick says Rick seems like a nice guy. Even the most enlightened person will struggle Nick reminds Maya.  Nick reminds Maya about a case of violence against trans women at the hands of men they are seeing….Maya assures Nick they aren’t dealing with that with Rick.  Just as long as he hears the truth from me, Maya says.

Alone Maya reflects on conversation with Carter, Nicole and Brooke about telling Rick about her being transgender.  Rick returns. They head to Big Bear.  Destiny awaits Rick tells Maya.

They arrive at the cabin where the caretaker has set everything up for them. No distractions, no hassles, just the two of them and a couple of hundred bears.  You’ve had to defend me to everyone, Maya notes.  Rick is only thinking about their future.  Maya thinks they can overcome anything and never lose sight of how much they love each other.  Rick and Maya hug.

Ridge and Brooke

Ridge is surprised that Brooke didn’t tell Rick.  This is going to hit Rick like nothing ever has before.  Brooke doesn’t believe that Ridge cares about Rick’s feelings.  Ridge admits he would gladly let Rick get what’s coming to him if Rick weren’t so important to Brooke.

Ridge thinks it ironic; it’s not the man Rick trusted least that will be Ricks downfall but the woman he trusts the most.

Ridge isn’t going after Maya for what she did; its because of the impact this will have.  A couple of kisses with Caroline sent him off the rails Ridge reminds Brooke.  Ricky is finally going to get his comeuppance Ridge states.

Brooke thinks Ridge will be glad to see Rick fall and hard.  Ridge says he would have told Rick immediately if that was true.  Brooke thinks Ridge pushed Rick into Maya’s arms by stealing Caroline from him.  The conversation turns to what will happen to the company if this becomes public.  Brooke makes him promise that he won’t tell Rick.  It’s for Maya to do.  Ridge leaves.

He returns.  What if Maya doesn’t tell Rick. Brooke says she has to, before Rick proposes.  What happens afterwards is up to Rick.

Nicole Betrayed Maya

Nicole confides in Carter that she thinks she and Wyatt could really work out – if they get the chance.  Rick is going to propose tonight and things could change tonight for the Avant sisters Carter finishes.  Nicole admits to Carter that she told Wyatt about Maya’s past.

She didn’t intend to tell him.  Carter says the rest of the Spencer clan with know.  They own a publishing empire.  Peddling  stories is how they have made their millions.  Nicole realizes Carter has told someone too.

Carter thinks Wyatt is the issue.  Nicole is second guessing herself because she betrayed her promise to Maya not to tell anyone.  Carter says Maya shouldn’t have waited.  She now faces who is going to find out first:  Rick or the rest of the world.


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