June 19: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

2012 - Liam waits for Hope at the church; 2013 - Brooke sends Hope and Liam to Big Bear; 2014 - a changed Ridge is welcomed home; 2015 - Ivy's immigration problems were a mistake...

Friday, June 19, 2015 – Episode #7103

Ivy Learns the Truth

The man who married Ivy last night wants me Steffy rails.  I’m not doing this again Steffy says.  Liam yells this isn’t a real marriage that has to change anything.  Its Liam to the rescue without thinking about the consequences Steffy says.

Ivy has your name now.  She will not be okay with just dating, Steffy asks.  Liam says he wants Steffy and Ivy will understand that.  Liam says nothing has changed.  He wants her. Steffy says she has changed.  She’s a different woman than when she went to Paris.  She won’t share him anymore.  She won’t share her man with anyone.  He says he wants Steffy now because he’s panicking but a couple of minutes ago he wanted both her and Ivy.

Liam Spencer caught between two women Steffy yells.  She won’t go back to that.  It was too painful and she won’t do that again.  She loves him too much.

Liam cares about Ivy and she was scared.  He was the only one who could help her out.

This was our time Liam, Steffy yells.  Now you’re married to my cousin.  Steffy starts throwing things.  Ivy enters.  Liam tells Steffy he loves her.  He’s not giving up on them Liam says as Ivy listens.  Liam hasn’t seen.  Steffy says she’s leaving – his wife’s here.  Ivy says she is the one who will leave.  She tells Steffy this has been with thrust upon them but it’s a marriage of convenience.  After her citizenship is resolved Ivy will step aside.

Steffy tells Ivy doesn’t have to pretend to be so gracious.  She can continue to be the disaster she is.  Fall into rivers and have deportation issues.  Liam can continue to rescue her.  he always will.  But Steffy is done with Liam.

Steffy storms out and tells Liam to be with his wife.  Be her hero Liam.

Liam didn’t want Ivy to hear like that.  Ivy gets it she wants to know if she’s always going to be his second chance and stopping him from being with how he wants to be with.

Being with Steffy feels like being home Liam admits.  He loves them both. Ivy asks if he has completely shut out the idea of them working out.  Does any part of him believe this marriage can be more than just the right thing to do, Ivy asks.

Yes Liam says.  He would love to keep knowing her better and better. He didn’t’ imagine doing it as a married couple.  Could Ivy see it being more than it is given what she knows about how she feels about Steffy, Liam wants to know.  Ivy notes that that Steffy has done enough running for the both of them.  She’s not like them (Hope and Steffy?).  She doesn’t’ cut and run when she isn’t just handed what she wants.

Ivy believes she is a better match for him than Steffy, but she has to convince him of that.  But it hurts.  It’s going to take more than Steffy coming back to make her turn and run. She wants him to give them a go.  Maybe one day maybe she could feel like home too.  Shouldn’t they at least try Ivy asks.

Liam says let’s try.  Let’s give this marriage a shot and see where it goes.  What about Steffy Ivy wants to know.  You heard her Liam says, she’s out.

Ivy doesn’t want to pressure him. Liam admits part of him always will want to be with Steffy.  Maybe he has to teach himself to let go of what isn’t meant to be. He and Steffy just never seem to work.  He doesn’t want his disappointment in that to blind him to what might be with her.  He wants to find out where their marriage can go.  No one forced him to marry her.  He chose it.  He wants to see where this marriage can go.

Ivy is a Dual Citizen Immigration Made a Mistake

There is a knock at the door.  The immigration agent arrives.  He sees the mess Steffy breaking stuff left.  Leave us alone Ivy asks they are married.  He asks to talk to Ivy – alone.  Liam heads outside.  Ivy tells him to say what he has to say and get out.

Hi surprise visits won’t be necessary.  They made a mistake.  She has dual citizenship.  She can work here and stay in the country without Liam Spencer, he tells Ivy.  Liam returns after the immigration guy leaves. What did he say, Liam asks Ivy….

Wyatt Meets His Sister in Law

Ivy wonders how she doesn’t have dual citizenship.  Ivy would have done the paperwork herself if she’d known.  Now the immigration agent is going to be watching her and Liam like a hawk.  Ivy agrees with Quinn – everything will be fine if Liam plays along.  You are married.

Wyatt enters and overhears that Ivy and Liam are married. They note Ivy is his sister in law now.  Ivy heads home to Liam as Quinn fills Wyatt in, who is amazed that Ivy and Quinn are friends.  Quinn notes she didn’t have to push stab or hit anyone.

She is thrilled for Ivy, Quinn notes; residually.  Now it’s his turn.  Go be Steffy’s option Quinn tells Wyatt.  Go to Stefy Quinn tells her son.

Wyatt Makes His Move

A weeping Steffy is back at Forrester.  She reflects on her relationship with Liam.   Outside at the Malibu beach house Liam is doing the same.

Wyatt arrives on the sun lounge.  There is a reason why you left him.  You have a choice.  Let him go and leave the drama behind or continue to be miserable.  This summer is yours do what you want with it.  What do you want to do?  Take a chance and have a little fun Wyatt asks as he kisses her.


