July 30: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thorne Wants to Know what Happened

Aly tripped Steffy states.  Thorne doesn’t belive Steffy.  Ridge asks why Thorne is doing this.  Thorne says his daughter did not die from tripping over a rock.  What else happened Thorne wants to know.  His little girl died and he wants to know how and he wants to know how.  Thorne wants the truth.

Steffy says she has told him the truth.  Steffy is so sorry, she didn’t know how far gone Aly was.  She really loved you Steffy tells Thorne as she leaves.

Ridge asks Thorne what he is accusing Steffy of.  Thorne doesn’t know.  But something isn’t right.  Ridge agrees.  Your daughter died. Your little girl is gone.  You have to grieve, cry.  He’s there for him Ridge tells his brother.  But he isn’t going to allow him to blame Steffy.

Wyatt and Ivy

What are you doing Ivy asks.  Wyatt says stop obsessing over your best friend’s death.  He is going to help her through this.  Whatever she wants to do.  They can talk to Steffy, they can talk to the police.  He’s here for her Wyatt says and they kiss again.

Ivy asks if he’s only kissing her as a distraction.  No Wyatt admits.  But he thinks she needs more distracting.  Ivy agrees.  He says it’s settled then you’re having dinner at my house tonight.

They enjoy takeout  dinner at Wyatt’s home.  But Ivy has ordered something too spicy – she didn’t want him to think she was a wus.  Wyatt says that after what she’s been through in the past few days losing her cousin and Liam, he doesn’t think she’s a wus.  He’s here for her.  he’ll do whatever she needs.  Ivy asks him for something.  What Wyatt asks.  Switch curries with me Ivy smiles.

Later Wyatt and Ivy enjoy their wine on the deck.  He’s good.  He’s made her forget her pain for a night.  Aly’s death and Steffy’s involvement and then Liam taking Steffy back.  This is a welcome relief Ivy says.  He wanted to give her an evening devoted to her.  he’s sweet, almost gentlemanly.  Ivy knows he’s hurting too. She knows he was interested in Steffy.  Wyatt says he got his hopes up and got let down.  But it seems like that bad thing has turned out really good, he says and they kiss again.

Ivy asks to take things slow but they continue to kiss. As she kisses Wyatt and closes her eyes Ivy sees Steffy hitting Aly with the tire iron.  Wyatt hugs her.

Caroline and Thomas

Caroline finds Thomas working out on the sky lounge. He admits he was a little panicked when he heard about her accident.  But he knew that she would make it through and with a smile on her face. Thomas asks how Caroline and his dad happened.  Caroline is surprised he hasn’t told Thomas.  Caroline explains about the helicopter accident and not being able to draw.  It was all really innocent Caroline explained.

Thomas joked that he always wished he’d have a stepmother younger than him, just like all the other kids down the street.  Thomas jokes when Caroline gets a text from Ridge.  Looks like his young girlfriend taught Ridge how to text…

Later, Thomas goes to work drawing, but it’s not a design, its Caroline…

Ridge and Caroline at Home

Ridge takes out a photo of Aly from the memorial service.  He doesn’t know where to put it.  Ridge is tired of losing people he cares about.  Caroline assures him that he won’t lose her.  Caroline and ridge make love.

Liam at Home

Bill and Katie visit with Liam.  Katie is glad he made a choice.  Bill is pleased with Liam’s choice.  Katie asks how Ivy took it.  Not well, Liam admits.  Katie says.

Later, Steffy arrives and Liam tells her that he isn’t going to let herself blame herself for Aly’s death.  It wasn’t her fault.  They discuss Thorne and Aly’s life ending that way from a terrible accident.  Liam says in a sense it wasn’t an accident.  Aly targeted Steffy.  Thorne can’t blame Aly, so he’s looking for someone to blame. Liam knows Steffy is strong enough to deal with Thorne’s grief.  She was there and she knows what really happened.  They kiss.

She’s home where she should have been all along Steffy says.  He can trust her now.  She’s never leaving him.  They kiss and make love.


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