June 26: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

2013 - Katie planned Brooke a birthday party; 2014 - Maya tried to seduce Rick; 2015 - Ivy tells Liam she can't be deported

Friday, June 26, 2015 – Episode #7108

Rick and Maya

Maya asks Rick if he’s sure he wants her.  The answer is yes, he says.  This is their journey.  The couple makes love for the first time since Rick learned that Maya was transgender.

Maya never thought someone like him could love someone like her. Rick tells Maya there is no one like her.  She is just a woman trying to bring as much as she can into his life.

Ridge and Caroline

Caroline thanks Ridge for taking such good care of her as she struggles to maneuver around the office.  She really needs to find a way to repay him she says and kisses him.

Caroline struggles to design in the office.   Ridge helps her realize how far she has come.  They start drawing together, one line ata time, in much the same way that Caroline helped Ridge draw after his Persian Gulf accident.


Quinn tries to convince Ivy not to tell Liam she has dual citizenship after overhearing him declare his love for Steffy.  Ivy isn’t listening though.  It’s time for action – honest action Ivy says as she leaves.

Wyatt comes in and can’t understand why Quinn is upset, until Ivy returns.  Ivy tells Wyatt that she doesn’t have to be married to Liam, he’s free to be with Steffy.

Steffy, Liam Ivy

Immigration is going to watch every move they make.  It could take months or years.  Steffy understands that Liam wanted to help Ivy but in the process he destroyed whatever they had.  You are married.  Steffy loves him  but he is married .  Its not going to happen between them.

Ivy enters and tells Liam they have to talk.  Steffy leaves.

Ivy knows how he feels about Steffy.  If Liam still wants Steffy, he can have Steffy again, Ivy says.  Ivy says the marriage wasn’t necessary.  Liam says he wouldn’t let her be deported.  Ivy will always love him for saving her life.  Liam says he doesn’t regret it.  Ivy says that is the kind of man he is.  Loyal and strong.  But his feelings for Steffy really complicates things. Ivy knows its not Steffy’s fault.  They have a history and he loves her.

Liam tells Ivy that she was there for him, and he will be there for her.  Ivy tells Liam she doesn’t’ need rescuing. She can’t be deported.  She’s already a citizen of this country.  Immigration made a huge mistake.  He doesn’t’ need to be married to her, she’s legal and he’s free.

Ivy loves him and one day she hoped she would be his wife.  But not like this. Liam realizes she didn’t have to tell him this.  Ivy says he deserved to know the truth.  She isn’t going to trap him in this relationship. Ivy says it should be easy enough to draw up the annulment papers. Liam stops her.  She loves him but she isn’t going to stop him being with Steffy if that is the life he wants.  Liam hugs Ivy.

Liam and Steffy

Liam finds Steffy on the sky lounge. Steffy goes off on a rant and doesn’t let Liam get a word in.  She came back for him because she loves him.  She can’t handle seeing Ivy and Liam together and Steffy tries to leave.

Liam admits he made a mistake and didn’t think about them at all. Steffy says she won’t be the other woman.  Liam says she doesn’t have to.  The marriage is over.  Liam fills Steffy in on the immigration mistake.  He admits he never should have married Ivy because he is still nuts about Steffy.  Can she forgive him now Liam asks.  They hug.


Thursday June 26, 2014

How dangerous is Quinn

Wyatt arrived at Liam’s house after receiving a text message from his brother.  Liam tells Wyatt that he always knew Quinn was unhinged but today she took it up a notch.  Wyatt defends his mom telling Liam that she may be a little protective and goes a little off the rails sometimes but calling her crazy is going too far.  Going too far is stabbing him with his sword necklace Liam tells Wyatt as he shows him his stabbed neck.  Wyatt changed his tune.

Liam told Wyatt what Quinn said and that it sounded to him like a death threat.  Wyatt asked what Liam wants him to do about it – it’s wasn’t like he was talking to his mother at the moment.  Liam didn’t need Wyatt to fight his battles for him.  He just wanted to know how dangerous him mother is – the truth.

Wyatt told Liam that she may go to extremes but Quinn wasn’t dangerous.  Hope walked in and learned about Quinn stabbing Liam.  Wyatt apologizes for his mom who crossed the line – again.  Hope says he didn’t do anything wrong.  Wyatt notes however that may be true but it sure has paid the price.  He’s lost his job and Hope and there is no greater punishment than that.

Quinn threatens Liam’s life

Meanwhile back at the warehouse Deacon walked in on Quinn welding.  Deacon filled Quinn in on seeing Hope.  He agreed that Hope may care about Wyatt but doesn’t necessarily agree that Hope is in love with him.  She claims that Liam is the one for her.  Quinn said that Liam was all standing between her son and his happiness.  She’s going to kill him, Quinn threatened. Deacon took it as a bit of a joke until Quinn told Deacon to never underestimate a mother’s love for her children.  Deacon left.

Back at home Wyatt got a knock on the door and, in a mood, nearly slammed the door in the stranger’s face, until he introduced himself as Deacon – Hope’s dad.

Maya wants Rick

In the steam room Maya told Rick that she wanted another chance with him.  They were good together.  He and Caroline hadn’t started a family yet and she wasn’t married to Carter.  It’s not too late for them.  Rick tries to give Maya and out telling her that it had been very emotional lately with Ridge being missing and all.  But he’s married to Caroline and can’t imagine his life without her.  he loves his wife.  And Carter is a great guy who can’t wait to marry Maya – and Carter loves her so much, Rick tells Maya as he leaves. A sad Maya is left alone in the steam room.

Oliver finds a new model

Hope walked into the studio to check on the photo shoot having heard it wasn’t’ going well.  Oliver admits Maya walked out.  Hope is frustrated with Maya’s work recently and doesn’t’ understand what is going on.  Aly defends Maya saying everyone has an off day and that no one is more dedicated to Forester than Maya.

Later while Aly and Oliver were alone they have a playful photo shoot with Aly as the model (off screen).  While reviewing the photos in the camera Oliver told Aly that she should be the Hope for the Future spokes model.  She embodied everything the line stood for.  Maya wasn’t’ working out, Oliver stated.  Aly should take her place.  Unbeknownst to either of them Maya was listening…


Wednesday June 26, 2013

Taylor apologized to Brooke for assuming she was having an inappropriate relationship with Katie’s husband, Bill.  Taylor’s attitude changed when she met with her party planner who mentioned he’d just recreated Eric and Brooke’s wedding in Palm Springs.  Was the mystery man in Brooke’s life Eric Taylor wondered.  Taylor confronted Eric who assured her nothing happened.  Taylor believed Eric but it reignited Taylor’s determination to find out what going on with Brooke…

Katie returned from putting the baby to sleep to find Brooke had arrived in her absence and was having a private conversation with other Logan sister, Donna.  Katie told Brooke about the special birthday celebration she wanted to throw her.  She planned on inviting Eric but that would mean Taylor would likely also attend.  Since Taylor had just been civil to her, Brooke thought it would be fine.