August 21: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, August 21, 2015 – Episode #7147

Wyatt’s Malibu Beach House

It was murder Liam Ivy says after he sees the video.  Liam is stunned.  He still claims its self defense.  He watches the video again.  Steffy killed Aly, Ivy tells Liam and Steffy doesn’t’ even care.

After Liam leaves, Wyatt and Ivy discuss Steffy not telling Liam about the video.   Steffy doesn’t trust him Ivy states.  Ivy is upset everyone thinks Steffy’s life is worth more than Aly’s.  Ivy is glad he saw the video.  Maybe Liam will see his precious see Steffy in a whole new light.

Wyatt isn’t sure what it says about Steffy and Liam’s relationship if Steffy kept this from Liam.  Ivy doesn’t think that Liam can condone what is on that video.  But Wyatt thinks coming to the rescue will trump the morals of the situation.

Ivy doesn’t feel badly for Liam.  Steffy doesn’t walk on water, she’s a cold blooded killer.  Wyatt thinks that is extreme.   Aly is dead and Steffy’s life goes on, Ivy notes.  Aly is gone and Ivy wont’ forget.

Wyatt changes the subject.  They make love.


Liam’s Malibu Beach House

Meanwhile Steffy is at home (Liam’s beach house) reliving the night Aly died.  Liam comes home.  He’s not saying anything except that he saw the video.  Steffy begins the freak out.  Liam simply says it’s bad Steffy, really bad.

Steffy goes over what happened.  Liam says that is the thing – there is no rock in the video. Steffy is stunned. Whether there was a rock or it was just a tire iron, Liam tells her, it doesn’t look good.  He asks her to take her through the night one more time.

He thinks maybe something else will come back, but Steffy doesn’t want to relive it again. Steffy goes over it again. A teary Steffy says she would never ever kill her cousin deliberately.  If he doesn’t want to be with her, Steffy gets it.  Liam says he’s not going anywhere.  He knows when she is threatened she defends herself its instinctive.  Steffy says he has no idea what that means to her.  They kiss. And make love.

Afterwards Steffy appreciates Liam believing her.  She should have told him right away.  Liam isn’t going to let Ivy use the video as a tool to ruin Steffy’s life just because she is angry with Steffy.  Liam says they will do whatever it takes to make sure no one sees that video.

Thomas Worries for Steffy AND Caroline

Caroline is stunned to hear that Steffy his Aly with a tire iron, Ivy recorded it. Caroline thinks the video is good it shows what happened.  Thomas says that isn’t true.  The video is incredibly damning.  Caroline realizes Ivy is holding this over Steffy’s head – to become the new face of Forrester Thomas adds.  Thomas says he will protect his sister.  Caroline can’t tell Ridge, but Caroline thinks Ridge would want to know if Steffy was in trouble.  Thomas is worried about Caroline also, not only Steffy, Caroline asks Why.  Because you are involved with my father, Thomas says.

Caroline says she is very happy.  For now Thomas asks.  He’s had a front row to Ridge’s relationships all his life.  Caroline says no one gets everything they want.  Caroline confides there is only on thing they aren’t completely in sync on.  Thomas guesses it has to do with starting a family when Caroline can’t tell him.

Thomas asks if Ridge isn’t ready as Caroline claims, or not interested.  He asks where that leaves Caroline.  Thomas says he wasn’t with Caroline for long, but he understands what drives her.  She shouldn’t dim her light for his father.  Ridge doesn’t want a family because its all about him.  Thomas doesn’t want to see her hurt.

Ridge and Katie

Ridge and Katie discuss how Ridge feels about Caroline wanting a family. When Ridge doesn’t answer Katie understands how he feels about that.  Katie wonders if he thinks Caroline will grow out of it. Katie tells him from her experience it didn’t work that way.

Katie reminds him that when they were together he said he would be a father to Will, so why not start a family with Caroline she asks.

It has nothing to do with feelings for Caroline Ridge says.  He just doesn’t want to start over again.  Katie asks if Caroline is.  Katie notes sometimes people say what they think they want to hear.  But Ridge said he was honest with her.  he didn’t want to complicate their life and just wanted to live in the moment.


  1. Steffy is making Liam a bad person!!! Only Hope was honest and suits him!!!!!!!!! Please,bring back Hope amd let Liam realize who is his treasure!!!

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