August 27: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, August 27, 2015 – Episode #7151

Wyatt and Ivy Discuss the Changes in Ivy

Ivy and Wyatt agree no more being pushed around.  Wyatt says they have the power, they should do the pushing.  Wyatt says Steffy doesn’t have to go to jail as long as they get some respect at Forrester.  The video helps them work their way up – the underdogs.

Ivy and Wyatt are aghast that Liam and Steffy think that they are the bad guy. Unlike Liam, Wyatt likes the new Ivy. Ivy is no longer waiting for Steffy’s scraps, and is standing up for herself.  Wyatt is proud of her.  Ivy says Liam thinks Wyatt influenced the changes in Ivy and that she’s been hanging around Quinn too long.

Wyatt wonders if Ivy thinks the changes are good or bad.  Ivy and Wyatt share a glass of wine and discuss if Ivy has any regrets.  She doesn’t.  She regrets not seeing Liam for who he is, and for not being a better friend to Aly.  Ivy likes the changes in herself.  She is a stronger person because of Wyatt.  Wyatt finds the fire in her extremely attractive and sexy.  He notes a weaker person would have just gone home.

Ivy admits she thought of it.  But that wouldn’t be fair to Aly’s memory.  Ivy says that Wyatt was there for her when she learned that she was just a stand in for Steffy.  Little did they realize what was right in front of them?  They kiss as Wyatt notes they know now.

What if Liam turns up and begs for a second chance Wyatt wants to know. Ivy isn’t going to be Liam’s girl waiting in the wings.  Wyatt is pleased to know that. They kiss.  Wyatt says Ivy changed him also. She has helped him get out of the shadow of his brother.  He’s always felt second fiddle to Liam with women and his father.  She’s sweet, loving and genuine, lots of qualities he doesn’t necessarily possess.  Liam took advantage of her goodness, but he promises to appreciate it.  What Liam did to her was wrong, but it gave her confidence and a voice.  Wyatt finds that sexy as hell.

Ivy says his support is the most she’s ever felt.  Her father is crazy – she loves him – but she learned she couldn’t count on him.  Ivy says her mother is very different to Wyatt’s.  Ivy’s mother hasn’t even occurred to come visit her in all the time she’s been in LA.

They decide they are kindred spirits.  A force to be reckoned with; with some leverage.  Ivy ponders what Aly could have done with her life.  Ivy can’t let her die in vain.  Aly would want her to use it. Aly was an underdog too, and she would want them to win and take what they deserve from Liam and Steffy.

Steffy and Liam Share a Quiet Night

Steffy thought Liam would be able to get through to Ivy.  Liam thinks Ivy expects Steffy to go to the police.  Liam notes that Ivy wouldn’t be blackmailing Steffy if he was still with her.  Steffy thinks he should think of it as luck that he escaped.

Steffy and Liam decide to not think about Ivy and her video.  They have a quiet evening drinking wine and watching a video and eat pizza. Steffy thanks him for making her laugh.  He reminds her she has so much good in her life and so much to look forward to.

Steffy tells Liam that him believing in her feels so good. He could of walked away.  Liam says neither of them are walking away ever again.

Thomas Paints Caroline

Ridge finds Thomas painting Thomas.  Thomas says Ridge’s painting inspired him to try.  Ridge says painting is fun if he has the time, but if he wants to impress Ridge and rest of Forrester, he should focus on his designs.  Thomas says that is actually why he was here.  Caroline has been helping him.  Thomas shows him.

Thomas and Caroline wait as Ridge paces his loft and looks at Thomas’ designs.  Thomas goes through he changes Caroline suggested.  Ridge tells him it’s a definite improvement.  He’s definitely on the right track.  He’s one step closer to what he really wants.

Thomas thanks Ridge for not tearing them up this time. Thomas realizes he has a long way to go.  He understands a place on the design team has to be earned. Ridge wants him to be the best possible designer he can be – even him (after he’s dead and gone Ridge jokes.)  Thomas is inspired and heads back to the office.


  1. Ivy and Wyatt are fine together!!! I feel sorry for LIam!!!! Only Hope mede him a special character!!! Please,bring back Hope!!! She has to win at last!!!

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