May 14: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, May 14, 2015 – Episode #7077

Maya Prepares to Tell Rick after he Proposes

He’s on one knee here Rick says.  Will she be his wife?  Maya hears Brooke’s words in her head.  “you can’t accept that proposal, Rick deserves to know.  Tell him…

Maya tells Rick there is something he doesn’t know about her.  Rick assures her it won’t make a difference to him.  Maya hopes not, but she still has to tell him.

Rick tries to make it easier on Maya.  But it isn’t, Maya says.  What she has to say could make him see her differently.  It won’t change who she is Rick assures her.  Maya tells him she hasn’t told him everything.  Maybe their love can overcome everything – even this.  He has to hear it because its who she it.

Maya cries and Rick kisses her.   Maya says she isn’t finished.  The only thing she is apologizing for is not telling him sooner.  The only thing Rick has to hear is that she loves him.  He carries her to the bedroom…they make love and Rick tells Maya its time to put their pasts behind them and look to the future.

About that question Rick says?  He hasn’t got  an answer yet.

Maya says she can’t until she tells him something.  Rick jokes but Maya is serious.  She wants to be his wife more than anything.  But she has to share something with him.  Rick claims to know who she is. But what he needs to know is significant about who she is. He wouldn’t change a single thing about her Rick claims.  Tell me he says supportively.

This is the story of the woman you love and how I became the woman I am today.  How I became Maya….

Brooke and Eric Try to Contain the News

Brooke and Eric wait to hear from Rick.  Brooke says she was very clear with Maya.  She has to tell him about her past before Rick proposes. Nicole told Wyatt.

Eric says that everyone seems to know but Rick.  Brooke and Ridge aren’t sure that Wyatt has told Bill. Eric knows that Bill will publish to let the whole world know.

Their faith has to be in Maya, that she will do the right thing before anyone else tells him about her.  That would be devastating.  Hopefully that is happening right now Brooke says.

Brooke notes that Rick doesn’t deal well with surprises.

Ridge Confronts Wyatt about Telling Bill

Ridge asks Wyatt again whether he told Spencer about Maya’s past.  He knows doesn’t he.  Ridge tells Wyatt that Bill will exploit this story.  Why did you tell Bill Ridge wants to know.

Wyatt says you really have to ask.  As they discuss it Ridge realized Katie and Liam are against publishing.  Ridge doesn’t want the future of FC in anyone else’s hands.  Ridge is going to see Bill.


Katie and Bill Argue about Publishing Maya’s Story

Katie tells Bill that his President and Vice President agree this isn’t a story to publish.  Katie defends what Maya did.  Transgender people are persecuted everyday in this country, Katie tells Bill, and she’s not going to let him lead the charge.  Bill maintains its news.

Bill and Katie and argue about the publishing of the story.  He’s going to protect his investment in Forrester Creations. This is their ticket to protect it.  Rick has to go.  Bill says the drama isn’t about Maya being transgender, it’s about her hiding it from Rick.  Therein lies the drama, Bill states.

This is the ticket to changing Rick.  It’s tough love Bill tells him wife.  But Katie thinks it’s just public humiliation.

The Cavalry Enters

Ridge enters.  Ridge agrees Rick has to be ousted as CEO but this isn’t the way.  The men argue about how this will go down.  Bill tells Ridge that he owns a piece of that company.  This is a family matter, Ridge says, the Forrester’s will deal with it internally.  Bill says they had their chance and it’s about his family also.  Rick is an arrogant bully who is abusing Ivy and Caroline.  He will defend the women in his family.

Maya is a woman too, Katie says, just as much as Ivy and Caroline and her.  Yet he doesn’t’ want to defend her. He wants to tear her down.  Katie wants Bill to promise he won’t publish.  The only one he gives is that Ridge is the cause of this entire mess because he seduced Caroline.  Ridge put Bill smack bang in the middle of this.

If they expose this Rick won’t be able to function as CEO.  Not like this, Ridge says.  His father will make a change.  Bill reminds him that Eric sides with his blood Rick.  Ridge isn’t Eric’s blood.  Katie demands that he pull the story.

