May 8: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, May 8, 2015 – Episode #7073

Tell Him Before He Pulls Out that Ring

Maya assures Brooke she won’t marry Rick until he knows.  She asks Brooke to respect her wishes and let her tell Rick who she is on her timeframe.

Brooke says she knows why Rick is going to Big Bear.  Maya says that if that’s true everything will come out tonight.  Maya says she loves and supports her son.  Then tell him, Brooke says.  You owe it to Rick and yourself. Wouldn’t it be better to have a proposal from a man who knew and accepted you for all you are?  Please tell him before he pulls out that ring and asks you to be his wife.

Respect My Wife; The New Forrester Matriarch

Ridge tells Rick that Maya obviously gives him something no one else ever has.  Its difficult for him to see Rick with anyone else now.  Its like she was made for Rick.

Rick says he’s proposing to Maya t Big Bear.  If he thinks that he gets pissed about him disparaging his girlfriend, see how he feels when he tries it with his wife – the new Forrester Matriarch.

Rick leaves telling Rick he has a trip to plan.  Brooke walks in and ridge tells him about Rick’s wedding plans.  If she’s not happy, this would be the time to say something , Ridge tells Brooke.

Rick leaves.  Brooke tells Ridge that she has given Maya the chance to tell Rick her self – before he proposes.  If she doesn’t, Maya will have Brooke to deal with.

Getting Rid of Rick

Liam and Ivy start their day kissing in Liam’s office.  Ivy has to get to work.  Rick needs a report or else.  Liam tells her that Wyatt is with Nicole now and once he finds out Maya’s secret, Rick is gone.

Ivy isn’t keen on using Nicole.  Liam says Wyatt isn’t using her, he genuinely likes Nicole.

Liam gets a text from Caroline – she’s thinking of coming home soon.  Liam says he wanted to get Rick out before Caroline comes back.  He thinks that’s why she’s been gone so long.  Ivy agrees it’s been hard on Caroline.

Margaritas and Secrets – Fire Up the Spencer Media Empire!

Nicole and Wyatt good naturedly discuss who won volleyball.  Wyatt gets serious.  His instincts tell him he can trust Nicole.  He feels like he can tell her anything. They go inside put on the music and drink Margaritas.   Nicole says its cool connecting like this with someone.  Wyatt says it’s very cool.  No secrets and total honesty.

Nicole becomes quiet and Wyatt asks if she’s okay. Nicole feels bad she didn’t reciprocate with a secret when he told her about his family.  Nicole says there is something about Maya that no one knows about Maya.  She’s worried people will find out.  Nicole doesn’t know what will happen when Rick finds out.

The secret could see Rick leaving Maya over it.  Wyatt says it sounds bit.  Nicole says nothing at Forrester will be the same.  Wyatt says – that’s what I overheard.  Wyatt admits he overheard her and Maya talking at work.  He can see how this is affecting her.  he backed away before but he won’t do it now. She seems to need to talk about it.

Nicole says if she tells him he can’t tell a soul.  He assures her no one at Forrester will hear it from him. He hopes telling him will give her peace. Her real name was Myron, Nicole says.  She’s my brother.  Or she was.  Maya is transgender, Nicole tells a stunned Wyatt.

Wyatt thanks Nicole for trusting Wyatt with this.  Nicole worries that Rick will walk away from Maya.  It will make headlines Wyatt agrees.  Nicole isn’t sure whether Maya should tell Rick.  Nicole asks if it makes a difference to him?  Wyatt admits his head is spinning but it doesn’t change things between them.  Nicole asks him not to tell anyone.

Nicole gets a text and wants to bail. She leaves. Wyatt thanks Maya for telling him.  Nicole doesn’t want Maya to get hurt.  Wyatt can’t promise that – with a secret that big – but Wyatt will be there for Nicole.

After Nicole leaves Wyatt processes what she told him. Liam rushes in.  Did she tell you?  What’s Maya’s secret .  Wyatt says he won’t believe it.   He feels so bad double crossing Nicole.  This is huge.  The whole Spencer media fired up.  He has the secret.  You are going to blow Rick Forrester sky high with this scandal.  You can’t even image Wyatt tells him brother.

Maya’s Bestie Nick

Maya thanks Nick for coming to see her.  Maya apologizes for not keeping in touch.  Maya asks how far into his relationship he told Chris.  Your guy doesn’t know?  Nick asks.  There is no mandatory timeline.

Maya says if he proposes she will tell him.  Maya is feeling pressure to tell him sooner.  Nick says that isn’t for his mother to decide.  Maya is nervous.  The proposal is coming – tonight.

Nick offers to be there when she tells Rick.  Maya says Rick would never hurt her.  Rick arrives and Maya introduces Rick to Nick as the first person she got to know if LA.  Rick tells Nick that they have big plans.  It will be a night to remember for the rest of their lives.



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