June 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, June 11, 2015 – Episode #7097

Ivy is being deported

Quinn says immigration wanting to deport Ivy is their problem  They work on the jewelry line together. Her dad didn’t fill out the paperwork properly. Carter advises that Ivy do exactly what immigration says – go back to Australia and fill out the proper paperwork.  If Ivy leaves now she may as well say goodbye to her boyfriend Ivy notes.  Steffy will have him.

Ivy only has a week.  And she doesn’t’ have a plan B.  Ivy tells Quinn the minute that Ivy is on a plane Steffy will be all over Liam. And Aly has already caught Steffy kissing Liam.

Ivy is stunned by Quinn’s support. Liam will wait for her Quinn says.  Ivy shouldn’t accept anything less.  Quinn sends Ivy to see Liam and sort out her immigrations problems.  Quinn will hold the fort at work.

Steffy and Liam Starting Over

Steffy would rather have Liam’s lips on hers than Wyatt’s.  Liam isn’t pleased that Steffy kissed his brother.  Steffy isn’t with him but he can change all that.  There is only one guy she wants to kiss – if he’s ready for it.

Liam and Steffy reminisce about their times together; him proposing to her in this room. There is only one thing Liam can do to make Steffy’s suffering stop, she tells him.  She’s not trying to force his hand but this house holds so many memories – not all of them good. They brought them to where they are Liam states.  Where is that, Steffy wants to know.

Steffy wants their life back, the good the bad, the child they should have had, but lost.  She feels incomplete.  Let’s finish what we started.  Steffy is sure that Ivy is wonderful but this isn’t about her, its about them.  They discuss losing their child.  Steffy is sorry she couldn’t be there for him.  Liam says that’s a two way street.

They are both here now.  They can’t turn the clock back but they can start again.  If they want.  Liam says he has to talk to Ivy.  He is going to help her understand – about everything.

Little do Liam and Steffy realize that Ivy has overheard their conversation?  Ivy slips out unseen and cries outside.

Inside Liam tells her that Ivy helped her through one of the darkest moments in his life. Steffy doesn’t want to pressure him but wants to know if he’s feeling what she is.  Liam admits its coming back and he has to be honest with Ivy over that.  He has to tell Steffy that he deosnt’ know where this is going.  It feels good to acknowledge things he’s kept inside for a really long time.  So you’re glad I’m back Steffy asks.  Liam smiles and they hug.  Liam will talk to Ivy when she comes over later.  Steffy wants a future and a family with him.  Nothing will stop them this time Steffy says and hugs him again.

Bill, Quinn, and Wyatt

Bill arrives at Forrester Creations and Wyatt tells him the number 1 son is out to lunch.  Bill notes he’s walked in on a pity party.  Had it been Wyatt’s idea to takeover Forrester he wouldn’t have had control over the stock.  And besides Liam has Steffy and without her it didn’t work.

Liam and Steffy are destined to be together Bill tells Wyatt.  Its only a matter of time given they are working together.  Wyatt says that Liam is with Ivy and unless Ivy is going somewhere that is how it will stay.

Wyatt lets Bill know that he kissed Steffy.  Steffy needs to move on – Liam has.  Why would he kiss Steffy Bill wants to know – he’s in love with his brother.

Quinn arrives and asks if Wyatt told Bill.  Bill doesn’t think it’s so great.  Wyatt kissed a woman pining after his brother.  Steffy and Liam have history, they were married. Bill reminds Wyatt.

Wyatt isn’t backing off because he thinks he should.  His brother is involved with another woman.

Quinn is annoyed that Bill favors one son over the other.  Wyatt reminds Quinn that Bill doesn’t always get what he wants.  Wyatt hasn’t felt this way since hope left.  He’s excited for the future and the summer.  Things are looking up. Quinn wants this to be the best year of her life.

Ivy arrives and Quinn shoos Wyatt out of the office.  She’s going to lose everything she tells Quinn.  Steffy happened.  She was at Liam’s house and they were making plans.  If she goes home to Australia now she loses Liam forever and Steffy wins.

Quinn says she isn’t going back to Australia.  And Liam isn’t going  back to Steffy.  Quinn will make sure of it.


  1. Hope is the only one for Liam!He said words to her that can be taken back!!!We want them TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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