May 15: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, May 15, 2015 – Episode #7078

Rick and Maya at Big Bear

Rick brings Maya champagne then lets her get back to her story.  There still is a question to be answered.  He can see Maya wants to say yes.  But Maya says she won’t say yes until she has said what needs to be said.

Rick notes that when they were first together she ran from him.  But she’s not running any more.  Rick won’t let her run anymore.  She belongs in his world. Maya finally feels like she belongs as a model, at Forrester, and with Rick.  She is finally the woman she wants to be.  For so long her outside didn’t match her inside and that is what she needs to explain.

As a kid she felt like something was off – more than adolescence angst.  Her parents were very traditional, proper. Kids are seen and not heard upbringing.  What she had to say was never going to be heard anyway Maya says.  She is proud of whom she is now and she gave up trying to please the people who gave birth to her.  When she was old enough, she left to go to LA and become the person she knew she was.  She was old enough to execute what she had to do.

Having Nicole around prepared her for this conversation, Maya tells Rick.  It’s made her face her past.  She has to face it if she and Rick are to have a future.

Rick interrupts and says they don’t have to talk about how they grew up.  He has countless stories of his past to.

If they get married he has to know what steps she took to become his bride.  Whoever the girl was in her past, Rick says, she can stay there.  She doesn’t need to feel obligated to explain how she grew up.  He would never bail on her Rick says.

Tell me what you want to tell me, he says but make sure the first part is Yes.  Put this ring on and we can go into what made me Rick and made you Maya.

A lot more went into making her Maya.  He will have questions and she will do her best to answer.

She starts with why she moved to LA.  She needed help and she knew she could have the physical and emotional help to become the woman she was meant to be in LA, but not at home.

Maya tries to explain that his past doesn’t matter to her.  All she cares about is right now and starting their life together.  She will says yes to his proposal if he asks her again after she tells her something.  Rick is confused she just said the past doesn’t matter.  He’s freaked out now.

Maya came from a small town and there wasn’t a doctor there who could help her.  Those estrogen pills I found does it have something to do with it, Rick asks.  Yes Maya says, she needs them.  She came to LA looking for a particular type of doctor; the estrogen helps her live the life she always saw for herself living.  Rick asks like a birth defect, Maya admits to seeing it that way, but others don’t.  There was no Maya Avant until I came to LA Maya admits.

The birth certificate that she gave HR is not the one May had when she was born.  Her original birth certificate had a boy’s name.  Her parents raised her as a boy…

Maya Tells Rick May 15 2015

Brooke and Eric wait for Bill’s story to break

Ridge, Eric and Brooke discuss Bill Spencer knowing.  Brooke is checking the internet fearing that Bill has already published.  Ridge says he told Bill this was a private matter.  Brooke thinks that Bill will jump all over this and keeps checking the internet for the story to break.

Ridge is sure that Bill may not listen to him but he will listen to Katie.  Eric and Brooke thank Ridge for protecting Rick.  Ridge says he was protecting the company, not Rick.  Ridge says what about how Rick treated everyone around here.  This is karma coming for Rick.

Brooke asks Ridge not to take joy in this.  Eric doesn’t think Rick deserves this.  Ridge admits it sucks to be blindsided in such a personal way.  Everyone else saw what Maya was doing.  Eric thinks if Maya is smart about this maybe Rick will forgive her.  Ridge says that the Rick he knows is going to blow his top and flick a switch.  Ask Caroline.  Eric notes Caroline was exposed.  Maya is coming to Rick.  Ridge is afraid that this isn’t going to end the way Brooke and Eric think it is.

Bill Runs the Presses

Bill knows Katie will be furious but he can handle her.  he wants the world to know everything about Rick’s girlfriend.,  Run the story he tells Justin.  Justin asks about Liam.  He is Chief Editor of Eye on Fashion.  Doesn’t he get a say.  Bill says he will try to talk him out of it.  Maybe he should Justin says.

Bill says no one in the fashion industry cares about a transgender model.  Housewives do.  They will sell tabloids.  And Rick cares.

There is no reason he shouldn’t do this Bill tells Justin.  Katie enters and asks what he is planning.  Justin leaves.

They argue over the ethics again. Katie tells him that he is a smart man and she’s sure he’s smart enough to know what trouble he will be in if he runs with this story.

Justin returns after Katie has left. Bill is working up headlines.  They focus on Rick not Maya.  Its Rick he’s after.  Bill has a picture Graphics they can use – the portrait above the fireplace in the Forrester Mansion.  Forrester Family Matriarch Once a Man – now that’s a headline.


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