June 25: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, June 25, 2015 – Episode #7107

Maya Stands Up For Rick

Rick came to talk to Maya to give her her job back.  Maya is happy to come back and make it clear she wasn’t’ fired for being transgender.  But only if Rick comes back too, Maya counters.

Rick’s old job is occupied Ridge says.  Ridge gets it.  Ridge thinks that there is a place for him in Paris. But Maya and Rick disagree.  Maya says he’s on board, here.  Ridge tells them they have a deal.  Rick hopes all Ridges decisions as CEO are as good as this one.

Later, Rick says that Maya handled Ridge like a seasoned executive.  There is more in her future than just modeling Rick states.  Rick says he didn’t have to do that for him.  She didn’t have to share that moment with him.  She wouldn’t want to be at Forrester or anywhere else without him.

The party continues – upstairs – in the bedroom.

Liam Declares His Love for Steffy

Steffy and Caroline review the jewelry Ivy and Quinn have been working on together.  Quinn fills in a surprised Caroline that Liam and Ivy are married.  Later, Caroline tells Steffy she is sorry about what has happened.  Steffy says she won’t put herself through this again.  Wyatt says she won’t have to if she chooses the right guy.

Alone with Wyatt Steffy still can’t believe that Liam married Ivy.  Liam walks in and offers to explain it again.  Wyatt leaves the two of them alone.

Ivy arrives to deliver notes from Quinn and hears Liam tell Steffy he still loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.  It doesn’t have to be over Liam says.  But Steffy says it’s over.  Ivy’s citizenship could take years.  Or it couldn’t Liam says.  Steffy tells him it’s too late.

Steffy feels humiliated that he didn’t tell her Ivy and him were married when she first arrived, but instead he let her take him down memory lane.

Ivy Feels Guilty Over Her Marriage

Ivy tells Liam that Immigration won’t be a problem anymore.  That’s right Liam agrees.  There is nothing to worry about because she is married and can’t be deported.  Ivy of course understands this since immigration made a mistake in the first place.  But she keeps that piece of news to herself.

Quinn arrives to talk to Ivy. They have work to go over. Liam leaves.  Quinn tells Ivy she should have kissed her husband goodbye.  Ivy reminds her that her marriage shouldn’t be.  She can’t be deported and doesn’t need to stay married to be in this country.

Ivy can’t concentrate.  She didn’t need saving, and she has to tell Liam. Ivy can’t keep lying to him.  Quinn says lying might be the most compassionate thing she can do, since he torpedoes any chance of being with Steffy.  Ivy tells Quinn Liam may love her but not like he loves Steffy.

Ivy wants Liam to be happy.  Do it as his wife Quinn suggests.  Steffy broke off her relationship with Steffy because he married Ivy without thinking what it meant for him and Steffy.

Wyatt arrives. Quinn sends Ivy with notes to Steffy. Quinn says Ivy and Steffy are going to have to work together at some point.  Wyatt thinks Ivy is also having second thoughts about her marriage.

Ivy returns to Quinn without Liam and Steffy knowing that she heard Liam telling Steffy that he loves Steffy.  Ivy can’t do this.  It isn’t who she is.  Lying isn’t going to make either of them happy.  She has to tell Liam he doesn’t’ need to be married to her.

Caroline and Ridge

Caroline is sketching as Ridge returns.  Ridge tells Caroline that Maya countered.  Caroline works out that Maya wanted Rick back too.  Ridge tells Caroline he agreed to the terms.  Great says Caroline.  The four of them back together.

Ridge is impressed by Maya’s loyalty.  He supposes they will be back together by tonight.


Wednesday June 25, 2014

Live by the sword, die by the sword

Liam and Quinn went over old ground.  She caused Ridge’s accident; Liam manipulated Hope into dumping Liam.  Finally, Liam did what he should have done immediately, he told her to get out of his house.  Quinn picked up the Spencer sword around his neck and told Liam that the sword bonded him to his father AND brother.  Yet he was willing to sabotage his brother’s life (didn’t Wyatt do the same to his brother a just last year?)  Live by the sword; die by the sword Quinn told Liam.  And she jabbed him with the sword…(this is fast becoming an overused move – Bill, Quinn, now Quinn again…)

Maya and Oliver want the Forrester lifestyle

While at a meeting at Forrester, Hope told Maya she was looking forward to seeing her smile in the next photo shoot, now that the worry about Ridge was in the past.  Or was something else bothering her Hope asked just as Rick called them back to the main meeting.   Maya later complained to Oliver that she was tired of watching Caroline Spencer living her life.  Maya warned Oliver about using Aly. Oliver assured Maya that he wasn’t and besides he and Aly had Thorne’s blessing.

Maya seemed jealous that Oliver had his piece of the Forrester lifestyle and she wants hers too.  Oliver warned her not to mess up her job here. Maya will never be in the inner Forrester circle while she is with Carter, but he will be with Aly.  Oliver asked if Maya was angry or jealous. May stormed out of the photo shoot.

Hope noted Aly’s change in attitude when Aly sincerely wished that Quinn and Wyatt didn’t go out of business now that their line was no longer tied to Forrester Creations.  Aly admitted to Hope that her change in attitude was due to her seeing Oliver.  Hope was happy for her cousin.

Maya steams it up with Rick!

Later, Rick was enjoying a steam when someone, he assumed to be his wife, Caroline, entered. He enjoyed the massage until he turned to kiss his wife and saw it was a towel clad Maya!