Bill calls Justin and tells him to pull the story. Later when everyone is gone, Bill calls Justin back in.  Things aren’t as they appear.  One person calls the shots here.  Bill.  He tells Justin they are running the Maya story.  He wants the whole damn world to know about Maya Avant the love of Ricky boys life.


Tuesday May 14, 2013 – Episode # 6571

The Baby Is Gone?

Dr Meade tells Liam there is no evidence of a heart beat for the baby. Liam asks “the baby is gone?”  Dr Meade tells him that he is afraid so.  Liam weeps.  It has to be a mistake he says in his grief.  Dr Meade explains that Steffy took a very hard fall of that motorcycle.  He believes the baby was lost on impact. Dr Meade tells Liam that they are lucky that Steffy is doing as well as she is. Dr Meade tells Liam that he is sorry for his loss.  He leaves the room saying he’s going to call Dr Hayes.(Taylor)

Taylor arrives at the hospital.  Theya re doing a procedure Liam tells Her when she tries to go in to see Steffy. Steffy is going to be okay, Liam assures Taylor.  Taylor can see by the look on Liam’s face that the baby didn’t make it.

This morning we were picking out colors for the nursery, Liam tells Taylor, and now our baby is gone.  Liam doesn’t know what to do.  How does he tell her, Liam asks Taylor.  What does he tell her when she wakes up, then Liam wonders what Steffy was doing on her motorcycle anyway.  She drove her car to Thomas’ house Liam remembers.  Tyalor explains Thomas was keeping the bike for her.  Obviously Steffy decided to drive it home.

Liam and Taylor are allowed in to see Steffy who remains unconscious.  Dr Mead fills Taylor in on Steffy’s condition.  They just need her to wake up now.  Steffy starts to come round.  “Liam? What happened?” Steffy groans…

Bill’s Plan Is Almost Too Easy

One of the conditions of Maya’s release from jail was a restraining order.  The judge thought Jesse, Maya’s boyfriend, was a bad influence on Maya so she hass to sty 500ft away from or go back to jail, Allison explains.  Bill tells Alison that is what they need to do then; get Jesse and Maya together and let the judge know.

Bill tells Alison that Caroline will be at a club tonight and Caroline is sure that Rick is going to bring Maya. Bill tells Alison to make sure that Jesse is there – and a camera. A couple of years back in prison will teach Maya not to mess with a Spencer, Bill smirks.

Bill gives Alison $10,000 to give to Jesse after he meets with Maya. Alison sets up a meeting and tells Bill that Jesse sounded nice on the phone.  Bill suggests she fulfill her baby boy fantasies elsewhere (referring to her crush on Deacon Sharpe) and Alison retorts that she does that everyday just by working for him.

If she does a good job there’s a $5,000 bonus in it for her.  That’s why you put up with me, he reminds Alison.

Alison meets with Jesse who initially refuses to meet with Maya, until he sees the cash. $5,000 now and $5,000 when the job is done, just for speaking to Maya.  Alison calls Bill and tells him that Jessie is on board.  It’s done.  Bill tells her to keep her $5,000 bonus.


Going Clubbing…

Rick’s buddy Othello is back in town DJ’ing.  Rick is keen to go and Othello asks if he’s brining Caroline.  She’s beautiful but a handful, Othello notes.  She made one of the bouncers cry last time.  Rick tells his buddy that he’s thinking about bringing this new girl he’s been seeing.

Maya arrives and Rick invites her to the club.  Maya is hesitant, not sure it’s a good idea. She leaves without commiting either way to the evening.  Caroline arrives and assumes she is going with Rick.  She asks Othello to make sure they get a good table.  Rick tells her he’s already invited maya.  Caroline tells him the more the merrier purposely misunderstanding Rick. Rick tries again to dump her but Caroline dodges again.  She’s okay with tonight being about friends and fun, they’ll be alone on the weekend…

Maya finally agrees to go with Rick to the club. Rick arranges to pick her up at 10pm.  Maya reflects on Bill Spencer’s threat…


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