June 18: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, June 18, 2015 – Episode #7102

Steffy is Furious with Liam

Liam knows it’s a shock.  Steffy doesn’t believe he would do that – marry Ivy.  He had to, Liam tells Steffy.  Steffy doesn’t get it.  Liam tells her it’s not like it sounds.  He did it to save Ivy.  .

Steffy is angry when she learns about Ivy’s deportation.  Doesn’t she have dual citizenship Steffy asks.  Liam says her father didn’t fill out some of the paperwork.  She would have lost her job and the life she created.  Liam says he had to marry her.

Steffy is angry. You are married to her.  Its only on paper, Liam says.  Nothing else has changed he’s still only dating Ivy. He’s enjoying getting to know Ivy, but Liam’s not ready for marriage; especially with Steffy back in the picture.

Steffy slaps Liam.  Liam grabs his cheek in surprise.  Steffy’s not doing this again. She won’t be his other option and wait for him to work out who he wants.  It’s more than a piece of paper she yells. You are married to Ivy.  Does he have any idea what he has gotten himself into a furious Steffy asks.

Liam still sees a future for them.  When and how Steffy wants to know.  Steffy reminds Liam that he said he loved Ivy and now he’s proved it by marrying her.   And she’s now to supposed to wait for Ivy to be a citizen before they can have their chance?.  How long?  Months, years?  You will have years of people checking up on you to make sure your marriage is legit, Steffy reminds Liam.

Sharing you sucks Steffy says.  She won’t do it again; She’s done.  Liam asks her to try and understand why he had to do this.  She needed me Liam says.  Steffy says she needed him.  She needed him to come to Paris and drag her home.  She needed him to forgive her for the motorcycle accident, she needed to grieve with him.  She needed him to need her.

Why was he always so quick to be Hope’s hero; and now Ivy’s? She’s tough, Steffy tells him but sometimes she needs him.  Steffy is done.  Steffy congratulates him; Steffy thinks Liam just found the one.

Liam can’t turn his back on Ivy. Steffy understands – he couldn’t save his mother, so he’ll save all the others. Go be Ivy’s hero she says.  Steffy is out.  There are consequences of what he did.  The price is her.  This is done.  Liam says he’s fighting for her.  Its not done.  He wants her and wants to get back together with her.  He’ll make Ivy understand that.  Steffy says she isn’t putting herself through this.  Steffy doesn’t want him anymore.

Liam says he wants to take his marriage back.  Seeing how hurt and disappointed she is what it took for him to understand he wants Steffy and only Steffy.  He’ll make Ivy understand. They can have it back, Liam says.  Each other, a life, children, a family.  He wants her Liam states passionately.

Ivy Wants More Than an Arrangement Marriage

At the office Ivy reflects on her wedding to Liam. Quinn returns.  Liam wouldn’t have let her be deported.  Thankfully not Ivy states.  Quinn says she seems content the picture of American happiness. Quinn thinks the marriage means more to her than an “understanding”.  Quinn tells her its okay for her to want things to work out with her husband.

Ivy admits she wants more from her marriage but Liam isn’t ready to be married especially with Steffy back in the picture.  Quinn thinks Liam needs to be a hero.  He jumped into the Seine for her and into this marriage.  He wouldn’t do this if he didn’t love her.

Ivy says that Liam admitted his feelings for Steffy.  The immigration agent arrives.  Its Mrs Spencer now Ivy tells him.  That’s why he is here. What is she trying to pull he wants to know.   Its highly suspect he says. He needs to investigate them both.  Ivy welcomes him to do so. As of last night she’s as married as he is.

Bill Warns Wyatt about Going After Steffy

Wyatt works out with a model who invites him to the steam room.  Bill watches.  When the model leaves Bill throws a towel at his son and tells him to get to the steam room and ask that girl out.  What’s wrong?  She’s not Steffy Bill whines at Wyatt answering his own question.

Wyatt understands – Steffy is the chosen one for Steffy.  Wyatt thinks history is in the past while Bill thinks history repeats.  What are you doing here Wyatt asks.  He’s looking after his 12 and a half percent. Wyatt hopes that Bill isn’t disappointed When Steffy and Liam’s relationship is purely business.

Bill tells his son that Steffy wants Liam and there is nothing that cute little girl with the accent can do about it.

Steffy is smoking hot and incredible and any man would be interested in her. Bill gets it.  But if he’s developing actual feelings…Wyatt assures him that isn’t the case.  Kissing her was fun but its gets annoying when everyone keeps telling him it isn’t going to happen.  He’s going to wait to hear that from Steffy herself.

Bill asks him not to fall again for a girl who has feelings for his brother.  Today maybe, but who knows about tomorrow.  When Steffy gets tired of Liam doing the same thing over and over again she will move on.


Wednesday June 18, 2014

Katie Reunited with Ridge

Eric asked Ridge what happened to him.  Ridge simply says he was found and taken in.  Eric and Brooke speak quietly as Ridge and Katie talk.  Brooke thinks there is something off with Ridge.  Eric concurred and had already called a doctor.  The doctor explained that Ridge is suffering from a severe concussion from hitting the water with such force.  The concussion would explain the memory loss but there could also be other injuries.

Alone Katie told Ridge she hoped they could go back to how things were before he came to Abu Dhabi.  Ridge wants to go home so he can see RJ.  Katie wanted to know, however, if her remembered them being together.

Hope spread the news

Back in LA Hope called a meeting at Forrester and shared the news that Ridge had been found – alive.  Everyone celebrated.  Maya remained concerned about Oliver’s attentiveness to Aly.  Aly on the other hand thanked Oliver for his support.  Carter wasn’t impressed with Maya’s continuing concern over Aly and Oliver. Hope encouraged everyone to stay close.

Bill Spencer – The last to know

Back in Abu Dhabi Bill still didn’t know about Ridge being found.  He also got some late news from Justin who told Bill he believed that Ridge may have seen him or more importantly the Spencer Publications logo before falling from the helicopter.  Bill was irritated to only be told this now and warns Justin that no one could ever know what they did.  Brooke arrived to share the good news.  Ridge is alive!  He has some memory issues but Brooke was confident they would pass…


Tuesday June 18, 2013

Rick and Maya Made Love

After getting Bill Spencer to stop threatening Maya with a return to jail, Rick and Maya reunited.  At the Forrester guest house (Rick’s house) Rick and Maya made love for the first time.


Monday June 18, 2012

Deacon turned up on Hope’s Wedding Day

With Ridge, Brooke and Liam already at the church in Puglia where she was to marry Liam, Hope was preparing for her wedding to Liam.  As she was just about ready to leave, someone knocked on Hope’s hotel room door.  Hope opened it to find her absentee biological father, Deacon Sharpe, on the other side.

Deacon claimed to have kept track of Hope through the years and hence knew that today was her wedding day.  He’d had to be there, he told his emotional daughter.  Hope told him he had no idea how much she wanted and needed her father to be present on her wedding day.  She hugged him calling him Dad.

Hope, of course, didn’t realize that Deacon was just the latest one of Bill’s plans to keep her from marrying his son, Liam.