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In a major departure from Liam’s Mr. Nice Guy persona, Liam having chosen to be with Steffy, informed Ivy of decision immediately after Aly Forrester’s memorial service.

Liam Chooses Steffy

Before the California Freedom fashion show got underway Liam took Steffy onto the sky lounge at Forrester creations and told Steffy he wanted her.  And her only.  Liam thanked Steffy for being patient and waiting for him, but that her waiting was over.  He was excited to begin their life together.

There was only one more hurdle in beginning that life and that was telling Ivy that he’d chosen to spend his life with Steffy.  Steffy asked that Liam that he not do it that night.  With the fashion show a huge success, Steffy didn’t want to spoil the celebrations or the after party for anyone – including Ivy.

Steffy Gets a Flat Tire

So Liam and Steffy headed to the after party at the Forrester mansion – separately. Steffy never made it.  Thanks to Aly’s decent into madness, anger and hate, Steffy got a flat tire on the same stretch of highway that her sister, Phoebe did many years earlier.

What Steffy didn’t realize as she set out to change her tire was that Aly has sabotaged Steffy’s car in an effort to recreate that night.  The night that ended with Steffy’s mother, Taylor, ran down and killed, Aly’s mother, Darla, with her car.  This time the tables were turned.  Aly was the driver and Steffy was the victim…

Aly Wants Retribution

For whatever reason, Aly stopped short of actually hitting Steffy with her car.  But it was enough to scare Steffy for her life.  An angry Steffy pulled Aly from her car.  Steffy tried to talk reason to her cousin, but soon realized that Aly had set up the entire scene that was playing out on the highway roadside.  Aly made it clear that she was going to reid the Forrester family of Steffy so it could get back to its core values. Aly grabbed the tire iron that Steffy had been using minutes earlier to change her tire.  Steffy begged Aly to put the weapon down, but Aly took a swing at Steffy.  Steffy wrestled with Aly.  Bot girls were flung to the ground, the tire iron landing behind Steffy.

Aly rose first, raised a rock over her head an stood over Steffy determined to finish what she started.  Steffy panicked.  She reached behind her, picked up the tire iron and rose fron the ground swinging the tire iron at Aly.  Aly stumbled, and fell hitting her head on a rock.  Steffy threw down the tire iron.  It landed away from the scene in the bushes.

Aly was dead.

Ivy Sees It All

Meanwhile Ivy arrived on the scene.  She’d gone looking for Aly after finding a pin board collage of mutilated Steffy photos in Aly’s bedroom.  Ivy witnessed the entire scene between Steffy and Aly from her car.

Ivy rushed out of her car when she saw Aly fall.  Ivy called 911.  Aly was declared dead at the scene. Steffy told police what had happened was a terrible, terrible accident…Ivy stared gob smacked at Steffy.

Ivy Accuses Steffy of Murder

The Forrester’s held a memorial service for Aly.  After the service Ivy approached a clearly withdrawn Steffy and told her she needed to tell the truth and face the consequences of what happened that night. Steffy didn’t understand what Ivy was saying.  Ivy told Steffy she knew that Aly’s death wasn’t an accident and Steffy has been telling everyone.  Ivy was there and saw what happened.  Steffy murdered Aly, Ivy accused.

Aly’s death made Liam realize that life was short; that none of them knew how long they had.  He was excited about his life with Steffy and wanted to start their life together.  When Liam came upon a tense conversation between Steffy and Ivy, he assumed they were discussing their relationships with Liam.

Liam Dumps Ivy

Liam told Ivy he needed to talk to her alone.  Liam told Ivy she was wonderful and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.  Ivy was flabbergasted that Liam was doing this now – at her cousin’s memorial service.  Ivy became angry and knowing that Steffy wasn’t as innocent in Aly’s death as she was making out told Liam that if he wanted to spend his life with a woman with no moral center then good luck to him.

Can Liam and Steffy Have a Life Together?

So, Liam is free to purse a life with Steffy. But as Steffy later reflected on the night of Aly’s death she remembered striking Aly down with the tire iron.  Has Steffy been telling the truth about the night of Aly’s death?

Ivy doesn’t think so.  What Steffy and Liam don’t realize, yet, is that Liam’s ex-girlfriend has the power to take Liam and Steffy’s future away from them at worst, and at best delay it.

At this stage only Wyatt knows that Ivy not only saw what happened between Aly and Ivy, but she also has video of the altercation that led to Aly’s death.  Wyatt doesn’t think Ivy should tell anyone but Ivy is determined to get justice for her cousin.  And if she gets to deliver a little payback to Liam; all the better…


  1. […] Liam is sorry he hurt her.  She trusted him and she got trod on then her best friend died.  Ivy knows he plays superhero to women.  He did if for Ivy when she fell in the Seine.  And now Liam is doing the same for Steffy trying to help her avoid justice.  Its not going to work this time Ivy says.  He should convince Steffy to go to the police.  Time is running out and so is her patience.  His girlfriend belongs in a courtroom.  Liam leaves. […]

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