July 31: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, July 31, 2015 – Episode #7132

Caroline and Thomas

Thomas is with Caroline. He enjoyed being with her yesterday.  He asks what Caroline and Ridge even have in common. They just get each other Caroline says. Thomas says if he impressed Caroline with his design does that mean he impressed Ridge?  Caroline says design wise they think alike.  Thomas shows her a design.

Caroline says its good, but for it to fit in with the California Freedom collection she says – she makes some changes.  He needs to design for every body type. It’s about uniqueness.  Thomas sasy he’s going to take the design to Ridge.  Wish him luck he asks of her.  He doesn’t’ need it.

Brooke comes in as Caroline is designing.  She’s looking for Thomas but waits with Caroline. They briefly discuss Aly. Everything changed in an instant.  Other than that she’s good.  Brooke asks about her and Ridge.  Caroline doesn’t want to go there; but tells Brooke that they are fine.

Caroline says that Ridge is probably about to hire Thomas as a designer.  Brooke is surprised Ridge isn’t just hiring Thomas. His line did well in the past and he is Ridge’s son.

Brooke remembers that Caroline and Thomas were a couple.  That was a long time ago Caroline states. Brooke says she made quite an impression on Thomas and Rick.  Caroline has Brooke to thank for brining her to LA.  Brooke tells Caroline that she doesn’t’ want Ridge back and tells Caroline she can tolk to her about him.  Caroline makes fun of Brookes opinion in the past that she could have Ridge back with the snap of a finger.

Caroline is happy that Thomas is back and designing with his father.

Ridge and Thomas

Ridge and Quinn disagree on jewelry.  She sees he’s couture and she’s new school.  He sees over the top and she sees bold statement. Quinn puts the necklace on the model.  Ridge sees her point.  They agree to take out every second stone and meeting in the middle.  Quinn thanks him for hearing her out.

Thomas arrives and gets a models number.  He finds it different the model flirting with him rather than his father.  Ridge says the sun also rises.  Ridge is surprised that Thomas has designs already.  Attention to detail beats fast and furious Ridge says.

Thomas says he’s allowed to have his own style.  Caroline liked it, Thomas is confident that Ridge will too. Ridge takes a look.  Thomas is cocky and eager for his father’s opinion.  Ridge rips the design in two.  They need  cutting edge Thomas.  Thomas is getting defensive.  This is what everyone is wearing on the streets of Paris.  Ridge says he doesn’t care what people are wearing today – he cares about what they will be wearing tomorrow.  There are many people who want to work with him and Caroline.  He has the edge but if this is the best he can come up with Thomas is the last person he would hire.

Brooke, Deacon and Quinn

Deacon visits with Brooke on the sky lounge.  Quinn walks in and sees.  Deacon has two of his favorite women her it’s a great day.  Quinn is suspicious about what Brooke and Deacon were talking about.  Brooke says according to Deacon he’s a happy man so how  can she be anything but happy for him, Brooke states.

Brooke respects that Quinn is Deacon’s wife.  Quinn says she isn’t bad really.  She hasn’t done anything crazy in months.  Deacon asks about her meeting with Ridge. Quinn said surprisingly well.  They compromised and it will work.  Quinn is happy working with Ridge.  She appreciates Rick because he brought her back, but Ridge brought back the moral.  Quinn notes that Thomas will likely be joining the design team.  Quinn gets the feeling that Thomas gets what he wants.

Alone Quinn notes she can’t believe this marriage think is working.  She doubted her own ability to do the marriage thing not his.  She asks if he’s sure he doesn’t’ still want Brooke.  Deacon says he’s happy with her.  They kiss.


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