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Liam marries Ivy to prevent her from being deported....

Ivy and Liam Wedding Statistics

Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 (air date)

Location:  Los Angeles

Venue: The living room in Liam’s Malibu Beach House

Date: June 2015

Bride:  Ivy Forrester

Groom:  Liam Spencer

Best Man:  Nil

Bridesmaids/Matron of Honor:  Nil

Celebrant/Minister:  Carter Walton

Witness:  Nil


Background:  A Deportation Order

Despite Liam’s ex-wife, Steffy Forrester, returning to Los Angeles (to help her Dad take over control of Forrester Creations from Rick Forrester) Ivy Forrester had found peace with  Steffy and Liam working closely together as President and VP or Forrester Creations.

Ivy understood that Steffy wasn’t backwards in coming forwards – especially in her intentions towards Liam, but Ivy felt that she didn’t have to worry about Steffy putting the moves on Liam after warning the vixen to stay away from Liam.  Until Aly told Ivy that she had seen Steffy kiss Liam while celebrating their takeover of Forrester Creations.

Ivy didn’t have long to worry about the meaning behind that kiss however, as she suddenly had more pressing matters to deal with when she received a visit from an Immigration official.

Despite being the child of a US citizen, there was paperwork to fill out and have approved before Ivy was afforded the same citizen rights as her father.  Ivy, nor her father, had filled out the paperwork.  And her trip to Paris (and likely Amsterdam) had put her is the outs with the INS.

Ivy was being deported the official told her.  Ivy thought she could simply return to Australia and fill out the requisite paperwork, but she was told that with this breach on her record it would be unlikely she would ever be allowed to return to the US.

Carter Walton, Forrester Creations resident Lawyer and Marriage celebrant (and actor) told Ivy that the deportation paperwork appeared to be in order.

Marry Me, Liam

There is one clear solution to Ivy’s deportation dilemma, however.  If she is married to a US citizenship she will have the time to sort out her dual citizenship paperwork.

Ivy goes to Liam and begs him to help her save her life.  Her life is in Los Angeles she tells him,  her career, her family and him…  Liam, however, is unsure.  They are only dating he reminds Ivy and marriage is just a big step.

Ivy concedes it is not where they are in their relationship and tells Liam that it doesn’t have to be real.  She won’t even move in – just leave some clothes at his place.  Liam make is clear that this would be a limited partnership for a very specific purpose.  Ivy agrees.

Ivy and Liam's wedding

A Celebrant, a Dress and a Bride and Groom

While Ivy and Liam are still discussing the terms of their arrangement there is a knock at the door.  Ivy is scared it’s the INS.  Liam vows to protect her and answers the door to find Carter standing there with a  dress bag.  Carter notes he is either the answer to their problem or they don’t know why he’s here.

Liam admits to the latter and Carter says Quinn sent him.  Ivy admits that Quinn knows about her predicament because she was at the office when the immigration official arrived.  Liam agrees to do this and tells Ivy he isn’t being a hero – he doesn’t’ want her to leave the US either.

Ivy goes to get dress and Carter asks if he really wants to do this.  Liam admits he wasn’t thinking marriage at all before Ivy’s immigration problems came up.  Ivy returns dressed and with her hair done for a wedding.

Carter notes the timing of their wedding is suspicious so the more they can do to make it look real and spontaneous the better.

But Steffy…

Liam and Ivy get ready to marry.  Before they do this however, Liam needs to make it clear this is a marriage of convenience for a very specific purpose that is over once her citizenship is safe.  He admits he is still confused about his feeling for Steffy.  Ivy understands this and she is good with their arrangement.


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