August 17: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, August 17, 2015 – Episode #7143

Steffy Reacts To Ivy’s Blackmail

Steffy is stunned to learn that Ivy has a video.  Thomas has seen it.  It shows her hitting Aly with a tire iron and to Ivy it looks like murder.

Steffy is panicked. She focuses on Ivy videoing the scene rather than helping.  Ivy is blackmailing us Steffy says.  So much for Miss sweet and innocent, Steffy huffs.  Steffy says she won’t let Ivy get away with this.  She was defending herself and fighting for her life.  Thomas knows she is innocent, but the video is bad; very bad.

Thomas says Wyatt knows too.  Steffy decides that Wyatt and Ivy are trying to force her out.  Steffy has to do something.  She’s going to put a stop to the madness.

Ivy’s Career Advancing Insurance Policy

Ivy discusses with Wyatt whether people are noticing “them”.  Wyatt tells Ivy he deserves this – she’s talented smart and beautiful and she’s a Forrester.  Ivy says they have been overlooked and its going to stop.  The footage she has of Steffy is their insurance policy.

Wyatt assures Ivy she isn’t using Aly’s death to advance her career.  Wyatt assures her she has earned this.  Ivy leaves. She’s going to see Aly.

Who Will Be the New Face of Forrester?

Ridge and Caroline design together.  Interns come in with a card for Ridge to sign.  Josie had a baby.  Caroline says the baby is so cute.  She didn’t want to let the baby go.  Ridge turns Caroline’s attention back to design.  Caroline wonders who will wear it.  Is he considering Ivy as the new Face of Forrester.

Ridge is confused by Wyatt’s changing loyalty.  Caroline notes it may be a good idea to keep steffy under the radar for a bit and let Ivy step up.  Ridge says it doesn’t add up.  There has to be more than Wyatt’s influence here.

Caroline thinks it could be payback for Liam leaving her for Steffy, but Ridge thinks Ivy is too confident.  It bothers him that Thomas also took Ivy’s side.  Ridge can’t believe he’s in the position of making this decision.

The interns arrive with lunches.  But Ridge didn’t order the lunch. Ridge is worried about Steffy.  Caroline agrees she preoccupied. There is a knock at the door – its Lt Baker.   He’s here about Steffy’s case and her role in the death of Alexandria Forrester.

Ivy in Aly’s Bedroom

In Aly’s bedroom Ivy looks at Aly’s photos and her personal possessions. She finds more sabotaged photos of Steffy.   She begins packing up Aly’s room or taking a few things to remind Ivy of Aly.

Steffy Tells Wyatt to Delete the Video

Steffy tells Wyatt she knows about the video.  Aly is gone it is a terrible tragedy that Aly put upon herself.  Aly attacked her; Steffy defends and explains what happened that night again.  She was defending herself.  What was she supposed to do?

Now Ivy is using her cousin to get ahead.  Where is his loyalty she asks.  Steffy thought they were friends.  Wyatt did too.  She reminds Wyatt that blackmail is illegal and he’s supporting the wrong person.  Steffy needs him to delete the video.

Ivy is making Steffy look responsible for Aly’s death.  Wyatt defends Ivy.  She just lost her best friend, her man to Steffy and her work is not being trashed by Steffy.  Wyatt is also mad, at her for reneging on the summer of fun and being overlooked as VP.

Steffy isn’t going to defend herself.  She needs his allegiance.  Get the video, and delete it – from everywhere.  Steffy wants the video gone.  She’s innocent.  Aly attacked her and she defended herself.  Steffy is devastated by this.  Its ridiculous to think that she would murder Aly.  Wyatt needs to focus on himself; his future and his position at Forrester.  Delete the video and make sure there are no other copies.

What he and Ivy are doing is a dangerous game.  Wyatt agrees.  He’ll get rid of the video.

Later, Steffy tells Thomas what she told Wyatt to do.  She thinks she got through to Wyatt.

Ivy Catches Wyatt Trying to Delete the Video

Wyatt carries in the box of some of Aly’s things.  Ivy expected to feel her presence there, but she’s dead, and Ivy still can’t quite believe it.  Wyatt eyes Ivy’s phone.  Ivy tells stories about the things she took form Aly’s room. Wyatt hugs her.  He offers to draw her a bubble bath.  Ivy hates laying all this on him.  She is going to have that bath Ivy says.

Wyatt looks at Ivy’s phone.  He picks it up.  He watches the video.  Ivy returns to find him with her phone and the delete button on the screen.  You are not deleting that video Ivy asks.


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