July 8: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 – Episode #7116

Katie and Ivy

Katie arrives at Forrester to see Wyatt and Ivy working.  Wyatt gives Ivy a necklace that Ivy liked. Wyatt nearly calls Katie his step-mom and she jokes to never say that. Wyatt leaves to find Rick.  Katie asks Ivy is she was interrupting anything between her and Ivy.  Katie teases Ivy about Wyatt liking her.

Ivy says Wyatt has been really sweet. Which is good because Liam is spending all of his spare time with Steffy.  Katie tells her she doesn’t need to accept sharing Liam.  Expecially since Steffy won’t let him out of his side.

She’s gorgeous, successful and smart and she shouldn’t be waiting for any man.  There could be someone other than Liam that is right for her.  Ivy reminds Katie that Wyatt is interested in Steffy also.

Katie isn’t going to let Ivy be a doormat.  She and Wyatt are in similar situations and you should think about it.  Wyatt has helped her through a lot in the last few weeks Ivy concedes.

Maya and Nick

Maya confides in Nick about her mother turning up to take Nicole home under her father’s instructions.  She admits she hasn’t completely forgiven her parents. Maya doesn’t blame Nicole for her outing.  Wyatt used her.

Nicole and Maya

Instead of Rick, Wyatt finds Nicole who is clearly out of sorts and avoiding him.  He wants to clear the air because she’s been avoiding him and they have to work together.  You used me,  Nicole tells Wyatt.  Wyatt agrees it wasn’t fair to her but they had to get Rick out.  Wyatt didn’t know Bill would do what he did.  And he wasn’t pretending to like her.  he really did like her.

There is no excuse for what he did Wyatt concedes.  But he did enjoy hanging with her. Nicole doesn’t care anymore.  He can stop apologizing.  Zende overhears Wyatt tells her the thinks she’s pretty special.

Zende wonders if they need couples counseling.  Wyatt asks if he’s enjoying his internship.  He is. He’s met some great people here.  Wyatt leaves to find Rick.  He hopes Nicole believes what he said.  He really did enjoy his time with her.

Zende didn’t know they had a thing.  He’s curious about Nicole and Wyatt.  Zende wants to know if she should ask her out sometime.  Maya arrives. Zende leaves to leave the sisters to chat. Maya says they are adorable.  Nicole agrees he’s sweet and incredibly hot. Nicole explains Wyatt was there to apologize for what happened.  She could never trust him again though.  Maya thinks she would be better off with Zende.

Maya is glad she is still there.  She could have gone home with their mom.  Nicole is sorry for how their mother treated her.  Maya says she didn’t feel rejected again.  Maya admits she spent her entire childhood feeling  like she didn’t belong and was completely alone in the world.  She pulled into her own private and secret life.

She fixated on all of the injustice around her Maya tells Nicole.  Maya was lucky and had a counselor to help her.  When you’re that depressed you’re not really having any human interaction, Maya explains.  Your past wounds grow and the past takes over.  Then the trouble begins Maya says, describing what Aly is going through to a tee.

Aly’s Mission

At home, Aly looks at her pinboard of mutilated photos of Steffy as her mother speaks to her.  They have taken everything from you.  This is your mission Aly.  You must stop them.  No one else can save the goodness of Forrester, Darla tells her daughter.  It’s got to be you.

Steffy and Liam

Steffy tells Liam that Aly went off the rails again at the meeting.  Liam thought she’d stabilized.  She is cutting herself off from the real world Liam states.  They agree it’s getting out of hand.  Steffy worries about her – the way her mom died and her own mother’s involvement.

Liam laughs at Steffy designing.  He never thought he’d be an executive in a fashion house with his rocker ex wife.

Aly sees them from the door and asks if she has a minute.  She came by to tell her that she heard her.  Aly knows what she has to do now.  She will do anything for Forrester Creations.

Liam and Steffy are relieved of the new side Aly is showing them.  Steffy knows she’s been through a lot and she doesn’t’ want Aly to feel left out.  Aly says they can’t change the past, but they can change the future.

Later Steffy and Liam are shocked and impressed.  They never thought Aly would come around.  Wyatt enters to find Steffy and Liam about to kiss.  C’Mon, really?  Wyatt asks?  Liam jokes about not recognizing Aly in flannel. Steffy calls them an old married couple.  Wyatt tells him to have some respect for Ivy.  Just be honest with Ivy Wyatt says.  Are you just stringing her along?


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