July 29: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 – Episode #7130

Wyatt Kisses Ivy

Ivy can’t get the sight of Steffy stinking Aly down with a tire iron out of her head. Wyatt comes in with the shows Paris reviews.  They are favorable about the accessories.  But Ivy is still thinking about Aly being dead, Steffy being the reason, and Ivy having the proof.

Quinn arrives and sends Ivy to talk to Liam about expanding their line. Thorne arrives as Quinn is telling Ivy life goes on and they can’t just shut down for a week because of their sadness over Aly.

Thorne is still dazed.  It’s hard to make sense of his daughter falling, hitting her head a dying.  Ivy looks at Wyatt.  They know there is more to the story.  Thorne is angry about Ridge’s performance at the memorial service. Wyatt assures him that Ridge feels for Thorne he was also upset for Steffy though.

Steffy is alive Thorne notes. It’s too unreal.  His little girl falls down, hits her head and she’s dead. Tell me how that happened Thorne wants to know.  Quinn wishes they had an answer for Aly’s senseless death.

Ivy tells Thorne that Aly loved him and wouldn’t want him to be sad.  Thorne needs closure. There has to be more to this he says. Quinn takes Thorne outside for some air leaving Wyatt and Ivy alone.  Ivy asks how can she not tell Thorne the truth.  Steffy killed Aly.

Thorne is suffering.  It doesn’t add up to him and Thorne deserves to know the truth.  Aly was a good person.  She needed help not  a heavy hand Ivy says. Wyatt tries to tell Ivy that Aly was the aggressor they all saw that around the office.  Ivy knows what she saw and what Steffy lied to the police about.  Why lie if it was just a matter of self defense.  Ivy wanted to bring her back.  She’d done it before ans he could have done it again.  This time she didn’t get the chance.

Wyatt finds Ivy amazing.  The way she’s standing up for Aly,  She was her best friend, Ivy tells Wyatt. She didn’t have to die. Wyatt tells her to stop blaming herself.  How Ivy asks.  And Wyatt kisses her.

Liam and Steffy

On the sky lounge Steffy overhears interns discussing Aly’s death.  Liam arrives and asks them to leave so he can talk to Steffy, alone.  Liam reminds her Aly’d death isn’t her fault.  Liam suggests Steffy should get away for a few days, but Steffy says there is work to do.  Orders from the show.

Steffy doesn’t want to continue to relive it.  Liam assures her it was a tragic accident she couldn’t prevent.  Steffy wishes it was that simple.  Everything that happened was blamed on reactions.  Liam wants her to talk to someone.  He knows what happens when she bottles things up.  He doesn’t want to lose her again.

Steffy takes Liam through the events of the evening.  Liam assures Steffy she is not to blame for any of it when Steffy says she’s not sure what happened – it all happened so fast.


Ridge’s mind is elsewhere as he tries to design.  He’s concerned about Steffy.  Thomas arrives realizing they are talking about Steffy who is pretty withdrawn.  It’s like she feels responsible Thomas notes.  They discuss Steffy paying the price of Aly’s issues through no fault of her own.

Caroline giggles as Ridge and Thomas argue.  It’s like watching reality TV she notes. Thomas will earn his stripes.  Thomas says the two of them are the reality show.  Ridge and Caroline – Part Two.

Thomas finds Caroline and Ridge kind of trippy.  He and Caroline are the same age, and Ridge is old enough to be his dad.  But can he design like him, Ridge asks.  Ridge tells him to get back to work, make something to show him.

Ridge Steffy and Thorne

Ridge and Steffy review the line and the business it has spawned.  He needs her here. PR is doing what they can to protect her but news of Aly’s death is spreading, but the press will have questions.  She needs to keep away from them Ridge tells his daughter.  He knows it’s a difficult time for Steffy.  Thorne overhears.  What about his daughter.  Who protected Aly he wants to know when Ridge states he’s protecting his daughter.

Thorne reminds Ridge that when Phoebe died in a car wreck he also wanted answers.  He got them, but Thorne hasn’t.   Ridge says he was trying to talk about awareness at Aly’s memorial service.  Aly had mental health issues and they all missed it. And when Aly lashed out at Steffy, Aly turned Steffy into a victim also.

Thorne wants to know from Steffy what happened.  Steffy tells her story.  She just tried to defend herself, Aly slipped, fell and died.  An angry Thorne doesn’t believe it.  Something else must have happened.  Tell me, Thorne yells.


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