August 12: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – Episode #7140

Rick and Maya Marry – Finally

Maya hugs her mother and tells her she loves her also. With her father gone, Maya tells Nick they can restart the wedding.  Nick restarts the wedding.

Nick quotes the declaration of independence.  It represents life in their country and also the shared but separate journey that he and Maya have undertaken.  Nick is pleased to join Rick and Maya together.  Eric too is proud.  There have been many wedding in this room.  They also said goodbye to a granddaughter in this room recently.  With Maya Rick has become the man Eric always knew he would be.

Vivienne does a reading from Shakespeare.  Rick’s love is true.  Let it be his compass guiding him into his future. The love that brought them together will never steer them wrong.  They are an inspiration and a blessing.

Nicole does a reading from a poet.  They all have days that change everything.  Days that make everything that comes after feel brand new.  Like the day Rick and Maya met.

Rick and Maya exchange traditional vows and rings

Rick grew up in a privileged family and thought he had everything until he met her;  the confidence she has given her is worth more than anything.  He has taught her about the poser of courage, love and acceptance.  He promises to be open and honest and loving and accepting.  He will love her in every stage of their lives.

Maya vows to love him through ever stage of their lives.  She will cherish their connection and the support they give each other.  She didn’t grow up with love and support of her family.  Before she met him she never believed she could feel this kind of love acceptance and peace.  She loves him so much.

Nick pronounces them husband and wife with sincere happiness.  He presents Rick and Maya Forrester.

Thomas Stands By Steffy

Thomas assures Steffy that she was just protecting herself.  Aly tried to kill you, you were in survival mode Thomas says.  Steffy says that Ivy was there that night and acting weird ever since.  Ivy said Aly’s death wasn’t an accident and that it was Steffy’s fault.  Thomas thinks that Ivy is trying to get back at her for Liam.  Steffy doesn’t think so.  Ivy said Aly’s death was her fault.

Ivy called 911.  Steffy says she didn’t say anything on the night.  She couldn’t have seen anything. But she suspects something.  Thomas tells Steffy that they are the only two people who know what really happened, and they aren’t telling anyone.  He’s there to protect her.  She can count on her big brother.

Thomas goes to see Ivy.  He asks if Ivy was trying to upset Steffy.  It was difficult for all of them.  Aly was extremely troubled.  Ivy says Ivy may have been sick, but his sister is no saint.  Aly didn’t deserve what happened to her.

Thomas warns Ivy to be careful about what she is saying.  It could be dangerous.  Thomas wants Ivy to stay away from Steffy and not even hint that Steffy was responsible for Aly’s death.  Ivy says it’s the truth; Ivy was there that night and saw exactly what happened.

Thomas discusses what happened with Ivy.  Steffy is lying Ivy says.  Steffy hit Aly with a tire iron.  Its just your word against hers Thoams says.  But Ivy has proof ans shows Thomas the video.  Thomas is stunned.  Ivy says now you can see what Steffy has done and Ivy thinks the rest of the world should see it too.

Ivy and Wyatt

Ivy tells Wyatt she thought Steffy would have gone to the police before this.  Aly would still be here if it weren’t for Steffy and she needs to take responsibility for that Ivy tells Wyatt.

Wyatt stops in to see Steffy.  Steffy doesn’t want to talk about Ivy.  Steffy is sure he already knows things are tense between them given how close they’ve become.  Steffy says Iv has been making some dangerous accusations and she wants it to stop.  Steffy doesn’t want this to get ugly.

Wyatt notes that what Ivy is saying bothers Steffy.

Tuesday August 12, 2014

Liam Missed His Meeting with Hope

Liam continued to search the surrounding area (which was now extremely busy) for Hope.  Ivy arrived and realized that Hope had left.  They decided she’d probably gone to Forrester International.

Ivy and Liam arrived at Forrester International, changed clothes and began trying to find Hope.  Rick hadn’t seen either of them and pointed out that they were likely together.

The Phone Calls

Liam called Brooke to see if she knew where Hope was.  Brooke didn’t and was initially disappointed that Liam had been late to meet Hope, but given Ivy falling into the Seine was understanding.  Bill was with Brooke pitching for forgiveness of his sins – dumping Ridge in the Persian Gulf – when the call came in.  Brooke promised Liam she would have Hope call him if Brooke heard from her.  Brooke told Bill that the unfortunate thing about the situation was that there would be an odd man out.

Liam tried to call Hope’s cell but she didn’t answer.  Liam told Ivy he didn’t want to leave a message.  He needed to explain in person.  Ivy felt bad because it was her being pushed in the Seine that caused Liam to miss his meeting with Hope. Ivy told Liam he was a chivalrous and when Hope learned what happened she would love him even more.  After all, they were both in Paris and the city had a way of looking after its lovers.

Quinn, who was extremely pleased with herself and the outcome of her plan, called Wyatt and told him to make this second chance with Hope count.  Take control and Marry her, Quinn insisted.  Wyatt sarcastically asked if Hope got a vote.

Hope and Wyatt Head to Monte Carlo

Hope, was of course, with Wyatt and no longer in Paris.  They were aboard the Spencer jet headed for Monte Carlo and the Spencer yacht.  Hope was sullen.  Wyatt told Hope that Liam had been disappointing her since she and Wyatt first met.  He encouraged her to walk away.  Hope admitted to being weary og getting her hopes up to have them come crashing down. But walking away was hard…

Wyatt and Hope boarded the Spencer yacht. Wyatt approached Hope and pulled the Hope For the Future Diamond from his pocket.  He knew when it came back into his life that it was destined to be Hope’s.  Let him go, Wyatt asked of Hope.  Put Liam in the past.  He gave Hope the diamond as a symbol of his unwavering commitment to her.  He asked Hope, if she wanted, to say, right now, that she would marry him.