May 22: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Caroline Returns

Caroline returns – in a wheelchair.  Ridge wishes she’d told him.  Caroline tells him her moms were taking such good care of her. And Ridge had a lot on his plate.  Ridge has a favor to return.  Caroline helped him used his hands; he is going to help her use her feet and walk again.

Caroline asks if Bill is being ridiculous trying to cause a scandal Caroline asks about Maya.  Ridge confirms the rumor.  Caroline calls Maya a hypocrite – Maya’s secret is a little more intense than anything Caroline kept from Rick.  Caroline asks how Rick is dealing with it.  Ridge states that Rick has a history of not dealing with things well.

Caroline wonders if he could hurt Maya.  Ridge says no, but Rick did come at Ridge last night. Ridge says Eric can remove Rick by invoking the morality clause in his contract.

Eric Tells rick to Step down as CEO

Rick is physically fine but emotionally is remote.  Eric tells Rick Ridge told him that Ridge came after him.  Rick says he couldn’t take smudge Rick in his face anymore.  He won’t listen to another condescending remark from that man, Rick says.

Rick says he won’t walk with him.  He doesn’t care how talented he is he has to go.  Eric says  ridge isn’t going anywhere.  Eric is worried about Rick.  It’s not all on Ridge.  He wants his son to do some soul searching.  Rick is the one having car wrecks and bringing guns into he office and taking shots.  Rick has been mistreating people in the company and in the family.  If anyone is going anywhere Eric finishes…

Rick is stunned.  You won’t he says to his dad.

Eric has been happy with his performance.  Fire him at the end of the contract Rick says.  Until then he has to put up with him.  Eric reminds him about the morality clause.  Eric asks if nothing in the clause that doesn’t apply to him. Rick blames Ridge. Eric says Rick is abusing his power and losing his way.  Now this business with Maya. Eric has a responsibility as the founder of this company to change the course of the company.  His bigger responsibility is as Ricks father.  Eric will help him through this.

Get through what Rick asks.  Eric wants Rick to step down as CEO.  Its time.

He gets out of control sometimes and lets his emotional take charge, Eric says.  Rick begs his dad not to do this. You give Ridge the power he’ll send him back to Paris, rick states.  Forget about the clause Rick pleads.  Ridge is morally bankrupt.  He stole Caroline from him and Brooke from Eric, his own father. Rick has made mistakes but Ridge is the last person to be CEO.  Ridge hates Rick and Maya and will have no issues throwing them under the bus.  If he walks away, Bill wins.  Rick needs his father to stand up for him, not take it away from him.

Charlie, Carter and Pam

Charlie is upset because Pam didn’t believe him about Maya being transgender.  Carter overhears Charlie tell her he called it.  Someone played canary to the press. Charlie wants to know if it was Charlie.  Carter says it was Nicole who has been spending time with Wyatt.  So now the world knows Carter says.

Charlie is hiring more guards.  Pam fills him in that Maya resigns.  Carter is surprised.

Nicole Confronts Wyatt

Nicole enters Wyatt’s office and finds him looking at the Spencer press of Maya’s transgender sotry.  Nicole tells him he doesn’t need to hide it.  She knows what he did.  You sold my sister out and betrayed my trust.  I though you liked me Nicole yells at Wyatt.

Wyatt says he does like her – a lot.  Nicole says that he exposed something extremely private.  Nicole says he conned her.  She came to LA to get her sister back.  Nicole made a bad start on that but made quickly realized it was Maya’s story to tell.  Nicole tells Wyatt that Maya quit.  She isn’t telling him anything more about Rick and Maya.  She learned her lesson.  She’s never trusting him again. Anything she says will just end up in one of his families magazines.  Wyatt tries to defend himself.  His dad promised not to run the story.

Nicole tells him that Wyatt learned the same lesson that she did; don’t trust a Forrester. Spencer’s protect their own, Wyatt tells Nicole. Spencer’s are spoiled little brats Nicole counters. Nicole will never see his side in this she says.  You betrayed my trust what Nicole thought they had didn’t exist in the first place.  Nicole leaves and tells Wyatt to find someone else to get his next big scoop from.


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