May 29: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, May 29, 2015 – Episode #7088

Change of Leadership

Steffy tells Liam that her being back in LA can work if they are open on and honest with each other.  Ivy enters and asks what is going on.

Steffy says the plan is back on.  Ridge enters and says so much for keeping quiet.  Liam defends that Ivy knew before Ridge did.  Ivy is surprised about the change in leadership. Ridge says they are taking over Forrester and Ricky is done for good.

Ivy wishes that Uncle Eric would have come to the conclusion himself.  Ridge says he’s the new CEO, Steffy is President and Liam is Vice President.

Ivy leaves them to it.  Ridge calls Eric and asks him to come to the office.

Eric enters and is delighted to see Steffy.  She’s back for good she tells her granddad.

Eric tells her that particularly now they could use her PR skills.  Steffy remains quiet.  Ridge tells his dad that’s not what she’s coming back to do.  Eric is supportive of Steffy talking on another role as long as they run it past Rick who is CEO.

Ridge says they won’t be doing that either.  Eric confronts his son and says he knows his position Rick is running the company.  Not anymore Ridge says.  Ridge is sorry, he didn’t want to do this but Eric left him no choice.  Eric says he is tired of arguing over this.  Ridge tried to discuss Ridge’s back behavior with him but Eric has supported Rick despite everything he has done and over everyone else.

Ridge tells his dad that Thomas signed a proxy for his 5% of the company and that Liam and Steffy will vote with him.  Together they control 62.5% of the company.  Eric notes that Liam isn’t even a shareholder.  Liam pipes up and informs Eric that he has control of Spencer’s 12.5% of the company.

An angry Eric tells his son not to do this.  Ridge is overruling him. Ridge believes his father left him no choice.  They need a change of leadership.  Eric’s time is over Ridge says. Ridge is taking over Forrester Creations Ridge tells his dad.

Rick Learns about Maya from Nicole

Rick is good he tells Eric.  Ridge failed to push him out.  Eric asks about Maya.  He hasn’t heard anything., Rick says.  She’s not answering his texts, calls or emails.  Nicole comes in to see Rick.

Rick asks if Maya is alright.  He’s worried about her.  Eric says it wasn’t necessary for Maya to quit then leaves to let Erick and Nicole talk. What happened, Nicole demands.

If you’re not angry if you’re not ashamed why did you break up with her?  Rick says Maya left him.  Nicole is surprised to learn that Rick wants Maya back.  You hung up on her Nicole says when she asked if you still wanted to marry her.  Rick suddenly understands what has gone wrong and tells Nicole that he got in a car accident, he didn’t hang up.  That’s why the call ended.

Rick goes through what happened with Nicole.  Maya hasn’t been back at the house or the office. Its like she doesn’t want anything to do with her.  She thinks you don’t love her, you don’t want her.  Rick says its not true and Rick begs Nicole to tell him where Maya is.

Nicole hopes she doesn’t regret this and tells Rick that Maya is in her old apartment above Dayzees.  Rick leaves the office at a jog.

Carter returns to the office to find a worried Nicole.  She admits she told Rick where to find Maya and hopes she did the right thing.

Carter tells Maya not to give up

Carter arrives at Maya’s flat to see her. Maya tells Carter that she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s here.  Carter warns her it’s only a matter of time before Rick works it out like she did.  Maya says it won’t matter.  She won’t be there much longer.  She’s leaving Los Angeles.

Carter tells her she can’t leave, her life is here.  And her face is all over the internet. She can’t run away from that.   Maya tells Carter that Rick hung up on her.  Carter doesn’t’ understand because Rick is desperate to be in contact with her.  Carter says Rick loves her. Maya says she loves him too.  She was happy.  Carter doesn’t understand why she’s leaving them.  Maya thinks the story will die if she leaves and doesn’t fan the flames.  Maya says Rick doesn’t want to marry her.  It’s over.

Maya doesn’t know where she’s going she tells Carter. She grew up around people who didn’t accept who she was.  She won’t do that again.  It’s too painful to be around Rick if she’s not his wife.

Alone Maya reflects on her broken romance with Rick. Maya is in Dayzee’s drinking coffee.  She asks her waiter for the check not looking at him.  It’s Rick in his t-shirt from Dayzee’s.


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