Thomas Forrester Returns |The Bold and the Beautiful

This week sees Thomas Forrester return to Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Thomas has been in Paris for the past couple of years.  After going head to head with Rick for the President position, and losing, Thomas felt there wasn’t any place for him in Los Angeles.  Even though whining to his mommy, Taylor (who was dating Eric at the time) scored him a VP title.

After a couple of years living in the fashion capital of the world, Thomas has a new confidence and feels he is ready to take on a prominent role in the family business – designing.  Thomas’ has in the past been responsible for the Forrester men’s line.   When that line suffered from the popularity of Hope’s Hope for the Future line, Thomas pulled off a PR stunt – kissing Ridge’s wife Brooke – on the runway.

Thomas has a history of seeking attention.  If he doesn’t’ get it, he pouts until he gets what he wants. Thomas proceeded to actually fall for Brooke – kissing her again, but not as a PR stunt.  With the duo working together on the men’s line, now dubbed taboo, they boarded a plan for Australia.  The plane went down in the Pacific Ocean.  Thomas and Brooke were ship wrecked on a tropical island while their family searched for them.  Thomas and Brooke survived only be eating the berries on the island which turned out to have hallucinogenic properties.

Brooke and Thomas were rescued but neither were entirely sure that nothing happened between them.  Stephanie capitalized on that and offered Thomas her 25 % share of Forrester Creations when she died if Thomas told everyone that he and Brooke slept together on the island.  Thomas desperate to own more than the 5% of the company that Ridge had given him after Taylor gifted Steffy her 25% holding, agreed.

Brooke had no reason not to believe Thomas.  It ended her marriage to Ridge.  Ridge was about to remarry Taylor when Thomas came clean at girlfriend Dayzee’s urging.  Thomas was stripped of his line and his title as a designer and sent to work in the basement with Thorne.  Is relationship with his father was forever changed.

Thomas did make it out of the basement and believing a designer should head up the Forrester Company, and with his dad in Paris, Thomas believed himself the natural fit as Forrester Creations next leader.  When Stephanie died, Thomas assumed control believing he had a majority shareholding since Ridge had given Thomas a proxy to control his shares while Ridge was in Paris.  But it wasn’t to be.

Stephanie pulled the rug out from under Thomas with a video will.  When Rick was clearly favored by Eric to run the company despite not being a designer, Thomas eventually left for Paris.

With Thomas’ return, however, comes not only another challenger for the leadership for Forrester Creations.  He is the only member of the takeover cartel that hasn’t ended up with an executive role in Forrester Creations:  Ridge is CEO, Steffy is President and Liam is VP.

Thomas also returns to find former girlfriend Caroline Spencer, involved with Ridge.  Thomas once referred to the end of his relationship with Caroline as “dodging a bullet” when she became bratty over holding onto Rick and getting Maya out of his life.  But with a competitive relationship with his father, will Thomas stay away from his father’s woman?  He sure hasn’t in the past…

And for her part Caroline sure looks happy to see Thomas.  With Spoilers indicating that with her divorce to Rick becoming final, Caroline starts soul searching for what she wants next in life.  And that is a child.

Is Ridge ready to start family number three?  Or could it be the reason Caroline turns to Thomas?  Thomas has proved there are pretty much no boundaries to getting what he wants.  Has Ridge really forgiven Thomas for his and Stephanie’s stunt ?   Or is Ridge’s rejection of Thomas’ designs a way to keep the young man in line?  And remind him who’s boss?


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