July 24: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

2014 - Brooke prepared to elope to Catalina with Bill... 2015 - Ivy accuses Steffy of murder...

Friday, July 24, 2015 – Episode #7127

Aly’s Death – It was an Accident

A tearful and distraught Steffy arrives at the Forrester Mansion. She is haunted by the events of the evening.  Liam arrives and sees how upset she is.  What’s wrong he asks.

She was on PCH.  She had a flat – a nail in her tire.  A car came at her and stopped inches from her – it was Aly. Steffy thought she was going to die. Aly tried to run her down where her mom died.  Where Steffy pulled over was where Taylor accidently killed Darla.  Aly reenacted that night.  They argued. Aly attacked her she had to defend herself and Aly’s dead, Steffy told Liam short-cutting the full story.

Liam is shocked.  Thorne enters and worries about Aly who isn’t answering his calls.  Has Steffy seen Aly Thorne wants to know. Thorne apologized to Steffy for how hard Aly has made life for her. This wouldn runs much deeper in Aly.  She seems to regress even with therapy.  Thorne thought this a new start for Aly and he knows he needs to be with her.  he’s taking her to Paris in the morning.  He just wishes she would answer her phone.

She won’t Steffy says. Aly lost it earlier tonight, She tried to hit me with her car on PCH.  She made me get a flat tire, Steffy tells him….Thorne gets defensive.  Aly is a lot of things but she’s not dangerous, Thorne states emphatically.  He needs to talk to Aly.

You can’t Steffy tells Thorne.

What do you mean – where’s my little girl Thorne wants to know.

Thorne want to know where Aly is right now, Thorne yells.  Steffy cries that Aly is gone.  Like she’s run away Thorne asks. No he says when Steffy repeats she’s gone.  It was an accident Steffy says, she didn’t mean to do it.  No Thorne says, and storms out. Steffy yells after him that it was an accident.


More about Aly…

Aly’s Death – It was Murder

Ivy has gone to the office and looks at a photo of herself and Aly.  She too reflects on what happened that night.  Wyatt enters.  He asks if she ever found Aly. Ivy doesn’t respond. He gets that she’s worried but Thorne will get her the help she needs.  Aly isn’t okay Ivy says.  She’s dead.

How what happened Wyatt wants to know.  Ivy struggles to tell him.  She didn’t take her own life someone else took it, Ivy tells him when he wonders how dark a place she was in.  Aly died because of Steffy Ivy tells Wyatt.

Aly would still be alive if it wasn’t for Steffy.  Wyatt asks her to start at the beginning.  Ivy was driving down PCH and she sees Steffy and Aly arguing.  She had no idea what was about to happen.

It can’t be true Wyatt says. Ivy wonders why Wyatt is defending Steffy. Aly is dead.  Ivy has proof she isn’t just accusing Steffy, as Wyatt believes.  Ivy had a bad feeling about what she was seeing.  Ivy feels bad and realizes how awful it sounds but she caught it all on video…she gives it to Wyatt to see.  It clearly shows Steffy striking Aly down.  Now do you believe me Ivy asks.  You saw what I saw.  Steffy hit Aly with a tire iron.  Aly was disturbed and needed help, but she didn’t deserve to die Ivy says.  Wyatt agrees she had her whole life ahead of her.  Her cousin and best friend is dead.  Why didn’t Steffy tell the police, Ivy wants to know.

Wyatt and Ivy review what happened.  Ivy says Aly didn’t trip like Steffy told the police. Ivy thinks Steffy is the most manipulative person she’s ever met.  But Aly is dead and its because of Steffy.  Aly deserves justice and she’s going to get it.  This wasn’t an accident.  It was murder Ivy says.

Ivy has proof that Steffy struck Aly down with a tire iron
Ivy has proof that Steffy struck Aly down with a tire iron


Zende and Nicole are also back at work. They discuss Maya’s day.  Nicole says she wouldn’t mind being up on the catwalk one day.  Go for it Zende says.  Get up there.  He tells her she can do this. Suddenly Nicole can actually model.  Unlike her photographic efforts with Oliver…Zende applauds her efforts.  He takes her off the runway. She’s always been cynical about dreams – what the pint of having them if they aren’t ever going to happen.  She has the feeling that may be changing…

Thursday July 24, 2014

Katie begs Brooke not to marry Bill – yet…

Brooke was getting her trousseau ready for her quickie Catalina wedding to Bill when Katie arrived at Brooke’s home per Brooke’s request.  Katie asked if Brooke was going on a trip.  Brooke told Katie that she and Bill were headed to Catalina to get married.

Katie told her sister that there was only one reason she didn’t want Brooke to marry Bill. Katie and ridge still believed that Bill and Justin were responsible for Ridge’s accident in the Gulf.  Brooke was certain that Bill wasn’t capable of that.  Katie reminded her sister of what he did to Hope’s wedding in Italy.  Bill is capable of anything, Katie told her sister.  And if Brooke didn’t realize that she didn’t know the man she was about to marry.

Bill’s hurry to get married should be a red flag.  Just wait two days, Katie begged of her sister.  But Brooke told her sister Bill didn’t want to wait and nor did she.

Ridge gives Bill a taste of his own medicine

Bill found himself in his corporate helicopter with none other than Ridge as the pilot as he headed off to make final arrangements for his Catalina wedding to Brooke.  Thinking it was Justin flying the chopper Bill noted that Ridge wasn’t going to get in the way this time.  Bill went to buckle himself in when he realized there was no seat belt.  This what you’re looking for Ridge asked from the Pilot’s seat holding up the belt.  Ridge noted he did more in Paris than just learn poetry.

Bill demanded that Ridge put his helicopter back on the ground. Ridge agreed he would but not until Bill admitted that Bill ordered Justin to dump him into the gulf.  Bill became more agreeable when Ridge began pitching the helicopter about wildly with Bill hanging on for dear life.  Bill finally agreed that yes, he had been responsible for Ridge falling from the helicopter into the Gulf and that he would tell Brooke.

Wyatt shares his secret with Ivy

At Forrester creations the team prepared for a meeting.  Eric noted HFTF’s success over the past two quarters.  He was sure that success would continue with Ivy and Wyatt heading up the jewelry line.  Aly was surprised, but not angry that Wyatt had been hired back to work at Forrester Creations.  Surely they should be distancing themselves from Quinn Artisan and Wyatt, Aly argued.  Everyone agreed that they had weathered scandal before and would weather any bad press about Quinn.

Eric told everyone what they needed was another big promotion like the HFTF Diamond success to distract attention from Quinn.  Maya was overly effusive about Eric’s suggestions.  With Rick out of the equation she had clearly switched Forrester targets to one that was more available.  Oliver and Carter noticed her interest in Eric.

Back in their office Ivy told Wyatt that she’d heard about Ricardo’s passing – it was big news in their industry.  She wondered what would happen to the diamond.  Wyatt asked Ivy what she would do with it – hypothetically.  Ivy came alive describing the all blue promotions and line she would run; Sapphires, Aquamarines and topaz and she would convince Hope to have the line go blue for a few season’s also.

Wyatt asked Ivy is she could keep something to herself; just for the moment.  He went to his briefcase and pulled out a velvet jewelry box.  He opened it and showed its contents to Ive – the HFTF Diamond!

e didn’t try to kill Ridge.  Yet when Bill and Brooke hugged tears escaped down Brooke’s cheek unseen by Bill…