June 5: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, June 5, 2015 – Episode #7093

Aly and Oliver

Oliver is doing s shoot on the sky lounge.  Aly arrives excited.  Aly says they have a new CEO.  Rick is out and Ridge is in.  Working here will be something to be proud of again, Aly says.

As long as everyone knows their place, Aly is happy.  She means Steffy.  She’s going to track down her cousin and have a chat.  Oliver is concerned.

Ivy, Wyatt, Liam and Steffy

Ivy and Wyatt walk into the CEO office.  Ivy asks them (Ridge, Liam and Steffy) not to keep them in suspense.  Are you CEO now they ask of Ridge.  He is Steffy assures.  Are Rick and Maya gone Aly asks.  Yes, Ridge says.

They toast the new era. Steffy says they have paperwork to do.  Ivy and Wyatt leave the big wigs to it.

Alone with Liam, Steffy toasts their success with Liam.  We did it she laughs.  The sign the paperwork and drink more champagne.  Ta-da , she says, Steffy to the rescue.  Liam and everyone should be grateful to her, she says.  Including, Caroline and Ivy, the girls who inspired him, Steffy says.  Steffy gets it.

Congratulations Steffy says grabbing Liam face.  Welcome to Forrester Steffy says and she kisses Liam.  Aly sees from a crack in the doorway.

After Liam has gone, Aly tells Steffy she saw her throwing herself at Liam.  Steffy doesn’t’ feel like she has to explain to Aly.  Aly defends Ivy.  Liam is with someone so much more suitable now.  Ivy is the kind of woman Liam should be with, not Steffy, Aly states.

Steffy plays it down they were just celebrating. Steffy tells Aly not to hate on her just because Aly is a life member of the Hope Logan fan club. Aly sees there is an opportunity with Forrester thanks in part to Steffy.  They can restore the values and morals that Forrester used to have.

Steffy reads between the lines – and I have none Steffy asks.  One kiss doesn’t make her morally corrupt. Aly says she’s sure Stefy is a lot of fun, but she’s just a memory for Liam.  She needs to accept that Aly says as she leaves.  Steffy doesn’t take her too seriously.

Rick and Maya

Rick says he will defend her to anyone.  He’s not to let anyone shame her.  No job is more important than her.  None of it matter without her. Maya is worried – being CEO has been important for Rick for so long.  It defined him.  Not anymore Rick assures her.  May wishes that she could have seen him punch Bill.

They decide this feels good.  She thinks she’s starting to understand what she means to him.  Its about time Rick says.  It’s a whole new experience having someone defend her Maya says.  Rick says he knows she’s done fine on her own but she’s not anymore.  He’s here and is going to make sure that no one hurts her any more.

Rick tells Maya he saw Nick downstairs.  He hopes they had a nice visit.  Maya admits she’d been soul searching wondering why it took her so long to tell him and what it would have been like if she’d told him from the beginning.

Rick doesn’t care about the tabloids.  What the press is that he is accepting and loving.  He can’t see that hurting them. Rick says she will never lose him.  They kiss.

Ridge and Caroline

Ridge comes home to Caroline.  Ridge tells Caroline that Bill tried to pull a fast one but that it didn’t matter.  She’s looking at the new CEO of Forrester.  They kiss.  It’s done Ridge says.  Caroline is happy for him. She can’t wait to be fully healed and by his side.  Ridge says they are a team.

Caroline tells Ridge she will take a car to her doctor’s appointment.  He grabs one of the sketches they did together when he couldn’t draw.  She held his hand, now it’s his turn.  Nothing is more important than her

Wyatt and Ivy.

Wyatt wonders if it will all be alright for Ivy.  Wyatt says that he wouldn’t be surprised it Ivy was a little concerned about Steffy being back.  Ivy says she trusts Liam but isn’t thrilled about them working together.

Steffy is a force, intelligent and beautiful and she knows it.  Guys don’t say no to that Wyatt warns Ivy.

Ivy suggests that it might be Wyatt that Steffy is luring in not Liam.  Maybe he should ask Steffy out.  Liam arrives and Ivy admits that they were talking about Steffy.  Liam promises Ivy she has nothing to worry about.  Ivy says Steffy deosn’t respect their relationship and has to stop coming on to Liam. Liam says eventuatlly the right guy will come along for Steffy.  Ivy says she was encouraging Wyatt to date Steffy.


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