The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: May 18 – 22, 2015

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (May 18 - 22, 2015): Rick’s position is in question. Maya makes emotional decisions about her future. Wyatt faces Nicole’s suspicions.

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (May 18 – 22, 2015): Rick’s position is in question. Maya makes emotional decisions about her future. Wyatt faces Nicole’s suspicions.

May sweeps run from April 23, 2013 to May 20, 2015 – Look for some big reveals during this period.  Maya could find her secret “Eye on Fashion” news by the end of May…three relationships are at risk

Liam and Ivy

Liam and Ivy discuss their future.  With Steffy returning next week, they need to up the stakes in their relationship!)

Rick and Maya

Rick and Maya face the fallout of Maya’s secret reveal.  Rick vows that he will protect Forrester Creations from the scandal of his making.

Rick tells Maya that the person he knew her to be an hour ago, would have told him when they first met.

A tearful Maya tells Rick that she thinks he knows what she was afraid of losing by telling him earlier.

Bill Spencer runs with Maya’s story.  Rick receives the alerts.  Rick gets on the phone.  He yells into the phone to take down the disgusting stories about Maya’s medical history or Rick swears he will destroy him (Bill?)

Rick may have reacted with love when Maya told him, but did it stay that way when the news became public?  Maya appears to be in her old apartment above Dayzee’s.  Maya tells Nicole that she walked out on Rick, and that Rick hung up on her when she asked if he still wanted to get married.  What Maya doesn’t understand is that Rick didn’t hang up, he had an accident – his care ran off the road chasing Maya down the mountain road.

Maya too has some difficult decisions to make.  She makes an emotional choice regarding her future – both personally and professionally.  She resigns!

Recovering from his car accident, Rick was confronted by Ridge who made incorrect assertions regarding Rick’s response to Maya’s news and their relationship.

Rick tells his father that he is not going to listen to another condescending remark from that man.  (Bill or Ridge?)  Eric tells his son, that he is worried about him.  When converstation turns to business Eric tells Rick that he has a responsibility as the founder of the company to step in and change the course that Rick has set…

Brooke and Eric

Eric assures Brooke that what Rick is about to learn about Maya is a family matter.  Its a private matter and they are going to keep it that way…but there is so much more drama if Bill Spencer runs with the story…

Brooke and Eric wait for Rick at the Forrester Manison.  Eric believes Maya still loves Rick and that Rick feels the same way about her.

When Rick returns home, his mother tells him that Maya has done enough damage and Brooke’s won’t tolerate her doing any more.  She tells her son he should take the time to step back and look at this entire situation.

Meanwhile Eric has words about Ridge confronting Rick about what has happened.  Ridge says he didn’t berate Rick, but to have his say.  And of course, Rick couldn’t deal with it.  That just shows how unstable he is Ridge asserts.

Eric has some bad news for his CEO son.  His contract as CEO and the irrevocable control for twelve month contract contain clauses that could be used against him to oust him as CEO.

Brooke worries for her eldest son, Rick.  He hasn’t proven to be the most stable of individuals and recent events would be trying even for the emotionally sound. Brooke fears her son stands to lose everything he’s worked for and put so much faith in.

Wyatt and Nicole

With Maya’s secret the basis for much action between the Forrester’s and Spencer’s, Nicole confronts Wyatt about him betraying her trust.  Can Wyatt save his fledgling relationship with Nicole?

Nicole, stunned and remorseful over what her actions have triggered realizes that her sister will never forgive her.  She just lost her sister all over again she states.

Nicole confronts Wyatt.  She knows what he did.  She feels betrayed and angry.  A calm Nicole tells Wyatt he’ll need to get his scoops from elsewhere.

Bill and Katie

Bill and Justin are in a mood to celebrate after their plan succeeds.  Spencer Publications triumphs over Forrester Creations.

Bill, however, in his ruthlessness, has consequences to face in the form of his wife Katie.  Rick is her nephew and Katie is angry with Bill over his actions against Forrester Creations and Brooke’s son.  Is the honeymoon over?

