Ridge Resigns but All Is Not Lost: The Bold and the Beautiful Recasts Thomas

Will Use Maya's Secret to Get Control of Forrester Creations?

A Forrester Family Power Struggle

It looks like the Logan reign at Forrester Creations is under threat.  The Forrester Family has long been divided.  First there was Eric and Stephanie’s family.  This is the first and original branch of the Forrester family tree. Then Eric left Stephanie and had a second family with Brooke.

The twisted branches of the family tree were made even more complicated when it was revealed that Ridge, Forrester’s heir apparent wasn’t really a Forrester, but a Maroni. Though not biologically a Forrester, Ridge followed in Daddy Eric’s footsteps and created two families of his own – one with Brooke, his father’s ex-wife, and one with Dr Taylor Hayes.

The result is a lineage where no one seems to have a clear cut right to lead the next generation of the Forrester family. There has generated a constant tug of war for control of Forrester Creations between the Forrester children (Ridge’s children) and the Logan Children (Brooke’s family).

Currently, Brooke’s eldest son, Rick, holds all the cards at Forrester Creations.  He has the support of his dad Eric.  Even if Rick is more tyrant than leader.  Rick’s reign has not been popular with anyone except Rick, Maya, Brooke and Eric.

Ridge particularly, feels robbed of his birthright and what he has trained for all his life.  The constant focus on financial results has left him feeling unvalued for his designs.  Ridge recently quit.

An Earth Shattering secret

But all is not lost.  Ridge, thanks to Carter Walton and his family has a couple of Aces up his sleeve.

First, Carter, though conflicted because he promised Maya he wouldn’t’ disclose her secret, chose his loyalty to Ridge and the Forrester Creations that was before Rick and Maya took the helm.

Carter told Ridge that Maya was a chosen name, not the one she was born with.  Ridge didn’t see the power of that revelation until Carter explained Maya was born Myron.  She is transgender.

Rick has built Forrester Creations entire brand around Maya.  With Eric Forrester’s recent redirection of his tons leadership towards brad development and integrity of that brand, Rick is in prime position for the shock of his life.  Not only personally but professionally.

Ridge has a powerful weapon in the knowledge that Ridge has build the company’s future on a controversial brand image. Rick will be shocked.  He has made much recently about the scandals that Ridge and Brooke brought to the family through his formative years and wanting no part of that in his leadership of the company and his relationships.

The Bold and the Beautiful Comings and Goings News

Ridge also has powerful ally’s heading his way, though he may not know it yet.  Ridge’s adult children with Taylor, Steffy and Thomas are headed back to Los Angeles.

Steffy Comes Home

Jacqueline MacInness Wood has recently signed a contract with the soap bringing her alter ego back into the storytelling for a longer stay.  Steffy, called upon by ex-husband Liam, considered throwing her support and Forrester Creations shares behind Liam’s hostile takeover of Forrester Creations.  Liam wouldn’t meet her condition of resuming their personal relationship while they worked together, so Steffy returned to Paris.

This time Steffy is headed back to Los Angeles to assert her power as a Forrester shareholder.  As Steffy told Rick during her last visit, she too has ambitions of sitting behind the CEO’s desk.  Steffy, of course, has been involved with Rick in the past.  With Rick’s personal life likely to go through a rough patch soon, when Maya’s gender of origin is revealed, could be a target for Steffy’s feminine wiles.

Thomas to Return to Los Angeles

But recent comings and going news also has Ridge’s son, Thomas Forrester, headed back to Los Angeles.  Thomas has in the past, wrestled for control of the leadership position with Rick.  Thomas, though a designer, lacked business acumen and had shown questionable integrity in plotting with Grandmother Stephanie to reunite his parents.  Thomas lied that he and Brooke made love while under the influence of hallucinogenic berries while shipwrecked on a tropical island after a plane crash.  The payoff was to be Stephanie’s shares in Forrester Creations when she died.

When Stephanie did die, believing himself to be majority shareholder Thomas assumed control, only to have the shares and power taken from him by Stephanie posthumously.  Thomas has had a long standing grudge against Rick for winning the fashion showdown that made Rick President and put him on the path to his current CEO position.

Ridge’s Opportunity

By removing a valuable resource from Forrester Creations – his design skills – by resigning, Ridge has unwittingly put himself in a power position.  With everything shaping up for a Rick Forrester smack down, Ridge, or one of his children could find themselves running Forrester Creations in the not too distant future.

Unless, Brooke and Rick can do some fancy footwork….either way look for a power struggle between the two twisted branches of the Forrester Family tree…


  1. I think Ridge and Steffy should get control of the company…….Maya and Rick need to be taken down a couple notches, very soon….he has been using his family as slaves….make him suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for Liam and Hope……SHE’S GONE…HE’S HAPPY WITH iVY!!

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