July 17: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, July 17, 2015 – Episode #7122

The Guests

Caroline and Ridge prepare for the big fashion show. Steffy and Liam work the crowd. Liam is clumsy while Steffy is a natural.  Ivy watches them flirt.  Wyatt pulls her back into the action backstage.  Bill and Katie attend.  Bill notes they make a good team.

Later Bill doesn’t see what thy hype is all about.  He sends Jarrod to find a headline.

Deacon arrives to wish his sexy wife good luck. Brooke and Deacon discuss being the only two there without a glass of champagne in their hands.  Quinn doesn’t like them being together as she spies them from backstage.


Maya is excited about her parents being in the audience. Out front, Nicole introduces her parents to her fellow interns, including Zende – the Forrester.  And Brooke.  Later, Rick tells his mother that today is about his and Maya’s future.   He also tells Othello he wants tonight to be s pecial night for him and Maya.

Maya sees this as her opportunity to take her power back since Bill outted  her to the press.  Maya her.chats with Nick about being back at Forester and her parents being there.  She hopes his father is genuine about trying to accept

Vivienne tells Julius is so proud of Maya.  But Julius find his son trapsing up and down a runway wearing women’s clothing humiliating.


The management team discuses the message as Aly listens in the distance.  Aly tells Ivy to look at Steffy all over Liam.  It’s not right she says.  Steffy just takes takes, takes.  Ivy tells Aly to try and get along.  Calm down and stop being so judgmental.

Liam wants a moment on the sky lounge with Steffy. Aly isn’t impressed.  Liam tells Steffy this is their future.  His future is standing right before him.  He describes her as a force of nature that once again has come barreling into her life.  She doesn’t’ have to fight for him anymore.  . He thanks her for giving him the time to see the obvious.  He is right where he wants to be – with her – day after day, month after month, year after year.

They kiss.Cha Cha Cha Liam says.  Back inside Steffy asks if Ivy knows.  Liam didn’t get the opportunity to tell her without losing the chance to tell Steffy.  Aly is following hits on the website.

Back stage Ivy wishes Liam luck.  It’s like a new beginning for all of them Ivy says.  Liam agrees.  After the show they need to talk.

The Fashion Show gets started…

Ridge makes a speech before the show starts.  They are redefining Forrester and moving into the future together he says as they get started.  Aly is still not impressed.

Ridge wants to talk to Othello about the music then introduces the show.  He introduces to powerful and independent women – Steffy and Maya.  They had Hope for the Future but they no longer need it.  The future is now.  It’s a new day at Forrester Creations.  We live in a society of free and powerful individuals.  No condemnation or shame.  They open their hearts and their minds – this si California Freedom they introduce as the show gets started.

Aly watches disgusted as the models hit the runway. Maya hits the runway. Vivienne is proud.

They are enemies for life that’s not romance that’s pornography Darla tells Aly.  Make it stop. Save us Darla begs.  You know what to do – so do it.  Put an end to it once and for all, Darla instructs Aly.


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