July 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, July 2, 2015 – Episode #7112

Liam and Ivy annul their marriage

With the annulment papers before them Liam kicks Wyatt out so they can sign the papers Carter had fast tracked.  Ivy wants to know who should sign first. Ivy decides not to drag this out.  She never meant for him to feel trapped. He was kind enough to marry her the least she can do is not drag this out.

They joke about the shortest marriage on record after Liam signs.  Ivy signs.  He’s free she tells him.

Aly blames Steffy and Taylor

Steffy tells Aly she is not making this easy.  What Taylor took from her changed her whole life forever.  Sorry doesn’t cut it.  Steffy says that Thorne has forgiven Taylor.  Steffy says she knows about loss too.  She lost her twin.  Aly says its not the same.  Mother and daughter is a bond like no other.  She still has Taylor.  And you still talk t Darla, Steffy says.  If she’s a nut job it’s on Taylor Aly spits.

You and Taylor never take responsibility for anything Aly spits. If it weren’t’ for Steffy Ivy and Liam would be blissfully happy.  They deserve that, just the same way her parents do.  Ridge stops in and reminds Steffy about the meeting.  Aly wants to come.

Change at Forrester Creations

Brooke and Pam welcome Maya and rick back.  Brooke hugs Zende.  Zende is introduced to Maya.  He notes Nicole is proud of his big sister.  They joke over Nicole sucking as a model and Ridge giving Nicole a second chance as an intern.  Rick says they have a second change also.  Pam reminds them of the meeting coming up.  Rick jokes about merriment and light returning to the hallowed halls of Forrester now that ridge is CEO.  Nicole tells Zende she will fill him in later.  Everyone heads to the meeting leaving Zende and Nicole alone together.

Zende digs Nicole’s sister.  She’s taken says Nicole.  What about you Zende asks.  Is he looking in the right place for Miss Right, he asks Nicole.

The Meeting – Sex camouflaged as Freedom

Before the meeting starts Ivy tells them all that Liam and Ivy’s marriage has been annulled. Steffy moves them onto business. Ridge welcomes back Maya and Rick, who is running Forrester International from LA.

Hope for the Future is done Ridge announces.  They want to expand on the idea of self empowerment and freedom.  Being able to be who you are and being free. The new campaign is named California Freedom.  They will focus on all fashion including Lingerie and bikinis, Steffy says.

Aly isn’t pleased that bikinis and underwear are about making women free?  Aly had hoped that Ridge would restore Forrester back to its classy routes.  Instead they are selling sex camouflaged as freedom.  It’s wrong Aly says. She expected that of Steffy, including Steffy modeling, but she thought better of Ridge.  Ivy tries to defend the decision, but Aly attacks Steffy for

Rick suggests that he knows something about anger and letting it rule his life.  They don’t want that for her. Aly still feels Forrester’s  values are veering away from her grandparents vision for this company. When Steffy says Darla’s name Aly spits that Steffy is not worthy to speak Darla’s name.  Ridge ends the meeting and Steffy says she will talk to Aly.

Steffy wants to help Aly.  She touches Aly and Aly glares at Steffy.  Aly has been bullied her whole life.  Steffy taints everything.  It’s just sex, sex, sex with her.  Steffy tells her not to work herself up.  SDarla’s death was an accident Steffy says.   Aly may have said the words but she never forgave Taylor.  Steffy doesn’t know what its like, but they are family.  Steffy wants them to get along, but all Aly sees in her mind is Darla being hit by Taylor’s car. Don’t give in to the anger Steffy says.



Wednesday July 2, 2014

Rick Confronts Oliver about his intentions with Aly

Rick played Maya’s recording for Oliver.  Oliver admitted that Ridge sacking him did make him pursue Aly as a means to securing his position at Forrester Creations.  But it’s no longer like that, Oliver defended.  He’s truly fallen for Aly. Rick told Oliver that he would be watching him.  He wouldn’t tell Aly about the recording.  Rick also told Oliver the source of the recording – Maya.

Later, alone with Caroline, Rick and Caroline discuss whether Aly should know about the recording.  Caroline isn’t sure.  Why break Aly’s heart to prevent Oliver from doing so?

Aly is in love

After her medieval double date with Oliver, Pam and Charlie, Aly pondered if the feelings he had tonight was being in love.  Aly had a conversation with Darla’s ghost and asks her mom how she will know when she’s in love.  Darla had some advice for her daughter – before she could truly be in love she had to know herself…  Aly got  a call from Oliver who reminded Aly how much she meant to him.  He also asked her never to forget that; which is soap opera speak for “I have a secret and one day you will find out about it….”

