July 7: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 – Episode #7115

Rick and Maya

Maya explains to Rick that its not the first time her mother turned her back on her.  For a second she thought it might be different. Not everyone can lover her like Rick can Maya says.  Her mother should be able to lover her unconditionally but if she can’t that’s not her problem.  They head to the meeting that Ridge and Steffy have summoned them to.

Liam and Ivy

Steffy and Liam flirt over Steffy’s surprise and her spoiling him.  The banter stops when Ivy enters.  She wants to talk to Steffy about the jewelry line.  She was going to raise it at the party but she and Liam took off.

They discuss Aly having problems with everything.  Steffy realizes she needs to go to the meeting.  Steffy says that Liam can deal with Ivy’s jewelry line.   Liam likes all her designs.  Ivy invites him out to dinner.  She thinks she needs time together to get back on track.  Dinner can just be dinner – two people enjoying each other’s company.

Ivy is sorry this got so complicated. Ivy doesn’t feel like they are past the weirdness of the past couple of weeks. Let’s just do the usual Ivy says. Just cook dinner and hang out and walk on the beach.  Liam says he hasn’t had time for the for a while.  She knows he’s confused about his feelings but Ivy thinks she knows how to simplify things.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  And the set dates and don’t let anything get in the way of it.

She deosnt’ get that much time with her and she wants to enjoy it.  Not waste it thinking babout anything or anyone else.  Ivy still believes in them and thinks he can too.  She kisses him.

Aly derails another meeting

Aly enters to find Caroline and Ridge working on a design for Maya.   Aly says Maya is only there because people feel sorry for her.  Ridge notes Aly’s opinion and says she doesn’t want to hear more about it.  Aly tries to attend the meeting that Ridge and Caroline have.  They note her presence didn’t work out so well last time.

Aly goes off again about Rick and Maya being involved.  They had their time in the spotilight.  She also says the direction and focus of the line is wrong.  Steffy telsl Aly that ship has sailed. Caroline says they are selling an idea. This isn’t so much about bikinis and lingerie its about freedom and following an ideal.

Caroline says its about being gawked at its about being seen.  Steffy wants to know why she’s here.  Her opinion doesn’t matter.  California freedom is for everyone.  They are celebrating womaen’s bodies.  But Aly thought it would be better with Ridge in charge.  Rick was awful, but now it’s the Steffy and Maya show.  Ridge says he’s running the company now and they try to get back to work. Aly won’t be shut down.  All they care about is sex and money.  Aly wanted to help and be part of the team, but Rick wouldn’t let her.  he treated her like a joke and humiliated her.  Now Ridge is doing the same thing.  She won’t let them treat her like this and ruin this company.

Ridge asks Aly, politely, to calm down or leave. She has a lot to learn, but Aly continues to rant.  If she can’t work with them maybe she should go back to Paris with her father.  They don’t have the time to babysit her.  Why would they want her to stay when she’s constantly criticizing and preaching, Steffy says.  Live your own life and let everyone live theirs.   Aly doesn’t want to leave.  Then you know what you have to do Ridge says.  Aly agrees she does.

Later, Steffy tells her dad Aly has been through a lot – losing her mom and being sheltered from the 21st century. Ridge asks about Liam.  Steffy tells him that her future is with Liam.  Ridge says they just have to convince Thomas to come back.  Steffy says what she and Liam has is undeniable no matter what Ivy thinks. Steffy is looking forward again…there is good in her future.  Her life has amazing possibilities.  Ridge is pleased with her attitude.  He has to leave.

Steffy things about her wedding s to Liam.  Liam is doing the same.

Aly’s state of mind…

At home Aly pulls out a pinboard.  She was happy and proud to be working for her family to be part of something positive.  Darla says they runined everything and she can’t let them get away with it.  On the back of Aly’s HFTF shrine pinboard are sabotaged photos of Steffy and Rick and Maya.

Aly sits on her bed destroying more photos of Steffy…


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