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Tragic Repeat of History

In a tragic twist on Aly’s plan to reenact the night of her mother’s death, with Steffy as the victim, Aly is the one that ended up dead.  And just like the night that Taylor killed Darla, there is confusion over whether Aly’s death is a terrible, terrible accident like Steffy told authorities, or if it was murder, as Ivy believes since she saw and recorded Steffy strike Aly down with a tire iron.

Aly’s Hope for the Future

Since Aly’s return to Los Angeles to take a roll in the family business (when she decided a legal internship wasn’t for her) Aly’s fragile mental state has been well documented.  Aly was delighted to shadow Hope in the business as Aly had always identified with the message that Hope was sending to young women via her Hope for the Future line.  Aly continued to defend that message even when Hope herself no longer did and admitted it the message was a product of her own youth and inexperience.

Mistreated by Family

Thorne thought his daughter on the right path when she began dating Oliver.  Aly even stood up to the bad treatment that Rick and Maya dished out to her during their tyrannical rule of Forrester Creations and the Forrester family.  Aly allowed them to turn her into a servant in her own home as Rick dangled the promise of her own shoe line in front of her.

Aly Disapproves

When Rick was ousted as CEO, Aly thought Ridge would take the company back to its roots.  A company her mother and grandparents were proud of.  But with Steffy as his President that wasn’t going to happen.  With the recent press support around Maya’s exposure as transgender, Ridge and Steffy took the company’s message down a line Aly didn’t approve of.

Focuses Disapproval on Steffy and Maya

Aly saw California Freedom’s message of freedom, tolerance and acceptance a filty and disgusting.  All she saw was women flaunting their bodies.  Aly focused her displeasure on Steffy, who unlike Hope, is overtly sexual.   Aly’s mental state was further exacerbated by her inability to get over her mother’s death at the hands of Steffy’s mother, Taylor.

Darla Looks for Retribution

Darla, again, began appearing to Aly, but this time Aly’s interactions with her dead mother, took a darker more sinister tone.  Gone was Darla’s lightness, replaced by a need for vengeance for her death.  Darla encouraged Aly to seek retribution for Darla’s death.  Aly decided to make Steffy pay and cleanse the Forrester family of Steffy’s influence.

Aly Reenacts Darla’s Death

As Forrester Creations celebrated the success of the launch of the California Freedom line, Aly put her plan into action.  She stabbed Steffy’s tire with a nail, then followed Steffy along the same stretch of highway where her mother was killed.

A Flat Tire

Steffy stopped when her tire gave out.  Without cell service she began to change the tire.  Just as Darla did  when was trying to change Phoebe’s tire, Steffy saw headlights coming at her.  The car stopped inches short of hitting Steffy.  Steffy pulled Aly who was driving from the car.  The girls got into an argument and Steffy realized how dark Aly’s mental state was.  Aly had set up the entire reenactment of Darla’s death with the intent of doing away with Steffy.

An Argument

Aly grabbed the tire iron that Steffy had been using to change the tire and threatened to hit Steffy.  Steffy begged Aly to put it down.  The girls ended up wrestling for the weapon.  Both fell to the ground with the tire iron landing behind Steffy.

A struggle

Aly rose first.  She was going to Finnish what she started.  She lifted a rock over he head preparing to strike Steffy.  Scared, Steffy reached for the tire iron, rose and struck Aly.  Aly fell to the ground, hitting her head on a rock.  Steffy panicked when Aly didn’t respond and threw the tire iron into the bushes.

Aly's death

Ivy – A Witness to Murder?

Unbeknownst to Steffy, Ivy, who had found Aly’s collage of mutilated photos in the girls bedroom and come looking for Aly, had arrived in time to witness the scene.  Ivy arrive and asked what had happened as she went to Aly.  Steffy told Ivy that Aly had attacked her, tripped and fallen.  Ivy looked at Steffy aware that part of the story was being omitted.

Aly was unresponsive and Ivy called 911. When the paramedics and police arrived Steffy claimed what had happened was a terrible, terrible accident.  Ivy said nothing but just looked at her cousin.  Aly was pronounced dead on the scene.  Ivy and Steffy broke down.

With Proof…

Later, Ivy told Wyatt, that Steffy murdered Aly and Ivy had proof.  Ivy had video of the altercation between Aly and Steffy that clearly showed Steffy striking Aly down with the tire iron.  Steffy murdered Aly, and Ivy was going to see Aly get justice…


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