July 27: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

2014 - Brooke prepared to elope to Catalina with Bill... 2015 - Ivy accuses Steffy of murder...

Monday, July 27, 2015 – Episode #7128

Liam and Steffy

The night of Aly’s death haunts Steffy as the Forresters prepare for Aly’s funeral.  Liam brings Steffy coffee.  The last couple of nights have been pretty rough.  Steffy can’t believe what happened and keeps going over it in her mind.  Liam says he’s right there beside her – and not just today.  Life is so unpredictable; it could have been her out on that raod.  He’s glad they found their way back to each other. He’s excited about building a life with her.  She wants that too Steffy says as they hug.

Aly’s Funeral

The night of Aly’s death haunts Steffy as the Forrester’s prepare for Aly’s funeral.  Thorne arrives at the house for the funeral with Brooke and Eric.  She was a special girl Eric states hugging Ivy who agrees. Thorne just doesn’t understand how this could happen to his baby.

Caroline notes that Sly was more than a cousin to her.  Ivy agrees.  She was her best friend. Thomas arrives and hugs Ivy.  Ivy asks if he’s spoken to her.  Thomas doesn’t have all the details but he’s concerned.  Steffy is pretty upset

Bill and Katie arrive so do Deacon and Quinn.  Deacon says he didn’t know Aly well, but Aly was a big fan of Hope’s

Pam and Charlie tell Oliver that he made Aly so happy.  Charlie assures him no one could have seen this coming.  Pam tells him that she’s at peace now.

Ridge tells Caroline its not right.  No parent should know this feeling.  It might be too much for Thorne.  First his wife, now his kid.

Thorne is upstairs in Aly’s room with Brooke and Eric. Thorne asks them not to go.  They sit with him.

Liam and Steffy arrive. Ivy didn’t realize how angry she would be Ivy admits to Wyatt when she sees Steffy. Wyatt wonders if its because of Aly or because Steffy is with Liam. Ivy says everyone knows what happened but it just doesn’t make sense.  Everyone is in shock.  Aly was here a day ago and now she’s gone Ivy says.

Aly’s funeral begins.  Eric invites everyone to speak about what Aly meant to them and any memories they would like to share.  Thorne thanks his family for being part of Aly’s life.  They made her happy.  She told him that.  Remember her as being happy.  God knows he will.  I love you baby Thorne tells his daughter.

Ridge does a poetry reading. Ridge loses it. Thorne and Eric tell him its enough.  Aly’d heart was strong and pure.  Her mid was drowning in darkness and they all missed it.  What is the lesson Ridge wonders. Awareness?

After the Funeral

Caroline asks Thomas if he’s thinking of sticking around.  He notes if tfels like his sister needs him.

Thorne is angry with Ridge’s speech.  They know what happened. Thorne recounts it.  Then he asks if it really is what happened.

Steffy wants to say goodbye to Aly on her own.  Liam waits outside. Steffy cries looking at the photos of Aly and her family. Ivy knows what she is thinking; that night on the side of the road with Aly.  Steffy would rather focus on her life.  Ivy can’t stop seeing Aly like that – it was horrible and it was must have been worse for Steffy.  Ivy doesn’t know who she held it all together and told the police what happened.  Ivy understands why she doeesn’t want to talk to ther family about it.  But she can’t keep it inside.  Let it out in the open and deal with the consequences. Ivy knows what happened that night.  Aly’s death.  It wasn’t an accident Ivy tells Steffy.  Steffy is shocked by what Ivy is saying.


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