The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: July 6 – 10, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (July 6 – 10, 2015): Ivy faces the truth about her relationship with Liam; Maya makes headway with her mother, but not her father; Will Nicole leave town with her father and mother?

    Liam and Ivy, Steffy and Wyatt

    Wyatt tells Ivy that there is one thing she should know about Liam by now.  If you’re willing to drag him, you are able to drag him just about anywhere…Ivy still believes in their relationship she tells Liam just before she kisses him.  Their situation is complicated, but Ivy thinks she knows how to simplify things.

    Meanwhile Steffy is telling someone that what she and Liam have is undeniable.

    Ivy concedes that Liam has done a lot for her over the past couple of weeks.  Ivy tells Katie that she and Liam don’t share what he does with Steffy, but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t important also.  Later Ivy confides in Wyatt that Katie pretty much told her that she’d already lost Liam to Steffy, without saying the words.

    Wyatt however wants to know why Liam has to have all the women.  Liam’s making googly eyes at Steffy while Ivy is down the corridor waiting for her turn.  Wyatt tells his brother to pick a lane.

    Ivy seems a tender moment between Steffy and Liam and realizes that her relationship with Liam is forever changed.

    B&B Spoilers July 6 - 10 2015


    Aly’s vision’s of Darla have lost their sunshine (presumable a metaphor for Aly’s innocence) and gone dark (reflecting Aly’s anger).  Darla is now telling her daughter to seek retribution against Steffy…the daughter of the woman who killed her….  Will Aly do as her mother bids?

    I visibly upset Aly tells Maya nd Rick she won’t let them treat her like this (as their servant perhaps?) and she won’t let Maya ruin this company.  Maya has the decency to look ashamed.  Steffy tells Aly she needs to stop fighting.  She needs to live her own life and let everyone live theirs.

    Aly wants to know whey people like Rick, Maya and Steffy always get what they want.  Ivy seems concerned about her cousins state of mind.  Aly is angry and bitter.

    Aly tells Liam that she knows what she has to do now.  She will do anything for Forrester Creations.  There is no one prouder of the family company than her.

    Aly loses the plot and goes off the rails at a meeting after Aly and Steffy get into it over their mothers’ history.  Taylor was the (drunk?) hit and run driver who killed Darla while she was trying to help Phoebe change a tire. Darla appears to her daughter advising Aly on how to change her life.

    Presumably, this is what brings Thorne back to town as well…

    Aly wants to know whey people like Rick, Maya and Steffy always get what they want.  Ivy seems concerned about her cousins state of mind.  Aly is angry and bitter.

    Nicole and Zende

    Nicole and Zende get flirty.  She thinks he’s cute – and incredibly hot and lets Zende know it.

    Nicole has lunch with her parents.  She tells them that their shame and embarrasment is pushing both her and Maya away.  Julius Avant tells his youngest daughter that they came out to Los Angeles to save the child they have left.

    Rick and Maya

    When her mother turns up in Los Angeles looking for Nicole, Maya is forced to face her past.  Her mother tells her that Maya (Myron?) was her precious child that she prayed to all the angels in heaven to help her save.  Maya tells her mother that she has been through the worst that could possibly happen to her, and she survived.

    Maya tells Nicole that she shouldn’t have to live without parents – they way that Maya did.  Maya confides in Rick that she doesn’t want her sister’s relationship with their parents to suffer because of her.

    Maya and her mother mend their relationship, but the same can’t be said for her father.  Julius, Maya and Nicole’s father arrives in Los Angeles.  He’s there to take Nicole home. You are coming home.  NOW.  Accept it,  Julius tells his daughter when he arrives in Los Angeles.

    He won’t recognize Maya as female and presumably doesn’t want Nicole influenced by Maya’s lifestyle….

    It’s the Avants who receive a shock at the Forrester Mansion.

    Rick provides Maya with the same kind of support that she has shown him.  Maya knows that Rick understands what it is like to seek for a parents understanding and approval.

    Nicole and Zende

    Nicole’s father wants her to come home with him and her mother.  But Nicole, now an intern at Forrester Creations is building a life in LA.  She is proving to be a distraction to Zende.

    Eric and Brooke

    Eric hopes for another successful line from Ridge and Caroline.

    Ridge and Caroline

    Produce their first line together with Ridge as CEO.


    Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful


    The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Summaries

    Monday, July 6, 2015 – Aly’s mental state declines
    Tuesday, July 7, 2015 – Aly knows what she has to do…
    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 – Katie suggests Ivy date Wyatt
    Thursday, July 9, 2015
    Friday, July 10, 2015


    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Actress Schae Harrison tweeted that she will be back on B&B in the coming weeks in a storyline she describes as awesome.  Aly has been vocal about Steffy staying away from Liam, is her fragile emotional state about to get a little lopsided again with the teen talking to her dead mom?

    Whatever is up with Aly, dad, Thorne will also be back in LA.  Winsor Harmon is also slated to return to the soap.  Look for Thorne on July 22, 2015

    Soap Opera Digest reports that The Bold and the Beautiful is recasting the role of Thomas Forrester.  Pierson Forde has been cast in the role.  Look for Thomas to return to our screens on July 24, 2015!

    Ashley Jones will return as Bridget for a handful of episodes over the Summer.


    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up

    A fashion show with a cast of (some) transgender models is scheduled.

    The battle for control at Forrester Creations isn’t over and remains hostile.

    Bill’s personal agenda may see him having to betray his team?

    Sparks fly between Nicole and another Forrester intern candidate..

    Rick and Maya’s relationship faces obstacles due to their emotional situation.

    Thomas returns to Los Angeles.

    Bridget pays a visit also during the summer.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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