August 14: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, August 14, 2015 – Episode #7142

Ivy Blackmails Thomas

Thomas tells Ivy that what she is doing is sounding like blackmail.  They discuss whether the police will see what happened as murder.  Ivy doesn’t know why she should protect Steffy.  Aly died in vain.  To keep quiet Ivy wants something in return; to be right next to Maya as the Face of Forrester.

Wyatt enters and Ivy says he can stay.  He’s seen the video also.  Thomas isn’t surprised Wyatt is behind this.  Wyatt backs Ivy’s demands.

Ivy – The New Face of Forrester?

Caroline and Ridge discuss adding another Face of Forrester so Maya can focus on their marriage.  Liam and Steffy arrive.  Liam says they need to address Aly’s death as a company. The media is looking for details. Carter agrees; Aly’s death is all over the news.

As the others arrive, Ridge says he wants to add another Face of Forrester, he wants Steffy to step up.  They need a familiar face.  Steffy would be honored.  Ridge tries to close the discussion as settled, but Ivy offers herself as an alternative.

Ridge says Steffy is the most qualified.  They need a seasoned spokes model. Liam says Ivy would be a great choice but right now time is of the essence and they need Steffy’s experience.  Wyatt speaks up for Ivy.   Ridge says that Ivy is a jewelry designer.  Ivy reminds everyone about the photo shoot in Amsterdam.  Carter notes Hope gets credit for that.

Ivy is fresh and new and Wyatt says that hey need to consider the PR point of view.  Steffy was involved in Aly’s death, she doesn’t need to be in the limelight right now.  Ivy says Forrester could end up looking bad if the investigation turns something up.  Steffy becomes outraged and says that s enough.

Thomas jumps in and tells his dad that maybe Ivy and Wyatt have a point.  Steffy is dumbfounded and asks if her brother is serious.  Thomas asks to be heard out.  The interns offer to leave.  Liam doesn’t understand keeping Steffy under cover.  She didn’t do anything wrong.  Thomas says people are talking.  They are coming up with their own theories.  They need to be respectful.  Thorne is hurting and Aly’s followers are grieving.

It becomes a debate about keeping Steffy out of the media or not. Steffy has a full schedule running the company, Ivy has modeled before.  Thomas wants his dad to think about it.


After the Meeting – Steffy and Thomas

As Ridge adjourns the meeting Steffy wants to talk to Thomas in private.  What the hell was that Steffy asks.  Why is he promoting Ivy, he’s supposed to be on her side.  Thomas tells her to calm down, he did it for her.

Steffy says she wants to fire Ivy, not make her the face of Forester.  Thomas says Steffy may not have a choice. Steffy questions Thomas loyalty to each other.  Thomas tells Steffy she has no idea how dangerous the situation is.  Steffy says she was defending herself if she didn’t Aly would have killed her.  Its Ivy’s word against hers Steffy says.  Thomas didn’t want to tell Steffy this, but Ivy has a video of her and Aly on the side of the road that night. Ivy is implying it was murder Thomas tells his sister.

After the Meeting – Ivy and Wyatt

On the sky lounge, Ivy thanks Ivy for jumping in. Ivy still wants everyone to know the truth.  They now know where Liam’s loyalty lies also.  Wyatt wonders if that would change if Liam saw the video.  They know Steffy is furious with Thomas right now.

They discuss their skills and what they bring to the company.  Wyatt says he can have Steffy and the titles.  But they aren’t letting anyone get in their way.  This is their time to shine

After the Meeting – Ridge and Caroline

Ridge wonders about Thomas backing Ivy.  Caroline thinks Thomas feels slighted.  Ridge ripped up the his designs, he made Steffy President and now a modeling contract. Caroline says Wyatt has a point about the press coverage, but they also realize Ivy and Wyatt are hooking up.

Aly’s Death and the Media

Katie reads Bill’s coverage of Aly’s death.  Katie says it’s very respectful. Bill says other news outlets will dig for details.  A Forrester dead is news, Steffy being there when it happened is bigger news Bill asserts.  Steffy could have been in the body bag Bill says.  They discuss Aly’s mental state and Thorne getting his daughter the best help possible.  Bill says there is nothing that could have been done to prevent Aly’s death.  She should be grateful to be alive.

They discuss Aly having years of pent up aggression against Steffy.  She was looking for revenge for her mother’s death.  Bill thinks Ivy has a little blood on her hands.  Ivy should have discouraged Aly’s obsession with Liam and Steffy.  Katie notes that Aly was being loyal to her cousein.  Steffy stole Ivy’s boyfriend.

Conversation turns to Bill making Maya a household name. Katie is still a little mad at him. Katie wonders what he’s done given hes been so good lately.  They not its been calm around here.  They kiss and Katie asks if she should lock the door.  Bill tells her he already did.

Thursday August 14, 2014

Mexican police investigated Ricardo’s death

Deacon was at Quinn’s loft enjoying the game when the Mexican police arrived to interview Wyatt over Ricardo’s death.  They were investigating the possibility of foul play since an autopsy of Ricardo’s body showed he was poisoned.  The gemologist had high levels of arsenic in his blood stream.

At first they believed his death accidental – that he’d been careless in the mishandling of a rare gemstone that contains high levels of arsenic.  Since Ricardo Montemayor was an extremely well educated gemologist and the risks if the gems are handled correctly are low the police now considered his death to be murder.

Deacon explained that his new son in law, and Quinn, weren’t around.  The detective left but promised to return.  A suspicious Deacon began searching the loft.  He found the video Ricardo made giving the HFTF diamond to Wyatt.  Was there a message to Wyatt embedded in what Ricardo was saying?

News of Hope and Wyatt’s marriage spread

At Forrester Creations Aly was admiring the flowers Oliver gave her when Charlie and Pam arrived with  news that Aly wouldn’t  like.  Hope got married, Pam told Aly.  Aly didn’t understand until Pam mentioned that Hope had married Wyatt, not Liam.

Aly decided that the HFTF diamond was a curse.  Charlie also believed there was no fighting the will of the diamond.  It would always win…

Ivy kissed Liam

Liam was upset at the news that Hope was marrying Wyatt.  “I was late just once”, Liam stated to Ivy and Hope goes and marries my brother.  Really?”  Liam was upset with Wyatt, at Hope and at himself for trusting Wyatt in the first place.

Liam left the hotel on his own and walked the streets of Paris where he was either reminded of Hope or confronted by lovers enjoying the romance of Paris.  Liam ended up on the “lovers bridge” (Pont des Artes bridge) where lovers from all over the world placed padlocks representing their everlasting love – just as he and Hope had done in Italy.

Ivy found him on the bridge the irony of Liam being in the most romantic bridge in the city not lost on her.  Ivy apologized again to Liam.  His chivalrous actions had cost him his future with Hope and Ivy was sorry.  Ever the gentleman, Liam told Ivy that she had nothing to apologize for – and he meant it.  He didn’t blame Ivy at all for missing Hope at the Eiffel Tower.

Ivy thanked Liam for saving her life and leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.  It was intended as a friendly thank you kiss, but was there something more between them?