Thursday June 19, 2014

Ridge’s memory

Katie kissed Ridge to try to jolt his memory but he only looked surprised.  Katie asked over and over again if Ridge remembered her and “them”.

Katie wasn’t the only one asking questions.  Bill was also keen to know how much Ridge remembered – particularly about the helicopter accident.

Ridge tells everyone he doesn’t have amnesia, he’s just fuzzy on a few things.  His reaction to people seems to indicate he is more than a little fuzzy however.  Ridge became uncomfortable when quizzed about the helicopter accident.

Thorne and Eric made arrangements to fly home the following day. Ridge admits that he remembers Katie and Brooke’s sister.  Brooke seems worried about Ridge not recalling his relationship with Katie.  Later, however, when Katie and Ridge were alone, she told him about how their relationship developed taking them both by surprise and that it had been him to pursue her.  Katie began reciting their poem and Ridge finished the line and kissed Katie!

Quinn wanted Deacon’s help

Quinn and Deacon met up again at the Bikini Bar. Quinn wanted an update of whether Deacon had seen Hope.  He had, Deacon admitted to Quinn then dangled the bait that he had news.  Deacon then bantered with Quinn asking Quinn if she was going to spank him like the bad boy he used to be when she became impatient and demanded he tell her his news.

Deacon told Quinn that Ridge had been found.  Quinn saw this as an opportunity to fix things for Wyatt – with Deacon’s help.  Deacon told her to get out of her grown son’s life – no man his age wants a clingy mother Deacon told Quinn to which Quinn claimed she hovered, didn’t cling.  Deacon doesn’t believe Hope will take Wyatt back now that his mother didn’t kill her step father.

Party for Ridge to jog his memory

Meanwhile, Hope and the rest of of Ridge’s family and friends planned to throw Ridge a welcome home party to jog his memory.  Caroline even offered to back cookies!  Hope and Liam decided ridge’s survival was as miraculous as them surviving all their relationship upheavals…


Wednesday June 19, 2013

Thomas asked Liam not to give up on Steffy

Thomas asked Liam not to give up on his sister and their marriage.  Neither Thomas nor Liam understood what happened to make Steffy give up on Liam and tell him to be with Hope.  Liam does tell Thomas that Steffy says what she means.  She is gone.

Brooke planned a surprise for Hope and Liam

When Brooke learned from Hope that Steffy had left Los Angeles and Liam, Brooke planned a surprise for Hope and Liam hoping that the couple would reconnect.  Brooke assured Hope that she hadn’t called Father Fontana.  Hope assumed Steffy had left because without their child, Steffy would eventually lost Liam to Hope anyway.

Hope had Liam clear his schedule.  There was a car waiting to take them to Big Bear.  Liam was initially hesitant upon learning that Brooke had set up the escape for them worried that a priest would pop out from behind a pine tree.  At Big Bear, however, Liam’s mind is not entirely on Hope as he recalls his life with Steffy and the unexplained and sudden ending to their marriage.

Katie filled Brooke in on Steffy’s reason for leaving

Despite being sworn to secrecy by Steffy, Katie tells Brooke that she was with Steffy when she learned she couldn’t have any more children. Brooke encourages Katie to keep Steffy’s secret.  Katie thinks Hope needs to give Liam space and time to sort out his feeling over losing his child and Steffy.  Katie is horrified that Brooke sent Hope and Liam to Big Bear.

Rick played hookey

Rick called Pam and told her he wasn’t coming into the office.  He was spending the day with Maya – cooking her a spectacular omelet for breakfast and then in bed.  Rick gave Maya a diamond necklace that had belonged to his grandmother on his dad’s side of the family.


Tuesday June 19, 2012

Deacon turned up on Hope’s Wedding Day

Hope was surprised and delighted to see her biological father Deacon Sharpe on her wedding day in Italy.  While Hope wasn’t looking Deacon pocketed her cell phone.  Hope asked Deacon to come to her wedding but he declined stating no one wanted an ex-con at the wedding.  Hope and Deacon spoke for a little longer than Hope wanted to but Deacon convinced her to give him a few more minutes.  When Hope finally headed outside to head to the church she watched the limo that was to take her to the church, speed off without her.

Waiting for the Bride

At the Church, Brooke, Ridge and Father Fontana waited for Hope to arrive. Brooke was certain Hope just needed a bit of alone time before the wedding.  Ridge said he wished she’d come with him.  Ridge and Liam discussed Ridge giving Hope away, but Ridge said that he’d asked Hope again and that hope didn’t want him to

Katie learned about Bill’s plans to sabotage Hope and Liam’s Italian Wedding

Back in Los Angeles Marcus admitted to Dayzee while at the Spencer offices to see his dad that he’d overheard a conversation between Bill and Justin where Justin used the word sabotage in relation to Hope and Liam’s wedding in Italy.  Katie overheard the conversation and asked her nephew if he knew what Bill was going to do to stop the wedding.  Marcus didn’t know.


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