Maya’s Gender Reveal Puts Three Relationships at Risk | The Bold and the Beautiful

Who's relationship will crumble thanks to Rick finding out about Maya?

Much hangs in the balance as Maya explains to Rick, who has just proposed at Big Bear, that she was raised a boy.  The Bold and the Beautiful storytelling has for the past few months, revolved around revealing Maya’s transgender status.  It has been a slow drip feed as one by one the Forrester’s (with the exception on Aly and Rick) have all learned that Maya is transgender.

The shock and awe aspect of the storyline occurred when Nicole confronted Maya with her secret – that she was born Myron, not Maya.  Then Carter, Ridge, Brooke, Eric, Wyatt, Liam, Bill, Katie and Justin also learned the news.

Rick and Maya

The news puts three relationships at risk.  Most notably, Rick and Maya’s.  How will Rick react to the woman he has placed on a pedestal as being loyal and honest actually keeping an earth shattering secret?  There is enough recent history to believe that Rick will go off the rails in the same way he did when he learned about Caroline and Ridge sharing a few kisses.

But, with the news of the cusp of becoming worldwide tabloid news thanks to Bill Spencer, perhaps after Rick reacts to the news he will stand by Maya as an employee of Forrester Creations at the very least, if not as her life partner.

Rick may ultimately stand by Maya, but first he will hold Maya responsible for not being the person he thought she was.  Her secret is earth shattering.  The kind that Rick hates most.  Rick also faces his ex-wife Caroline, returning to town.  How will he feel about ending his marriage over a few kisses and hooking up with Foresters Lead Model, who will never be able to give him the family (biologically) that they have spoken about?

Wyatt and Nicole

Bill Spencer is in the know about Maya’s gender of origin, thanks to his son Wyatt.  Liam has been trying to put over a hostile takeover bid of Forrester Creations to oust Rick Forrester as CEO.  Rick’s been treating everyone at Forrester Creations badly.  Liam has taken exception to how Rick is treating his cousin, Caroline and his girlfriend, Ivy. Liam’s initial takeover bid failed when his ex-wife Steffy woudn’t throw her support and Forrester shares behind the bid unless she and Liam did so as a couple.  Liam stood by Ivy, despite Bill Spencer (always a Steffy fan) telling his son to dump the plant (Ivy).

The Spencer’s needed a new way to infiltrate Forrester Creations.  That way was Wyatt who worked their heading up the jewelry line.  While roaming the Forrester offices he heard Maya and her little sister Nicole mention a secret that could derail Rick’s leadership of Forrester Creations.

Wyatt decided to woo Nicole to learn the secret that they assumed was Rick’s.  Making Nicole a jewelry model, some margaritas  and a private jet flight later, and Wyatt had the bombshell secret.  Nicole admitted to Wyatt that her sister wasn’t her sister at all.  She was born a boy.

No sooner had Nicole left Wyatt’s Malibu home than Liam rushed in to find out the news.  Once Bill Spencer learned the truth, he was determined to break the story of the new Forrester Matriarch.

This week, as Maya’s story breaks, no doubt of through Eye on Fashion and the Spencer branded tabloids, Nicole realizes that carter and Ridge were right about her choice in confidante.  Wyatt break her trust in him.  Wyatt, who genuinely likes Nicole, will feel bad about betraying her, but will it be enough to save this fledgling relationship?  Perhaps.  All good soap opera couples have hurdles to overcome.  Maybe this is just Wyatt and Nicole’s first one.

Bill and Katie

When Liam and Wyatt broke the news of the secret they’d been after, Katie thought it ridiculous and laughed it off.  But the Spencer men were convinced given the source – Maya’s sister, Nicole – that it was true.

Though Liam thought the secret too personal to use for their business gain, Bill and Wyatt took the opposite stance.  Katie sided with Liam.  Rick was her nephew and she wouldn’t have Bill humiliate him in the press by revealing his girlfriend as transgender. Katie also argued that by revealing Maya as transgender he was setting her up for persecution.  Katie told him that they weren’t touching the story.

Bill finally agreed with his wife, but behind her back, called Justin and told him to run the story.  Bill told his buddy he could handle Katie.

Bill and Katie are only recently reunited, and remarried.  Katie went into her second marriage with her eyes wide open as to who Bill Spencer is.  He’s a ruthless businessman with the bottom line as his key focus in life. Though Bill claimed to learn much about family through his and Katie’s separation and divorce, but betraying his wife, and using her Nephew’s personal life as tabloid gossip fodder, Bill runs the very real risk of ending the honeymoon as far as his marriage is concerned.

Who will Katie ultimately side with?  Her husband, who has never made any secret about who he is?  Or her tyrannical nephew who couldn’t even take time out to attend her wedding?

With three relationships hanging in the balance over the Maya gender reveal we are in for an emotional few weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Which couples do you think will survive the turmoil?


  1. Maya is a good looking when who always had Rick back no matter what. The Bold And The Beautiful is the show accept Maya for being part of there cast.

  2. Rick and Maya makes a good couple on the show.Maya understands Rick and makes him feel good about himself. Thanks Bold And The Beauliful for letting Maya be part of your cast.

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