May 21: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, May 21, 2015 – Episode #7082

Ridge and Eric at Forrester

Ridge fields calls from reporters at work.  Eric notes they have a PR debacle on their hands.  Ridge is upset that Rick isn’t coming in to deal with the mess he created.  So much for their fearless leader Ridge notes.  Eric defends Rick, but Ridge isn’t hearing it since Rick attacked him last night.

Ridge says that Rick needs help, he’s unstable.  And while Rick is getting that help, Ridge tells Eric that Ridge should run the company.

Ridge holds Rick responsible for the media environment they find themselves in as well as the toxic work environment they find themselves in.  Rick’s got to go Ridge tells his dad.

Eric just sees his youngest son is in a lot of paid. He asks Ridge to back off.  They’ve been through worse than this before.  Ridge  Eric that Maya resigned.  Eric tries to make him out as the bad guy in this, Ridge says.

Ridge hates that this family is splintered. But Rick should be here not hiding with mommy at the house. They have to act.  Look at the morality nd behavioural clauses in the contract Ridge says.  Rick needs a break.  It would be good for the company.

Eric says he’ll talk to Rick.

Rick at home

Rick tries to call and text Maya.  He has to talk to her.  Brooke tells him he has to let her reach out to him.  It’s turned into a media circus.  They will handle Bill but right now she’s concerned about Rick.  Maya doesn’t want to be found.  Doesn’t that tell you something Brooke asks.

Rick says that all that matters is that Maya understands that he loves her.  Rick says that Ridge paid him a visit last night, behaving smug and superior.  Rick says he went after Ridge and he deserved it.

Brooke tells him that attacking Ridge gave him the ammunition to try get him out as CEO.  Brooke says Maya is a liar just like Caroline and Amber.  Rick defends Maya.  Brooke said Maya made this mess and she’s not going to let her make it worse.

Ricks says he loves Maya.  She makes him happier than he’s ever been.  He’s not buying that Maya doesn’t want a life with him. She’s the most beautiful woman inside and out – that is all she will be to him, Rick defends.  Rick heads out to look for Maya.  Brooke tells him he just learned something very significant about Maya – related to her behavior – not about her being transgender.  Rick remembers finding the estrogen pills and Maya lying about it.

Stop and think about it Brooke says.  Step back and take a breath.  Reevaluate this situation and while you do that keep some distance between you and Maya Brooke advises her son.

Maya had many opportunities to tell you but she waited til you were hopelessly in love, Brooke tells her son.  That was a calculation Brooke says.  She knows he doesn’t want to hear it.  Rick tells him Mom that she doesn’t know what she talking about.  Rick tells Brooke that she played no part in Maya telling him the truth.  Brooke advises her son to stay away from calculating and resourceful Maya.

Maya and Nicole at the apartment above Dayzee’s

Maya sits in her old apartment and watches her phone ring. She reflects on the conversation where she though Rick hung up on her when she asked if he still wanted to marry her.

Nicole arrives.  Nicole apologizes again for leading Maya’s story. Nicole asks if he reached out.  Maya admits that he has but calls and texts doesn’t change anything.  It’s over.

Nicole tells her she should talk to Rick.  Maya says there are too many complications.  Nicole urges her to fight for her relationship with Rick. Maya says she has no right to ask for anything more than they had.  It would mean months of scandal.  She won’t do that to Rick.

Maya goes to her PC and looks at a picture of them.  Nicole hugs her sister realizing that it’s all her fault.

Alone, Rick and Maya look at pictures of each other as they reflect on their relationship….


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