August 20: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

2014: Brooke accepted Bill's marriage proposal 2015: Steffy told Liam about the video showing Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron

Thursday, August 20, 2015 – Episode #7146

Steffy Tells Liam She Hit Aly with the Tire Iron

Steffy doesn’t know how to answer Liam’s question.  Steffy agrees Aly wouldn’t have been dead if she hadn’t been on the side of the road with her?  Probably not.  But is she responsible?  She doesn’t know how to answer that question.

But there is more Liam asserts.  Yes Steffy says.  But she didn’t cause Aly’s death in the way that Ivy thinks, but yes she did cause Aly’s death.

Liam asks if they are back to her shutting him out when the going gets tough.  Liam wants to know why he’s just hearing this now.

Steffy tries to explain. Aly fell because I hit her, Steffy admits to Liam. Steffy explains the full story.  She swung the tire iron and she didn’t even know if it connected. Liam says it was still self defence. Yes says Steffy, but Ivy was there and saw it.

Liam assures Steffy it is her word against Ivy’s .  Steffy admits there is a video that Ivy is threatening to use against her.  Liam wonders about Ivy filming it.  Steffy says she hasn’t seen it but Wyatt has.  Liam thinks that Wyatt is behind this because Ivy doesn’t go around manipulating people into getting what she wants.  Steffy isn’t so sure about this.

Liam says they have to see the video, but Steffy isn’t sure she can.  Liam says he will handle it. He’ll see her back at the house.

Wyatt Wonders If Ivy Wants Liam Back

Wyatt is bothered because it appears that Ivy wants Liam back.  Wyatt says Steffy can’t do anything but tell the truth, Liam will be all moral and horrified and come knocking on Ivy’s door and then the same thing will happen.  Wyatt and ivy will be over.  That’s what always happens.

Ivy says she doesn’t have an ulterior motive for telling Liam to go to Steffy.  Ivy says he’s kinda sexy when he’s jealous.  Ivy wonders if she has a split personality.  She was a good girl, not she’s not that good.  She tricked Liam into marrying her.  Wyatt says that is Liam’s favorite way to get married.  Now Ivy is in this high stakes game with Steffy.

Wyatt likes her just the way she is now.

Liam walks in. He thinks they should both be happy as long as they stay on the right side of crime.  He says they are blackmailing Steffy and keeping her in fear.  He wants to see the video.

Liam states that the Face of Forrester is Ivy’s price for silence.  Ivy says how long do you think she would have a job at Forrester if she didn’t use the video against Steffy.  Wyatt wonders why Steffy didn’t tell him right away.  Ivy hasn’t gone to the police because Steffy with her high profile in the company being hauled off in handcuffs on the evening news would cripple Forrester Creations. Wyatt and Ivy just suggested that Steffy not be involved in every part of Forrester.  They give him the video to watch.

Liam is aghast.  Would you call that self defense Ivy asks Liam.  Ivy calls it murder

Thomas Confides in Caroline that Steffy is being Blackmailed

Thomas can’t talk to Ridge but he can talk to her, Caroline says.  But Thomas says she won’t keep anything from his dad. Caroline agrees but doesn’t have to tell him everything.  The problem isn’t him and Steffy Thomas confides, it’s about Ivy and Steffy.

Thomas says it’s like he doesn’t know Steffy anymore.  He doesn’t’ know what she’s going to say and do anymore.  She’s being blackmailed.  There is a video of Steffy hitting Aly the night she died.  Ivy has the video.

It’s still self defense Thomas says, but Caroline asks if it looks that way on the video.


Wednesday August 20, 2014

Il Jordino

Katie and Ridge continued their lunch at Il Jordino.  Katie convinced him to go to Hope and Wyatt’s party despite Bill being there.  Ridge still doesn’t want Bill anywhere near Hope, RJ or Brooke – especially after what he did to Ridge in Abu Dhabi.  Neither Ridge nor Katie can understand that Brooke hasn’t thrown Bill out of her life.  But she hasn’t, Katie notes.  But perhaps she would if Brooke knew how much Bill’s actions in Abu Dhabi had cost him.

Katie and Ridge discussed Ridge’s inability to draw and create.  Katie was confident that it is a temporary condition due to his trauma in Abu Dhabi falling out of the helicopter.  But Ridge was impatient to get his life back.  Katie thought he should tell Brooke or Eric about his problem.  Brooke would help and it could prevent her from marrying Bill if she knew there were repercussions from Bill’s actions.  But Ridge didn’t want anyone to know.  He asked Katie to promise to keep this between them.

Ridge and Katie were unaware that Deacon and Quinn were seated at a table behind the bushes listening in…

Brooke agrees to marry Bill

Meanwhile Bill did the hard sell to Brooke about his regret at having done something impulsive and foolish and hurting Ridge.  He’d reacted impulsively.  But Ridge was back to life as normal, Bill argued.  There had been no lasting consequences Bill told Brooke.  Ridge had Katie, his family and his job – life was good for Forrester.  Bill told Brooke it was time for them to move forward also.  Bill asked Brooke to marry him.  Brooke made Bill promise he would never again hurt someone she loved – including Ridge.  Bill promised and Brooke accepted his proposal.

Later Bill returned home with a huge bottle of champagne to celebrate.  They then called the captain of the Stella Maris and told him they would be coming to Monte Carlo to marry…

Aly and Ivy advise Liam

Aly and Ivy visited with Liam at his Malibu house.  Liam is still stunned that Hope went off and married his brother when he was late in Paris.  Ivy agrees that Liam was late, but not that late.  Liam couldn’t fathom that Hope turned around and married Wyatt that same day.

Ivy and Aly are convinced that Liam has to tell Hope at the party tomorrow that not only was he in Paris but that it was Ivy falling into the Seine that made Liam miss Hope.  Liam isn’t so sure.  Bill wants him to accept this marriage and Liam thinks it might be a good idea.