July 16: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, July 16, 2015 – Episode #7121

Nicole and her Parents

Nicole questions her father’s motives.  Her mother tells her not to speak that way to her father.  Nicole isn’t buying his turnaround.  Julius says he is trying.  It’s not easy.   He thinks it would be beneficial if they came back together as a family.

Nicole says getting to know the Maya’s and the Forrester’s has been good for her Nicole says.  Julius wants to do the same.  He heads off to see Rick.  Nicole worries.  Vivienne admits Julius is direct. And that his isn’t fine with this – yet.  He is genuinely interested in maya’s life and what she can bring to their lives Vivienne tells Nicole.

Rick and Maya

Maya is sure her father hasn’t fully accepted her but he might be willing to try.  She never expected that even that much.  Until today Maya thought she was only a huge disappointment.  Maya is cautiously hopeful.  Her parents haven’t been in her life for a long time.  If it doesn’t happen that’s ok.  But Maya would like to have a relationship with her father again.

Julius arrives at the mansion and meets Rick.  Rick explains he coordinates International from LA.  Julius notes if he had a home like this he wouldn’t want to leave either.  Julius wants to know what kind of man wants to make a life with a woman like Maya.

They talk about the portrait.  That he didn’t take it down after he found out says a lot Julius says.  Rick isn’t proud of how he reacted when he found out.  Julius quizzes him about his sexual preferences.  Rick tells Julius there is no difference between Maya and other women.  Rick assures him he really loves Maya and appreciates her for who she is.  Julius says he’s trying to accept her.  He and her mother want to be part of it, but he wants to know Rick’s commitment to Maya will last.

Rick says Julius wants to know his intentions. Rick assures him he sees a future with Maya.


At home, Aly doesn’t approve of the message of the line.  It isn’t sex.  Its smut she says.  It’s perverted and disgusting.  Darla tells her she is right.  Aly says they think they are doing something good.  Sarla sends her back to the office.  She knows what has to be done – for her company and her family.  Go to Forrester and stop it Darla tells her daughter.

At Forrester

At Forrester Ridge, Caroline and Steffy are glad Aly is on board.  They need to make California Freedom a success.

Aly and Maya arrive at Forrester.  Aly asks who the model is.  Its Sonia Steffy says. Maya’s friend.  Aly realizes the model is also transgender.

Ridge says them all home to get rest.  He reiterates the message.  Aly leaves.   This can’t go on Aly says.  She has to stop it.

Maya thanks Ridge.  He hasn’t always been her biggest supported but he’s doing something really different with this line and she’s glad to be part of it.  Its time Darla tells Aly Make them pay. Tomorrow the day of reckoning arrives Darla says as Aly glares at a care in the car park remembering her mother being killed in a hit and run.


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