July 23: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, July 23, 2015 – Episode #7126

Ivy Rushes to Find Aly

As Ivy drives she reflects on finding Aly’s collage of mutilated photos.  Ivy tries to call Aly, but gets her voice mail.  Ivy thinks about Aly’s recent behavior towards Steffy.  Ivy sees them on the highway and pulls over.

Steffy Defends Herself Against Aly

Steffy begs ally to put the tire iron down.  Aly swings, but misses.  You won’t stop you are poison.  You and Maya are bringing down the entire family, Aly rants.  Steffy is fearful for her life as Aly yells she won’t let Steffy ruin everything.

Steffy wrestles the tire iron from Aly.  They end up on the ground. Aly rises first with a rock in her hand.  She is what is wrong with this family.  They used to have morals and values with Hope leading the way.  But Steffy and Maya just flaunt themselves. It has to stop now. Steffy cowers on the ground as Aly raises the rock above her head.

Your mother took my mother and she ruined everything, Aly rants preparing to attack Steff.  She has to do this for her mother and herself.  Steffy reaches out for the tire iron and hits Aly before Aly can attack her. Aly falls to the ground unconscious.

Ivy pulls up and from her car sees what happened.  She sits in the car horrified.  Steffy is horrified at what she has done.  She throws down the tire iron.  It lands in the bushes.  Ivy rushes over.  Ivy calls an ambulance. (funny how Ivy has cell coverage but Steffy didn’t).   Steffy begs Aly to wake up.  Ivy asks Steffy what happened.  Aly isn’t breathing.  Ivy thinks she’s dead.  Steffy cries “No!”

The police arrive and ask what happened. She hit herself on the rock and knocked herself out Steffy tells them, leaving out all mention of taking a swing at Aly with a tire iron and throwing it into the bushes. Ivy looks at Steffy. She tried to attack me and hit me with her car a crying Steffy says. The police arrive and Steffy says it was a terrible terrible accident.  The police/paramedics perform CPR.  He takes Aly’s pulse and shakes his head.  Steffy and Ivy breakdown.

Thorne Arrives

Maya can’t get the photos out of her head.  Rick says Aly clearly needs help that they need to provide.  Thorne enters.  What help is that?  Rick introduces Maya as his future wife.  Thorne congratulates them and compliments how Maya has handled everything.  He’s proud she’s part of the family.

Thorne’s flight was delayed – that is the last time he flies commercial.  Rick says its good he’s heare anyway.  Aly is in trouble.  Aly has regressed.  How bad Thorne wants to know.  Liam and Wyatt admit to be really concerned.  Thorne through she’d finally conquered her demons.

Maya says Oliver is confused.  She has pulled back from their relationship.  Now he’s in Milan on a photo shoot.  They describe Aly’s outbursts at work to Thorne.

Maya’s negative attention is focused on Maya and Steffy.  Rick admits he wasn’t so nice to Aly.  Rick is sorry for his part in it.  Thorne says Aly’s issues are hers and they keep coming back.  Thorne wants to know exactly what is going on with Aly.

Liam explains that Ivy went to check on Aly.  They describe the collage and Aly going off on Steffy for ruining Ivy’s life and brought up Taylor killing Darla.

Thorne was afraid of that.  Aly has always been delicate and fragile.  She feels things intensely.  He just wants to help his daughter.  She has never gotten over the loss of her mother.  Thorne wants to know if she’s seeing Darla.  Liam notes that clearly Aly hasn’t forgiven Taylor for the death of her mother.  The anger is being taken out on Maya and Steffy.

It was easier to watch Aly when she was little.  But now a young woman needs to be in charge of her life.  She has a world inside of her head, and then when someone deviates from her moral code she becomes overwhelmed by the real world.  She takes refuse in her head and that’s when the darkness and pain come out.

Wyatt has been on the receiving end of her displeasure and its not a fun place to be.  Liam says they think they all think Aly needs help.  Thorne agrees. He will take Aly back to Paris where he can help her. (As an aside: Wasn’t Thorne running International?  Shouldn’t he be upset that Rick is now running International?)

Liam still can’t get hold of Steffy on the phone.  Wyatt wonders if Ivy should have checked in also. Liam says realistically there is no reason to be worried.

Thorne has made arrangement for Aly to see a therapist and then take the jet back to Paris.  Maya says he’s an admirable father.  Aly like Maya had challenges.  Her father rejected her, but Thorne is supporting Aly unconditionally.