Katie yells at her husband that she expects him to do the right thing.  Sometimes that’s hard she states.  Sometimes that means walking away from something.

Ridge and Caroline

Ridge discusses Rick and Maya’s relationship with her buddy Nick.  Ridge tells him that he thinks Rick and Maya’s evening is going to tank and that Maya will not be returning to his father’s (Eric’s) house.

Caroline returns from New York.  Ridge and Caroline are still deeply involved. Ridge is in for a shock when he realizes why Caroline has been in New York for so long…Ridge is there for Caroline and helps her through a crisis.

Deacon and Quinn

Deacon tries to take Quinn’s mind off business.


Next Week’s B&B Spoilers

B&B Recaps and History

Monday, May 18, 2015 – Rick reacts to Maya’s story as Bill publishes…
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 – An accident causes confusion between Rick and Maya
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – Maya resigns…
Thursday, May 21, 2015 – Ridge wants to be CEO
Friday, May 22, 2015 – Eric wants Rick to step down as CEO

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

Soap Opera Digest reports that The Bold and the Beautiful is recasting the role of Thomas Forrester.  Looks like Ridge and his children, as shareholders, will take on the current Forrester Creations Management!  Thomas reportedly will be on our screens in June.

Jacqueline MacInness Wood returning in Spring for longer story arc!  The actress spilled the beans over the weekend that she begins taping in April.  Update:  The actress is back on contract!  Looks like Liam and Ivy’s idyllic, but boring (for the viewers) relationship is about to be tested….Or are rumors correct that Steffy and Rick could rekindle something?  Look for Steffy to return on May 26, 2015.


Transgender actor, Scott Turner Schofield has been cast as Maya’s mentor and buddy Nick.  Nick helped Maya through the transition process.  Will he be on hand to help Rick understand who Maya actually is?

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up

Steffy returns from Paris .  Rick faces a new rival.  Steffy is looking to settle the score with Rick.  I Rick in a place to take on more opposition?

Ridge isn’t finished vying for the CEO job. The battle for control at Forrester Creations isn’t over.

Rick may find that his feelings mess up his grand plan…

The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


    • Best bet is to go with Liam and Ivy. Liam needs a fresh start and not Hope or Steffy in his life. They are same old story and we need a new story line with Liam and Ivy.

  1. NOTTTTTTT IVY!!!!!!!NOTTTTTTTTTT STEFFY!!!!!!!!!!BRING BACK HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY BELONG TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you do not move on with this story it is about time ricky knowes the true and leaves the he she myia and goes for hely for the love of this stony move on or a lot of people will

  3. look myra has done nothing wrong! sooooooo! back the hell off……. its her place to tell like she say! what u want her to do, put a sign around her neck! I think not! that what you want…….. as far as the picture on the wall that’s rick dping sooooooo what has she done to others nothing she had rick first………. now hope! let her stay where she is she is……….im team stefy all the was we need action and stefy knows what she wants and go after it

  4. I am going to guess that carolines “crisis” is that she is pregnant and it’s ricks baby, and when he realizes they get back together.

  5. First of all, you all have extremely poor English grammar! And Steffy is a terrible actress and their relationship was based on sex~ also Ivy is an even worse actress! Hope is the much better choice the had chemistry! As for Forrester Creations, It 100% should be RIDGE and no one else running the business! Brooke is a whiner who slept her way through most of the men (if not all) on the program, and Rick, well, he is a complete whiner just like his mother. Ridge and Caroline, that is just sick, it is almost like child molestation! (YES I understand she is of age, but younger then his OWN daughter on the show!) I have watched this “soap opera” forever and the story line is getting worse and worse, it is actually appalling! BUT with all that being said, lets remember people, this is a STORY LINE, they are playing a part…. there really is no reasoning or no sense made for arguing. S T O R Y …. L I N E !!!! It is extremely unlikely that the people who write this story line ever even read any of your comments. 😉

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