May 7: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, May 7, 2015 – Episode #7072

Brooke Needs to talk to Maya

Brooke tells ridge that she hasn’t told Rick yet.  She wants to talk to Maya first. .  She went to the photo studio and she was looking at photos of herself.  Brooke admits she couldn’t bring herself to ask Maya why she hasn’t told Rick.

Ridge says this is a disaster in the making because of how Rick will react.  His head will explode and what will happen to the company then Ridge says.  Brooke says she will talk to Maya today.  Ridge offers to help her talk to Maya.  Brooke says no.  Ridge has an agenda when it comes to Rick.

Brooke feels for what Maya went through fighting to be the person on the outside she is on the inside.  Maya should have told Rick long ago.  Ridge asks if there is any chance that Rick will have no problem with Maya being transgender. Brooke says that Rick will have a huge issue with Maya not telling him.

Rick is Happy

Nicole tells Maya there is no need for Rick to ever know.  Rick walks in.  Nicole says they are keeping a secret from their dad.  Rick says his mom always knew his secrets before he did. Parents have a way of finding out.

They discuss the Big Bear trip and Rick tells Nicole she can throw a party as long as there is no trace of it when he and Maya get back.

If you want to call Rick husband someday, you can’t say a word, Nicole warns Maya after Rick has left the office.  Maya says she’s telling Rick. Maya gets a text from Brooke. Maya can’t believe Brooke Logan will be her mother in law.  Nicole says she’s enjoying her life she doesn’t want it to get complicated.

If Wyatt is the kind of guy you think he is, it won’t matter where she lives or what her sisters birth certificate said once upon a time.

Wyatt Arranges to Meet Nicole

Liam and Wyatt discuss Maya’s secret at Wyatt’s Malibu home. They need to find out what it is.  How great would it be to get Rick out of there before Caroline gets back from New York.

Wyatt calls Nicole. He invites her surfing.  She’ll l watch from the beach.  They decide to play beach volleyball.  He then offers Rick asks Nicole if he didn’t heart that Wyatt was surfing right now.  Nicole says he’s working hard, then  asks if she can borrow a bikini.  Maya and Rick laugh.

Wyatt waxes his board while Liam gives him dating tuition.  Wyatt is convinced today is the day they find out Maya’s secret.

Nicole arrives. The Forrester mansion is amazing but having the sand at her doorstep…Wyatt appreciates her swimsuit.

Ridge and Rick

Rick returns to his office to find Ridge there without an appointment.  Rick is headed to Big Bear. Rick says he can soon call Maya Mrs. Forrester.  She deserves Ridge’s respect.  Start giving it.

That is Very reassuring, Myron

Brooke compares herself to Stephanie and Maya to herself.  Maya is flattered. Brooke now understands why Stephanie was so fiercely protective of Ridge.  Brooke too wants o make sure her children are loved and appreciated.

Maya assures her that she will make Rick happy.  Brooke says Amber and Caroline did that too.  Until it was discovered they were lying through their teeth.  Maya says Rick has found a woman he can trust.  Brooke says that is very reassuring, Myron…

Rick has been deceived.  His honest woman isn’t a woman after all.  Maya says she is a woman.  This whole persona is a lie.  Do you think Rick would have gone this far if he knew the truth.  How she supports him has nothing to do with how she was born.  Maya says she will tell him.  Brooke says when he’s in too far?  It does matter.  You’ve been dishonest with Rick just like the others.  Brooke tells Maya that she found out from Ridge. Maya is shocked Ridge knows.

Brooke says she should have told Rick so many times.  That may be true Maya says, but its for her to decide.  She is not Myron and she never really was.  Maya says she wouldn’t have said what she is saying to her yesterday.  But she found out about her being transgender and now she is lower in Brookes estimation.  Why would Maya invite being treated like that into her life.

Brooke thinks Maya is just rationalizing.  You need to tell my son the truth Brooke says.  Maya says she won’t marry him without telling Rick.  May will not accept a proposal until Rick accepts all of her. Brooke says he’s planning to propose.

Brooke says Maya will not humiliate Rick like that.  Maya will tell Rick before he proposes.  You tell him today that you are transgender.  If you don’t, Brooke says, I will.


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