July 3: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, July 3, 2015 – Episode #7113

4th of July Photo Shoot

There is a photo shoot at the Forrester’s home around the pool. Maya returns to modeling.  Caroline arrives walking !  Steffy models and asks Liam to wish her luck.

Carter notices Aly watching.  He asks if she’s okay.  Aly can’t watch this and heads inside.

Steffy models and brings Liam into the action as Ivy watches displeased.  Wyatt notices Ivy’s mood.

Aly overhears Oliver tells Steffy she’s still got it.  Aly tells Oliver to be more subtle at the way he looks at Steffy in that bikini.  She’s disgusting and filthy Aly spits.

Inside Brooke, Charlie and Pam are preparing food.  Aly arrives.  She’s sure that Oliver will be too busy taking photos of Steffy and Maya in their bikinis to come to an Independence Day reenactment with Pam and Charlie.

Nicole and Maya’s Mom

Somewhere in LA a woman buys a map of the home of the stars.  She finds the address for Eric Forrester’s home.

Forrester’s – 4th of July

Inside Maya and Nicole talk about Zende.  Nicole is glad to have a second chance at Forrester, with Maya.  Maya taught her courage which she certainly didn’t learn at home.

Steffy approaches Ivy who compliments her on the shoot.  Steffy wants them to get along.  Ivy says it’s a good idea since they work together.  And are family Steffy says. Ivy leaves to give Pam a hand.  Front the top of the stair, Aly glares at Steffy.

Aly arrives in the kitchen to talk to Ivy. She is after your man, don’t give up,Aly says.  Ivy doesn’t want to do this again.  Aly says that Liam only lusts after Steffy – she’s a tramp Aly spits.  It’s all just sex sex, sex, with Steffy, Aly rants.  Everyone has their breaking point Aly states and she is reaching hers.  Ivy suggest Aly try to calm down.

Aly hates Maya – how they treated her.  Ivy shuts Aly down.  That’s enough Ivy yells.  Pam enters to bring everyone into the living room.

Rick tells Maya that this is where she belongs.  They kiss.  Later, Oliver admits she’s worried about Aly.

Eric is happy that everyone is there. Independence is not a gift its something the founding fathers earned for them and made it a birthright for them.  Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.  Its part of the message of the California Freedom line, Eric states.

Aly says the thought is beautiful.  But freedom doesn’t mean taking off your clothes for the world to gawk at your body.  Eric says they respect her opinion but this isn’t the time.

4th July B&B Darla
Darla encourages her daughter to seek retribution


Oliver brings Aly food. He’s going to try rescheduling his shoot in Milan.  Aly says she doesn’t need babysitting.  Aly wants to be alone. She looks in the mirror and sees Darla.  She notices Darla’s sunshine fading.  Darla morphs into a dark soul.  Her mother killed me.  An eye for an eye – retribution Darla states. She knows what Aly is thinking – Do it Aly, her mother encourages.


Rick tells Maya she personifies the California Freedom line.  There is a knock at the door.  Maya’s smile disappears.  Nicole comes to the door and asks What her mother is doing here. Her mother has trouble making eye contact with Maya.  Rick introduces himself, but  Mrs Avant is there to take Nicole home before Maya brainwashes Nicole.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013 – Episode #6607

Bill Begs Katie to Forgive Him

Bill tells Katie that their life; their home doesn’t have to change.  But an angry Katie wants to know what about Brooke. She wanted your child Katie reminds him.  Bill reminds his wife that she was the one that played matchmaker. Katie pushed them together.  Bill maintains they all played a part in this.   Bill tells Katie that she wants retribution but she can’t do that without punishing herself and her son.  Bill asks Katie to say she’ll forgive him.

Brooke returns.  Katie tells Brooke that Bill thinks Katie should forgive him. Katie tells them that it is about how she wants to live her life.  She smashes a photo of Bill and Brooke.  Katie tells Bill and Brooke that she won’t be lied to and bullied by liars and cheats.

Katie smashes the photos of her life on the mantle.  She yells that her whole life was  a lie.  Her post partum depression was ugly and brutal Katie admit, but  it did not make Bill jump into bed with her sister.  She yells at Bill to tell her again how she forced him to ruin her life, if he dares.   She takes her rings off her finger to demonstrate.  That single act does not make him a free man, or force him to jump into bed with Brooke.

Katie tells Bill to pack a bag and get out. Bill tries to tell her that his is his home. Katie tells him its his son’s home. Bill turns to leave and tells Katie that he will send someone for his stuff.  Bill asks if Brooke is coming, but Brooke says no. she’s not going anywhere.

Katie tells Brooke it must have seemed unnatural to her; being alone and Katie having everything that Brooke had once had. Katie wants to know if Brooke was going to keep the baby.

Brooke unleahes on Katie.  She tells Katie that she always judges her and her actions. Brooke notes she can never e ashamed enough for Katie’s liking.  Brooke reminds Katie that she was the one who was relentless in making this day happen.  All so Katie could feel superior – again. Brooke tells Katie she is ashamed of what she did and everyone will hate her for it.  But.  They don’t know how hard Katie pushed to make it happen.

Katie explodes.  Get out of my house and get out of my life, Katie tells her sister.


Taylor and Eric

At the Forrester Mansion, Eric finally comes upstairs to Taylor.   He is upset with her.  He can only hope her behavior today is in response to a history of pain; and that she won’t try to justify it.

Taylor and Eric disagree about her behavior. Taylor reminds Eric that Brooke wanted to take him away from her. Eric wants to know how Taylor found out about the baby. Only two people and Brooke’s doctor knew about the pregnancy.  Eric then realizes what Taylor must have done.

You went into Dr Caspary’s records, Eric states.  That’s a criminal act for which you could lose your license and you still think you hold the high moral ground after exposing Brooke at a party in front of all those people?

Eric tells Katie that her actions could have killed Katie. (Who has a history of heart trouble when her life gets stressful).


Room 8 – Carter and Maya

Carter and Maya discuss the lousy changes to the script.

Raphael struggles to manage his actors; Maya and Carter, and Caroline’s demands for more steamy scripts.


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