August 13: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, August 13, 2015 – Episode #7141

Ivy Wants to be the Face of Forrester

Ivy has a nightmare about Aly.  Aly tells Ivy she was her friend, don’t let Steffy get away with what she did, it was murder.  Aly pokes her with a tire iron.  Ivy awakens to Wyatt gently nudging her awake with a cup of coffee.

He’s slept on the couch, but Ivy is welcome to his bed anytime.  Hopefully next time he will be in it he jokes.  Ivy can’t believe there was a wedding in her house she wasn’t invited to.  Wyatt kisses her.  Ivy tells Wyatt about the dream about bringing Steffy to justice.

Wyatt brings Ivy cereal from breakfast but Ivy is watching the video footage of Aly’s death over and over. Aly’s life was cut short; Thorne has lost a wife and a daughter.  His life is in shambles.  Steffy’s life is fine – she picked up like nothing has happened.  What Steffy did was murder.  That’s the only way to look at it, Ivy tells Wyatt.

Wyatt warns this is starting to consumer her. They kiss. They both got burned by Liam and Steffy, but he kind of likes the outcome.  He didn’t’ see this happening at all.  Neither did Ivy.  But she didn’t see Steffy turning up and turning her life upside down either.  But Liam has made his choice and Ivy ahs mad hers.  When she gives herself to Wyatt there will be no turning back.

Ivy says she has given Aly every chance to come forward.  Ivy feels like she is owed something for her silence.  Ridge wants to add another Face of Forrester Creations to expand on the California Freedom line.  The Forrester’s don’t realize it yet but they owe her, Ivy asserts.  Ivy decides being the new face of Forrester Creations is a great way for them to show their appreciation for her silence.

Ivy understands Ridge will want it to be Steffy.  Wyatt agrees she totally proved herself in Amsterdam.  They need to know they can’t have everything Ivy says about Ridge, Steffy and Liam.  They have to understand there are consequences.  Wyatt agrees since Liam is VP with no experience in the fashion industry.  Wyatt is on board.

Steffy Wants to Fire Ivy

Nicole and Zende are pleased to be included in a management meeting.  Thomas arrives and sees Steffy is distracted and shoes the interns from the room.  You look like hell, Thomas tells Steffy.

Enough is enough Steffy says.  Either Ivy backs off or she is going after Ivy with everything she’s got.  Thomas tells her it’s not like she has a lot of options.  Steffy suggests firing her, but Thomas says she isn’t just going to disappear.  Thomas says Aly went off the deep end and Steffy just did what she had to do from being killed.

Thomas asks if Steffy told her the whole story.  Steffy asks if he doubts her.  Thomas says he’s not.  Leave Ivy to Thomas he says.  Do onto go after Ivy he suggest.  He’ll only make things worse for herself.  Liam arrives and asks what is going on.

Thomas leaves when Liam kisses Steffy. Aly’s death is shining a light on Forrester and Steffy most of all.  The media wants to speak to her because she was there.  Liam and Steffy review jewelry.  Steffy berates Ivy’s jewelry.  Quinn’s is better, Steffy says.  She wonders if Forrester Creations is the right fit for Ivy.

At the door Wyatt suggest Steffy reconsider that thought.  They were ripping her work to shreds behind her back.  Wyatt wonders how objective the two of them can be abut Ivy’s work.  They remind Wyatt about their positions in the company.   But jewelry is second nature to Wyatt.  Ivy’s work is exceptional.  Steffy argues it isn’t for Forrester Creations.  Wyatt asks if Liam is ready to throw his ex girlfriend under the bus.  Wyatt asserts there is more going on than they realize.  Ivy is a Forrester and there is no way she’s being pushed out of this company.  It isn’t wise to try Wyatt suggests.

Thomas sees Ivy in the office and tells her that she is going to delete that video. Ivy says he’s not in a place to make demands. Aly attacked Steffy – it was premideitated.  Steffy was defending herself.  Ivy states that Aly was not in her right mind, but Steffy took a tire iron and hit a defenselss girl over the head with it.

Thomas asks what Ivy wants.  Ivy says she’s keeping quiet and that deserves more than thanks.  Ivy wants to be the new Face of Forrester Creations.  Thomas notes Ridge will want it to be Steffy.  Ivy says he helps make her the new face of Forrester Creations or Steffy goes to prison.  Its up to him, Ivy says.  What’s it going to be?

Interns Speculate

Zende and Nicole workout on the sky lounge.  Nicole thinks they should be reviewing sales numbers before he meeting instead.  He’s Zende’s uncle.  Zende notes if Ridge isn’t cutting Thomas any slack then he sure isn’t going to cut him any.

They discuss the tension between Thomas and Steffy and wonder what is going on between them. They discuss Steffy not being able to put Aly’s death behind her.


Wednesday August 13, 2014

In Los Angeles

Bill Spencer received a phone call from the captain of his yacht, the Stella Marie that was currently in Monte Carlo.  Captain Marx told Bill that Wyatt had asked him to perform a service for him – a wedding

Deacon returned to Brooke’s office to tell her he received a text message from Wyatt saying that he and Hope were moving on.  Brooke and Deacon wondered what it could mean.  Until Bill Spencer called and told them that Wyatt and Hope were getting married today in Monte Carlo.

In Paris

Ivy felt guilty about Liam missing his meeting with Hope because she fell in the river.  Liam couldn’t find Hope and is at a loss.  They decided to leave the hotel and go out looking for Hope.  They were stopped by the phone ringing.  It was Bill.  He told Liam that Hope is no longer in Paris.  She’s with Wyatt in Monte Carlo and they are getting married.  Bill is sorry for his son but states that in this situation someone was always going to get hurt.  A crushed Liam hung up and told Ivy the news.

In Monte Carlo – Hope and Wyatt Marry

Wyatt tells Hope that Liam sent her a message in Paris when he was a no show.  Wyatt had a message for her today also.  He wanted a life with her.  A life with no pain, vacillations or neuroses.  All she had to do was say “Yes”.  Though, hesitant at first, Hope got on board with the idea and agreed to marry Wyatt.

Aboard the Stella Marie Wyatt waited in his pale grey suit for his bride to arrive.  He thanked the Captain for arranging the purchase of Hope’s dress.  (Does that make it bad luck since Wyatt has seen the dress and ordered it? – I guess the magic of the HFTF diamond with counteract that if it is…)

Hope arrived, barefoot, wearing the HFTF diamond around her neck.  The say their vows.  Wyatt says Hope brings out the best in him and his purpose is to bring joy to her life.  Hope loves Wyatt’s approach to life.  He takes life and dives right in.  Together they take a leap of faith into a life together both figuratively and literally.

Hope takes of the diamond and goes to the back of the yacht.  She stands on the bow and invites Wyatt to joing her.  Together they leap into the water – talking a leap of faith or diving right into life – whichever metaphor your prefer…

The captain arrives and pronounces them man and wife as Wyatt kisses his bride in the water.