Hope runs into Wyatt

Hope ran into Wyatt at the Bikini Bar while picking up some dinner.  Wyatt told her immediately that he saw Quinn – he doesn’t want to keep anything from Hope.  Hope told Wyatt about Liam being scared of Quinn, after Quinn stalked at his house and caused him to hurt his ankle.  Wyatt still doesn’t believe that Quinn is dangerous. Wyatt offered to talk to his mother for Hope.  He would do anything for her.  Nothing in his life will ever make up for losing Hope, a sad Wyatt told Hope.

Back at the Malibu cliff house a scared Liam is in bed.  Once again hearing a noise, Liam got up to investigate.  Once again it is Quinn he found.  She demanded that Liam convince Hope to give Wyatt his job back.  She also had a new threat.  This time against Hope.  Quinn would see Hope dead rather than with Liam…


Though Quinn is scary and evil Liam seems a little too afraid of her.  One stab with his tiny sword and Liam is turned into a cowering mess. Seriously the man is a Spencer who lives on a gated property.  Close the gate, hire a security firm.  Liam should be able to deal with one unemployed, albeit, crazy jeweler. That should end the nightmares…real and imagined…

Maya may have thrown Oliver under the bus but playing the recording for Rick and Caroline but this cannot end well for her.  Oliver will now be more focused on putting Ms F in front of his camera – and actually it does seem a good fit and Maya really didn’t distract Caroline from the fact that Maya hit on her husband in the company steam room.  This is all now pretty public – how will Carter take it?


Tuesday, July 2, 2013 – Episode #6606

Bill, Katie and Brooke

Bill Spencer tells his wife calmly that it ended the moment that ring went back on her finger.  Brooke tells Katie that Bill didn’t know about the baby, that Brooke only just told him.

Katie tells her sister that she is too old to be pregnant.  Brooke confirms that her symptoms were related to menopause.  Bill tells Katie to leave Brooke alone. That the little life she’d carried never had a chance and isn’t to blame.   But Katie can only say the baby is lucky – it never had to love the two of you.

Brooke is aghast.

Bill tells him wife that was only her in his life; while she was wearing that ring. Bill tries to tell Katie that they all played a part in what happened – including her, Bill tells Katie.

Katie is stunned that Bill doesn’t think he did anything wrong.  She asked him to his face id he slepts with Brooke.  And he said no.  Bill tells Katie that at the time, that was the truth.

Brooke and Bill explain when it happened.  When Katie gave Bill back his ring after Bill had a car accident and stayed at Brooke’s house overnight.   Katie ants to know if Bill is in love with Brooke.  He tells her that he is in love with his wife.

Katie asks her sister how long their affair went on for.  Brooke tells her truthfully that it didn’t.  They found out that Katie was in the hospital and all they could think about was her.

Then when she woke up, Bill reflects, she wanted her rings back and that she’d been wrong to accuse them of having an affair.  Katie retorts that she wasn’t wrong; just early.

Katie tells her sister that she is always so ashamed of what she had done.  Do you want a life with him Katie asks Brooke.  Brooke tells Katie that she wants her sister back and she certainly didn’t’ mean to hurt her the way she did.

Bill reminds Katie that what happened between him and Brooke didn’t happen in a vacuum.  She can’t keep threatening him with the end of their relationship and expect it to keep having weight,  She’d done it too many times.

Katie knows that Bill doesn’t grovel – he makes demands.  What is it you would demand of me now Katie asks.   Bill reminds his wife that he hasn’t lied.  Katie was the one that walked out on him and her child. How dare you, Katie fumes,.  I was sick she defends.

But Bill just thinks she finds it easy to overlook the times she has walked out on him.  Katie tells Bill that she never robbed him of his free will.  She may have pushed them together, but didn’t make him act on hit.  She did nothing to make him sleep with her sister.

Bill tells Katie that he isn’t proud of what happened but he also doesn’t think what happened between him and Brooke is completely incomprehensible. Bill thinks they can get through this if they don’t compound the mistakes they’ve already made.  Say you’ll forgive me, Bill asks of his wife.

Hope and Rick

Rick and Hope discuss what happened at Brooke’s birthday party.  Rick defends their mother against Taylor’s very public tirade, but Brooke has to admit that Taylro was right, even if they way she went a little crazy.

Hope isn’t sure there is anything they could find out that would make Brooke sleeping with Bill  okay.  Rick reminds her that Bill and Katie’s marriage has been hanging on a thread; and so has Katie from crisis a lot smaller than the current one, Hope finishes.

Rick finds himself alone in defending Brooke.  Marcus tells him he’s surprised Brooke hasn’t been asked to clear out her desk. Rick reminds his cousin that family stands by each other.

Room 8

Carter and Maya are concerned that their characters are being trashed by the sexy new direction of the scripts.

Raphael asks if she’s going to get all “method” on him every time they take a scene. Maya retreats.  She wants this acting job.  It just isn’t exactly what she, or her boyfriend, though the role was about.  Maya decides she’s an adult and tell him let’s do this.

But rehearsal doesn’t go well with Caroline’s new lines.  The kiss at the end of the scene however, is steamy.


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