June 4: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, June 4, 2015 – Episode #7092

What’s behind Door Number Two

Ridge wants to know if Bill is joking.  Liam says Bill won’t throw his shares Rick’s way.  It’s a good offer Bill tells his son.  He gets more control than under what Ridge is offering.  Bill says when he woke up this morning he knew it was going to be a great day.

Bill tells and angry Liam deals are fluid.  He gives Ridge the floor to convince Bill whey he should make Ridge being CEO happen.  Rick has already made his pitch.

Ridge and Rick argue about him and Eric bringing in Bill.  Eric blames Ridge for the coup.  Bill says it was Liam.  Steffy calls enough.  Eric says what Bill’s decision is.

Bill tells Liam he is proud of him and he has enjoyed watching him grow through this process.  He didn’t give Liam ownership of the shares for this very reason.  No one could have known Rick could have come through with such a sweet deal.  He’s a bottom line kind of guy. He can’t let emotion of family loyalty get in the way,

Bill tells Rick that his offer benefits his bottom line.  He has a deal.  Ridge Steffy and Liam are angry with Bill’s flip.  But Bill has a condition for Rick and Eric.  Maya has to go, as the face of Forrester Creations.  She’s out.

Bill says a transgender model will cost them money and affect the bottom line.  Rick would make the same decision if he wasn’t involved with Maya. Bill pushed Rick to wake the hell up – a minority it may be of their customer base that disapproves of Maya but they think Maya is a disgrace.

Rick punches Bill and leaves telling Bill that he is the disgrace.  He calls Maya and arranges to meet Maya at the apartment.

Alone, with Ridge and Steffy, Liam apologizes for his father, but it means they did it.  They congratulate Ridge as the new CEO.  Ridge is stunned Rick chose Maya.

Wyatt is Jealous

Ivy fills in Ivy about what is happening.  Wyatt listens.  He reminds everyone what he has done for this company yet there he is in the boardroom.  Wyatt is not pleased that he may have to answer to his brother.  He did the hard work and Nicole was collateral damage – he did more than Liam.  Wyatt thinks his should be VP.  Ivy doesn’t understand why this is a problem all of a sudden.  His dad always rewards Liam.  Wyatt thinks he should be on the other side of the boardroom door.

None of it would have happened without him Wyatt says.  Ally tells Wyatt him knocking Maya off her pedestal was the best thing that happened.  Maya cosigned Ally’s every humiliation and Alyy is thrilled the Ridge is going to be CEO.

Conversation turns to Steffy being back in town.  She is secure in her relationship with Steffy but she has one eye on her.  Wyatt puts his money on Ivy.

Nick and Maya

Nick visits Maya.   He sees her bags and asks if she’s leaving town.  Maya says that was her plan and tells Nick that Rick still loves her, but she’s not sure its enough. Revealing to Rick that she was trans didn’t flip him out, it was realizing that so many people know – including Ridge.  Maya wonders why she did that.  She had so many opportunities when to tell him.

Nick supports her.  It was her story to tell and her decision when to disclose.  Maya still thinks she has to own the mistake she made in waiting so long.

Bill Spencer outing her like that was wrong.  But Forrester has to do damage control and she doesn’t want to compromise that so she is staying under the radar.  Nick tells her that love is as simple as it gets. Maya believes that Rick will always stand by her.  Rick calls and Nick leaves when he learns Rick is on the way over.

Rick arrives – happy.  He hugs her and spins her around.  Maya thinks Rick won against Ridge.  Rick admits he had to go to Bill.  Maya understands he must have hated going to Bill.  He doesn’t’ want to talk about Bill or Forrester.  He wants to celebrate.  Rick walked away when Bill made an unacceptable condition – that Maya wasn’t there.  So Rick punched him.  He was disrespecting her. he will defend Maya till his dying day because she’s the woman that he loves.


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