August 26: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 – Episode #7150

Liam Delivers an Ultimatum to Ivy

Delete the video or take it to the police Liam tells Ivy. Such a risk taker Ivy says.  Liam says he jumped into the Seine for her and married her to keep her in the country.  Liam needs Ivy to do what is right.  Ivy notes that Liam now needs her to save the love of his life, Steffy, from a prison sentence.

Liam says that her life in Forrester Creations would never be the same if she turns the video in.  She would be the person that put Steffy in jail, when she didn’t commit murder.  Ivy says the video shows otherwise.

Ivy is stunned by Liam’s denial.  She has never seen this side of him.  And he has never seen this side of her – so eager to sit in judgment.   Ivy says maybe he is right, they can’t trust each other’s judgment and need an independent third party.  How about we go to the police Ivy suggests.

Liam is sorry he hurt her.  She trusted him and she got trod on then her best friend died.  Ivy knows he plays superhero to women.  He did if for Ivy when she fell in the Seine.  And now Liam is doing the same for Steffy trying to help her avoid justice.  Its not going to work this time Ivy says.  He should convince Steffy to go to the police.  Time is running out and so is her patience.  His girlfriend belongs in a courtroom.  Liam leaves.

Steffy Struggles

Ridge wants to know what is bothering Steffy.  She’s struggling with something and he wants to help.  Steffy claims it is about Aly’s death.  Ridge reminds her it wasn’t her fault, but Steffy is thinking about the video that makes it look like it was.

Ridge thinks being the face of Forrester might help her move on.  Ridge asks Steffy to reconsider, he’ll talk to Ivy.  Steffy is adamant she doesn’t’ want to be the new Face of Forrester.  And Steffy is also adamant that Ivy should do it when Ridge suggests getting someone else.  Ridge doesn’t understand his children and heads home to Caroline

Thomas and Caroline Design

At the loft, Caroline and Thomas are designing together.  He keeps thinking about kissing her.  Caroline says Steffy would look great in the design as the face of Forrester.   Thomas says Steffy turned it down and gave it to Ivy.  Thomas says Caroline knows why.  They discuss Ivy blackmailing Steffy.

The conversation turns back to Caroline wanting a family. Thomas thinks if it’s something that Caroline wants it’s something that Ridge needs to consider.

Caroline says Ridge likes to live in the moment; he doesn’t make plans – like another family.  Where does that leave her Thomas wonders.

Thomas sees Ridge’s paining of Caroline.  Caroline asks if he paints.  He begins painting; A yellow smiley face.  Ridge enters as they are having fun.

Quinn and Wyatt

Quinn wants to know from Wyatt how his new girlfriend managed to pull off being the new Face of Forrester.  Wyatt warns that Quinn is becoming like the rest of them – thinking about entitlement.  Ivy has the winning ticket and Wyatt is going along for the ride.

Quinn wants to know what he means.  She hopes Wyatt is getting more out of this than just sex. Whatever they are working on Ivy seems to be the only one benefitting.  Wyatt will get his too he tells him mother.  Quinn wants to know what they are up to;  him and Poison Ivy.  Wyatt says Ivy just got a big promotion and he is hopefully on his way to one also.

Liam and Steffy at Home

Liam says it didn’t go well with Ivy.  Steffy wonders what they are going to do.  Steffy feels like she is being squeezed from all angles.  She hasn’t even been able to mourn Aly.

Liam says Ivy is so wrong and she doesn’t’ even know it.  She’s a different person Liam says.

Ivy and Wyatt at Home

Ivy debriefs with Wyatt.  They have the power, the loaded gun.  They have been neglected and ignored.  He put jewelry on the map for Forrester Creations  with the HFTF diamond.  Wyatt wants Ivy to have everything too.  They hold the key to Ridge’s daughter’s future.  They kiss.


Tuesday August 26, 2014

Liam confronts Wyatt

That is my wedding reception downstairs Wyatt told Liam its something you can’t change Wyatt told Liam when he realized that Liam has gone against their father’s wishes and told Hope he was in Paris.  Liam justified telling Hope that too many people already knew and that Hope was going to hear it from him.

Hope went downstairs while the brothers spoke.  Wyatt told Hope that as far as Hope knew there was only disappointment to wait for in Paris, Wyatt told Liam when he asked why they couldn’t wait five minutes past 3 o’clock.  Liam asked his brother if he really wanted to win this way.

What Wyatt asked, knowing I was second choice?  I know that is how you see it, Wyatt admits to Liam.  Wyatt agreed that Hope still loved Liam but Wyatt told Liam that he had never made Hope happy, but Wyatt did.

Liam told his brother that growing up with Quinn he could almost be deluded for believing gems and precious metals were love.  That’s how you make her happy.  With the big shiny surprise Liam states essentially calling his brother a shallow one trick pony.  A shiny camper, a tent of the beach, a golf ball sized diamond.  How would he outdo himself now Liam wondered?  Would birthday cakes and Valentine’s day cards cut it now that he’d been so extravagant?

Without the big shiny surprise Hope would see him exactly for what he was –a jealous little boy who stabbed his brother in the back and stole his life.

We were supposed to be brothers the men in each other’s lives that we didn’t need to worry about Liam railed at Wyatt.  Wyatt told Liam he teased him like a brother and even looked up to him like a brother but he didn’t know what to do with Liam’s sense of grievance.

Liam asked if Wyatt for a moment wanted Quinn to kill him on that night.  Wyatt said no.  He asked if there was someone he could call for Liam and aksed if Liam had been in contact with Steffy in Paris.  Mention of Steffy angered Liam and he asked Wyatt if winning didn’t feel as good as he thought.  Wyatt left to take Hope home but as he left he told Liam that this may have been a competition but it wasn’t about who was the better man.  Ivy probably wouldn’t have drowned Wyatt stated in parting.

A stunned Hope realized she’s married

Downstairs Hope and Ivy talked. Hope was glad that Liam did for Ivy what he did. But Ivy was still very sorry for her part Liam missing Hope.  If she hadn’t fallen in the river it would be a very different wedding they were celebrating today Ivy noted.  She also noted that it felt more like she was pushed than fell.  Who would do that though Hope asked?  Ivy and Hope didn’t realize the answer to that question was peering in through the patio doors….Quinn.

Ivy told Hope that she didn’t know about in this country but in Australia they have a little thing called an annulment. Liam loves you, Ivy told Hope.  He did exactly as you asked but by the time we realized he was late our phones had been swimming in the Seine.

“I’m married,”  Hope stated stunned as if it was just sinking in for the first time…

The wedding is off

In the kitchen Bill told Brooke that if Ridge truly was suffering from an inability to draw they would get him the finest specialists in the world.  His memory loss was temporary and Bill was certain his drawing problem was also.  Bill also suggested that Ridge had an ulterior motive for telling Brooke now that there were consequences to his fall.  Ridge hated Bill and was clear that he didn’t want Bill near Brooke or RJ.

Brooke told Bill that wasn’t the case.  Bill was the one who lied to her, not Ridge.  Brooke asked Bill to leave but Bill reminded them they were supposed to be flying to his yacht to get married.  Brooke told Bill that all of their conversations ended up being about Bill.  Bill though Brooke was the first woman in his life to accept him as he way.  Brooke told Bill that she didn’t want to change him but she did want to respect him.  She wouldn’t give up everything she was to suit Bill.

Bill left the kitchen and in the living room made a call to the captain of his yacht.  The wedding was postponed Bill told him and hung up.

From the patio Deacon and Quinn silently celebrated what they’d just overheard.  Their plan had worked.  Deacon headed into the kitchen to see Brooke…


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