The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: July 20 – 24, 2015

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (July 20 – 24, 2015): Thorne returns to deal with Aly; Thomas comes home – for good. Ivy is vulnerable, but knows something about Steffy and Aly’s argument.

Everyone becomes aware just how unhinged Aly is when her collection of mutilated Steffy photos is found in her room.  The Forresters recap the moment in history that is at the root of Aly’s problems.  Taylor’s drunken hit and run that killed Darla – Aly’s mom.

Liam and Ivy, Steffy and Wyatt

Aly’s behaviour is a source of concern for many.  Ivy is concerned about how dark Aly has been lately.  Steffy meanwhile thinks that Aly has come around and is glad.  Steffy feels compassion for what Aly has been through and doesn’t think any of them should give up on her.

But Ivy comes to realize how bad Aly’s state of mind is when she finds Aly’s collage of mutilated Steffy photos and headlines.  Wyatt and Liam are with her.  Wyatt says that whatever is alienating Aly from the rest of them isn’t just about a disagreement, a grudge over a shoe line, or a bad mood.  Its hate.

Steffy notes to Liam that Ivy still thinks there is a chance for her and Liam.  Steffy knows this not to be true because before the fashion show Liam told her that her waiting for him was over…that he essentially chose to be with Steffy.  Steffy doesn’t want anything to run “the celebration”.

Wyatt realizes how vulnerable Ivy is when Ivy opens up to Liam’s brother in a candid conversation.

Steffy and Liam grow closer.  Steffy isn’t aware of how much Ivy knows.

Ivy ends up telling Wyatt what she knows about the argument between Steffy and Aly that lead to Aly’s death.  Ivy has proof that Aly’s death was murder...

Ivy spots Liam and Steffy together – they look like a couple.


Aly’s strange behavior becomes the focus of everyone’s attention.  Maya and Steffy realize what is the cause.

With the fashion show underway, Aly tells Steffy that this (California Freedom) isn’t fashion.  Its filthy and degrading.  Aly, thanks to her mother’s voice in her head decides she must stop it (the direction Steffy is taking Forrester Creations with her sex sex sex attitude) before they ruin it.

Aly decides to do something so big that it can’t help but turn the family around.  In a reenactment of her mother’s death, Aly gets behind the wheel of her car and while Steffy appears to be getting into hers, Aly mows Steffy down, like a drunk Taylor did to Darla (albeit it was deemed an accident.)

Aly wants retribution for what was done to her mother.  She can’t get it from Taylor, so Steffy who has also earned Aly’s disprespect for stealing Liam from Ivy and flaunting her “California Freedom’ pays the price…

Aly gets behind the wheel of her car.  Clearly upset and crying she states “this is for you mom,” as Darla encourages Aly to put an end to her as Steffy is out on the street changing her tire (Just as Darla was doing for Steffy’s sister Phoebe…)

Aly threatens Steffy’s life swinging a tire iron.  When she loses her weapon Aly picks up a rock.  Scared Steffy picks up the tire iron and swings.  Aly falls to the ground hitting her head on a rock.  Ivy sees from the distance and rushes to Aly’s side and calls and ambulance.  When the police arrive they declare Aly dead

Will Aly meet Darla “in the light”?  Will Darla and Aly talk as Aly heads to the afterlife?  Will Darla send her back with a new attitude?

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B&B spoilers July 20 - 24 2015


By week’s end Thomas is also in Los Angeles – the same circumstances that bring Thorne bring Thomas back home also.

Thomas tells Caroline, his former girlfriend that he is here to stay.


Thorne returns to to town to learn Aly’s mental state is dire.   He arranges to take Aly somewhere to get her help.  But its too late…

Rick and Maya

Rick tells Maya just before she takes to the runway that she is about to make Forrester history today.  A nervous Maya asks Rick if that is supposed to untie the knot in her stomach…

With Rick making a big deal about the fashion show being a big day for him an Maya it comes as little surprise that Rick gets down on one knee and proposes to Maya at the end of the Fashion Show.  Maya’s parents are in the audience.  I guess a proposal will clear up for Julius as to what Rick’s intentions are towards Maya and will also give jarrod from Spencer Publications the headline Bill Spencer demanded!

Maya’s father notes to Vivienne that they have many more days of drinking champagne.  Maybe if he hangs around these crazy LA people long enough he’ll become like them and will be able to accept. Vivienne seems horrified by her husbands attitude.

Pam and Charlie

Pam tells Charlie she should have made Lemon Bars for everyone.  Charlie tells her that they don’t need sugar (at the fashion show) they need tranquilizer darts…

Nicole and Zende

Nicole finds support from Zende.  He encourages her to follow her dreams.

Eric and Brooke

Ridge and Caroline


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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Summaries and History

Monday, July 20, 2015 – Rick proposes
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 – Aly aims her car at Steffy changing her tire
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 – Steffy gets through to Aly?
Thursday, July 23, 2015 – Is Aly dead?
Friday, July 24, 2015 – Ivy can prove its was murder…


The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

Actress Schae Harrison tweeted that she will be back on B&B in the coming weeks in a storyline she describes as awesome.  Aly has been vocal about Steffy staying away from Liam, is her fragile emotional state about to get a little lopsided again with the teen talking to her dead mom?

Whatever is up with Aly, dad, Thorne will also be back in LA.  Winsor Harmon is also slated to return to the soap.  Look for Thorne on July 22, 2015

Soap Opera Digest reports that The Bold and the Beautiful is recasting the role of Thomas Forrester.  Pierson Forde has been cast in the role.  Look for Thomas to return to our screens on July 24, 2015!

Ashley Jones will return as Bridget for a handful of episodes over the Summer.

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up

Thomas’ doesn’t blend into the background.  He quickly makes his presence known.

A dire situation (likely concerning Aly and Steffy) cause Thorne and Thomas to return to Los Angeles.  Look for them on July 22 and July 24, respectively.

A fashion show with a cast of (some) transgender models is scheduled.

The battle for control at Forrester Creations isn’t over and remains hostile.

Bill’s personal agenda may see him having to betray his team?

Rick and Maya’s relationship faces obstacles due to their emotional situation.

Thomas returns to Los Angeles.

Bridget pays a visit also during the summer.

The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



  1. Please don’t let Aly die. She can get well after her father takes her home for treatment. If she dies Steffi will have to prove it was self defence. Ivy was a witness to the whole episode of her trying to kill Steffi with a rock when Steffi struck back.

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