The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: June 1 – 5, 2015

The battle for the leadership of Forrester Creations is on once again. Ridge wants Rick out, Rick asks his father not to use the clause in his contract to oust him from the CEO position. Seems like Ridge isn't leaving much to chance though....

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (June 1 – 5, 2015): Bill Spencer holds the cards in the battle for control over Forrester Creations…

It’s a tug of war over the leadership of Forrester Creations.  The CEO is chosen by weeks’ end but in an unexpected manner.  before all is said and done, there are offers, counter offers and a violent confrontation…

Liam, Ivy and Steffy?

Seeing Liam’s former wife as a threat to her relationship with Liam, Ivy is no pleased that Steffy has returned to Los Angeles and Forrester Creations.  There is still clearly a bond between Liam and Steffy.  It’s a connection, Ivy wants diminished, and that means distracting Steffy.

Discussing the takeover, Steffy tells Ivy that Rick won’t go down without a fight.  Ivy lays out some boundaries with Steffy – over Liam. Ivy and Steffy await a decision from Liam.  Steffy tells Ivy that she and Liam have shared a lot.  They are always going to love each other.  Steffy doesn’t think that is something Ivy will ever understand.

Ivy publicly encourages Wyatt to date Steffy…


It looks like Wyatt might be a little jealous of Liam’s future position of power at Forrester Creations (Liam will be President of Spencer Publications and VP of Forrester Creations if the vote goes his way).  Wyatt tells someone (likely Quinn) that his Dad rewards Liam whether he has earned it or not…(Wyatt was instrumental in exposing Maya’s secret which no doubt made Bill a ton of money – where’s Wyatt’s reward?)

Ivy asks Wyatt to ask Steffy out.  Will he?  Steffy is beautiful and Wyatt and Steffy could make sparks fly with their strong personalities, but is Wyatt a little over dating women for some one else’s gain?  Things with Nicole didn’t work out so well and he was only dating her to get information for the takeover.  Will Wyatt want to step into arrangement like that again?

B&B Spoilers June 1 - 5, 2015

Rick and Maya

Rick isn’t letting go of his place at Forrester Creations without a fight.  Ridge finds himself stunned by the lengths Rick will go to.  (Not sure why, Rick has been a tyrant, shooting off guns and treating his employees badly…)

While is Rick is fighting battles in his professional life, Maya is wondering about their personal relationship.  She waits for Rick to make a decision about their future….

Rick gets to explain his feeling to Maya when he finds her at Dayzee’s, thanks to Nicole.  Back where it all began, at Dayzee’s, Maya tells Rick to go back there (Forrester Creations) and do whatever you have to do to stop Ridge.

To do that, Rick knows he has to wrest Bill’s 12.5% out of the cartels hands.  That will put the share count for each party at a stalemate with both factions holding 50% of the voting shares.  Rick goes to Bill to make a deal.  Who will it be Rick asks Bill.  him or Ridge who leads Forrester Creations into the future.

Maya and Nick talk.  She tells him that revealing to Rick that she was transgender didn’t flip him out, it was that so many people, including Ridge, knew before him.  Nick reiterates that she had the right to tell her story.

Ridge and Caroline

With his daughter back in town, Ridge puts together a plan to take down Rick. Ridge receives an assistance from Bill Spencer.  With Thomas 5%, Steffy’s 25% and Spencer’s 12.5% added to Ridge’s 20%, the takeover cartel controls 62.5% of Forrester Creations.  They control the voting power to oust Rick….Forrester’s share ownership history….

Ridge gets the opportunity to put his plan into action – thanks to Bill.

Brooke and Eric

Eric is blindsided by Ridge’s move to takeover Forrester Creations with a shareholder voting majority.

Eric gets an understanding of Rick and Ridges complaints as his son.  Eric finds he hasn’t got the support of his family and has to go to Bill Spencer for help.  Eric makes Bill an offer too good to refuse.  What does Bill do?

