May 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, May 2, 2014

Brooke gets Bill his job and son back

Brooke tried to convince Katie to give Bill Spencer his job back at Spencer Publications. Katie may work hard at her job as CEO, but she’ll never be Bill, Brooke told her. Stop punishing him Brooke implored. Katie stood fast; she wasn’t giving up her job.

Brooke changed tack and tried to convince her to let Bill at least spend more time with Will since Katie’s hours as CEO were long. But Katie stood her ground there too.

Brooke warned Katie that she would make this right if Katie didn’t. She hinted at still having the papers Katie signed giving Bill back his job and equal custody of Will by saying that if Bill and Karen owned 50% of the company that Bill would be CEO. Katie told Brooke nothing was changing. She had her 1% and Karen’s faith. There was nothing Brooke could do, Katie said confidently.

The papers…

Brooke reminded Katie that she signed papers giving the company back to Bill as well as equal custody of Will. Katie reminded Brooke she destroyed those papers. Did I asked Brooke as she pulled them out of her purse. The papers Brooke stole from Bill to protect Katie still existed and that she was prepared to use them now to protect Bill Brooke told her stunned sister. And as you said Brooke told Katie, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Later, Ridge arrived to pick up Will from his visitation with Bill because Katie was still at work. Bill was not going to hand his son over to Ridge and said so. Ridge told Bill that he and Katie clearly had things to work out but for now he was taking Will to Katie as planned.

Brooke entered and told Ridge that he wasn’t taking Will. He was staying with them. Bill asked Brooke what she had done as Ridges cell phone rang. It was a teary Katie. Ridge left without Will. Brooke reached into her purse and gave Bill the that she substituted with leaves after their trip to Aspen.

Equal time for Wyatt and Liam

Quinn tried to convince Wyatt to take time off from work to spend time with Hope. Wyatt however was cocky believing that Hope may be spending time with both him and Liam, but that Hope would end up with him. Quinn found out from Pam that Hope wasn’t in the office and worried that Liam and Hope were together. Wyatt conceded to his mother that equal time sucked.

Quinn was right. Liam and Hope were together at an animal shelter. Liam finds Hope holding a cat and announces that the kitten has been adopted; by them! Hope and Liam are “parents”! They are preparing to give a shelter animal a “forever home” Hope and Liam kiss.


Brooke proved all her critics right today. Brooke only chooses family when she too has been betrayed. Brooke was adamant when Bill tricked Katie into signing those papers that what he had done was unforgiveable. Yet, just months later she has reunited with Bill and switched allegiances.

Bill betrayed Brooke and Katie after the trip to Aspen and Brooke sided with Katie. Katie then fell in love with “Brooke’s Ridge” betraying her sister in the same way that Brooke betrayed her. Brooke switched allegiances again, reuniting with Bill and now betraying Katie with the very papers she used to protect her….


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