August 25: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 – Episode #7149

Ivy owns Steffy

Ivy notes Steffy finally did the right thing.  Like she had a choice, Steffy says.  Ivy notes she could have walked away on the night Aly died.  Steffy asks what more she wants.  When is Ivy going to give this a rest, Steffy wants to know.  For as long as this video exists Ivy tells Steffy she owns her.

Ivy says she has seen no evidence of Steffy having a conscience.  Steffy knows what happened.  Aly attacked her.  Ivy tells Steffy that the video tells a different story.  Ivy tells Steffy she gets everything she wants, Liam, president of the company, getting rid of Aly.  But no more.  Ivy tells Steffy her charmed life is over.

Steffy asks what it says about Ivy pulling over and filming the fight.  Steffy was defending herself. Let Aly rest in peace Steffy says.  Let it go.  Ivy says she was there too and she has watched the video over and over again.  Not once has Ivy seen Steffy’s version of the truth.

She denies being a murderer like Steffy denied she was making a play for Ivy’s boyfriend.  Ivy won’t be played a fool by Steffy again.

Ridge Doesn’t Understand Steffy’s Decision

Thomas and Liam discuss Ivy blackmailing Steffy.  The video is damning Liam notes.  Ridge arrives.  He doesn’t’ know what got into Steffy.  She turned down the Face of Forrester and insisted he give it to Ivy.

Thomas and Liam dance around the issue.  But Ridge still doesn’t get it.  He wants to know what he is missing.  There is something going on Ridge notes. Ridge asks his son if he would tell him if there was something going on. Thomas deflects and says if he thought Steffy was making a bad choice Thomas would tell Ridge.

Liam is Riled

Steffy tells Liam it’s hard enough living with this memory, but now she has Ivy holding it over her head.  Steffy admits the video is bad and she looks guilty.  Steffy tells Liam that Ivy called her a murdered and said she owns her.  Liam is done.  He storms out to put a stop to it right now.

Ridge asks Steffy what the real reason behind Steffy’s decision is.   Ridge is worried about her.  Steffy says not to be.  She has it under control. Ridge tells Steffy not to blame herself about Aly.  Steffy isn’t.  But she knows people are.  This will haunt her for the rest of her life, Steffy tells her dad.


Wyatt and Ivy’s Chance

Quinn isn’t happy with Ivy’s new attitude. She can’t believe that Wyatt and Ivy hooked up. She’s disappointed Wyatt gave up on Steffy (like he ever had a shot!).  Quinn says he throws in the towel too soon.  He has to learn to stand his ground against his brother.

Wyatt agrees it bothers him Liam is VP of Forrester and President of Spencer.  But he and Ivy may finally be getting their chance.  Quinn just doesn’t see it.  Wyatt reminds her she didn’t like Hope at first either.

Wyatt tells Quinn that Ivy is great.  He’s tired of losing out to his brother all the time.

Ivy walks in and says she is sure that they can put a few disagreements aside.  She says jewelry will always be her baby, but they are looking at the new Face of Forrester.  Wyatt hugs her he’s not surprised.  They both knew Steffy would do the right thing.

Liam enters as Ivy is looking at jewels. He congratulates her. Liam used to think of her like the sapphire she is looking at.  Precious, with a clarity second to none.  Until Steffy stole him from her Ivy says. Liam says the Immigration thing changed things also.  Liam says Ivy has changed.  She’s colder and harder.  Its like Quinn is rubbing off on her.

Blackmail is illegal, unethical and self serving.  She is exploiting Aly’s death as a bargaining chip to further her career.  That is not justice for Aly.  They argue about the video and what Ivy has over Steffy.  Liam says fine – let the big secret come out.  Take the video to the police or delete it and mourn Aly properly.  Those are her only two options.  Which is it Liam wants to know.


Monday August 25, 2014

Wyatt learns why Liam was late

Bill rescued Wyatt from the barrage of wedding questions Ivy and Aly were throwing at Wyatt to keep Wyatt looking for Hope (who was with Liam).  Bill pulled his son aside to tell him that Liam was in Paris.  He was late getting to Hope because Ivy fell in the river.  Wyatt immediately saw the irony and stated that he was only married because Ivy fell in the river.  If that hadn’t happened it would be Hope and Liam that were married. Bill told him that didn’t matter now.  Hope would stand by her vows and Bill had told Liam to respect his brothers marriage and move on with his life.

Wyatt went to find Hope and was once again intercepted by Ivy and Aly.  He realized what they are up to and told them he would tell Liam they did their job.  Wyatt rushed upstairs.

Liam tells Hope why he was late

Upstairs, Hope didn’t believe Liam was in Paris until he described what she’d been wearing.  Hope wailed.  If you were there Liam, if you were right there why didn’t you come to me.  Liam explained what happened.  Ivy falling into the river making him late and when he arrived Hope was gone. Hope is not surprised that Liam would save Ivy.  And understands that is what had to happen.

But that didn’t change what she went through she told Liam.  When he wasn’t there it told her that she didn’t matter to Liam.  He wasn’t there.  And Wyatt was. I didn’t know you showed up a teary Hope told Liam.  Now you do Liam stated as Wyatt entered the room and said the party downstairs was now over.

Bill learns about Ridge losing his gift for drawing

Katie walked into the kitchen to learn that Brooke now knew about Ridge’s inability to draw.  All because Bill wanted to teach Ridge a lesson.  “No one punches me and drags away my bride” Katie spits in imitation of Bill.  Well there were consequences.  Bill took away Ridges ability to create.  He took away the passion of Ridge’s life. Brooke is determined that Ridge will not loose his ability to design when Bill enters the kitchen and aks whey the three of them are so serious.  He tries to lighten the mood stating this is a wedding celebration not a funeral, but Katie and Ridge simply respond by leaving.

Still oblivious, Bill told Brooke that the party was winding down and they should make arrangements to fly to his yacht and get married just like Wyatt and Hope did.  Bill presumes that Ridge and Katie were sour because Brooke told them that she had agreed to marry Bill.  Brooke tells Bill that there had been consequences to Bill ordering Ridge dumped into the Persian Gulf.

His gift – his art – was taken from him all because he fell out of a helicopter Brooke spat at Bill…