Eric tells one of his sons, likely Ridge, that he wishes he were more like his mother…

Violence erupts over the takeover of Forrester Creations

Bill and Katie

Bill finds Eric Forrester providing him with an offer Bill’s business savvy can’t refuse.  Does Bill take it? Likely, but it looks like he helps Ridge out instead by giving Ridge the opportunity he needs to put his plan into action.  Is Bill trying to get back into Katie’s good books?

Katie, with Ivy by her side asks Ridge when he is going to stop using Caroline to justify what he did to Maya.

Bill, talking to Liam, states that it feels good.  Winning, and winning big.  Will Liam agree?

Bill finds himself in a postion of power, thanks to the takeover bid.  Ridge, Liam and Steffy need his shares to get to a majority, but so does Rick.  Rick goes to Bill and tries to do a deal with the devil who put his personal life and business life on the front page of his magazines – from scandal sheets to the high end fashion magazine, Eye on Fashion.

Bill tells Rick he’s going to give him a binkie if he’s going to have a temper tantrum in his office.  Rick wants to know how the hell Bill could do that to Maya.  That was her story to tell Rick states defending her. Who will it be Rick wants to know, Rick of Ridge.

Later, at Forrester Creations with an audience of Eric, Rick and Liam, a smug Bill tells them he holds all the cards; the future of Forrester Creations; in his hands. Just how he likes it.  In control.  He arrives at the formal vote and tells everyone about Rick and Bill’s offer.  His 12.5% of Forrester Creations controls this vote.

Bill ends up telling Rick that he needs to wake-the-hell-up.  But that doesn’t mean Bill won’t vote with them for the extra power….

The takeover stress turns into a physical confrontation – but between who?

Next Week’s Spoilers

B&B Recaps and History

Monday June 1, 2015 – Rick talks to Maya
Tuesday, June 2, 2015 – Rick has an offer for Bill
Wednesday, June 3, 2015 – Bill is the deciding vote
Thursday, June 4, 2015 – Rick stands by Maya
Friday, June 5, 2015 – Steffy kisses Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

Soap Opera Digest reports that The Bold and the Beautiful is recasting the role of Thomas Forrester.  Looks like Ridge and his children, as shareholders, will take on the current Forrester Creations Management!  Thomas reportedly will be on our screens in June.

Pam and Ridge bring a new Forrester into the fold at Forrester Creations.  The catch?  No one is to know he is a Forrester.  Zende, Kristen Forrester’s adopted son vies for a Forrester intern position.  And who else is going for the job?  None other than Maya’s little sister Nicole.  Clearly being a jewelry model is no longer on the cards given she is likely on the outs with Wyatt after he used their fledgling relationship to extract Maya’s secret from her.  Rome Flynn has been cast in the role and is set to appear on our screens on June 29, 2015…

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up

Rick faces a new rival.  Steffy is looking to settle the score with Rick.  Is Rick in a place to take on more opposition?

Ridge isn’t finished vying for the CEO job, but is it Ridge who will sit in the chair of his daughter Steffy?. The battle for control at Forrester Creations isn’t over.

Ridge and Pam bring a new Forrester into the fold.

Sparks fly between Nicole and another Forrester intern candidate as they vie for the same job.

Rick may find that his feelings mess up his grand plan…

The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



  1. Rick need to be shut down not because of his love for another but for how he did his job, money is not everything. It takes more that hi and his love one to run the company, he needs the family. rick father did not get that company by himself it took his wife and his son Ridge plus Brooke. so sit down little boy and learn how to become a man that can put a company and it’s need in front of being spoiled.

  2. Bold & the beautiful is full of surprises..I wish I could be on there to give Carter the love he needs. He found Maya but he needs someone to stick with him.

  3. Ricki and Maya need to ran the company they would make a good team.Hurry up and just get married to get Bill and the rest of the family out the company.

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