August 28: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, August 28, 2015 – Episode #7152

Tension between Ridge and Caroline over Children

Caroline and Ridge arrive at work.  She likes corporate Ridge.  He’s halfway between Eric and Rick; sensitive but decisive.   Caroline takes out one of Thomas’ designs.  Ridge says its good but would be better with a change of neckline.

Ridge notes she really wants Thomas on the team.  Caroline thinks his son is a good fit.  Being a Forrester comes with a lot of perks.  He doesn’t want that for his son.  He has to earn his rewards.  Caroline calls him a good father, when Brooke arrives with a text from RJ.

Caroline walks away as they talk about RJ and his “girls are so annoying stage”.  She goes to give Thomas Ridge’s notes about his design.

Brooke asks if everything is alright with Caroline, she seemed tense when she brought up RJ.  Children Brooke asks when Ridge admits there is tension.  Ridge admits it’s a speed bump in their relationship over.  Brooke is doubtful.  His girlfriend wants children and he doesn’t.

Brooke says the biological clock thing is real.  Ridge says he has raised two families now he just wants to live in the moment.  Ridge says Caroline is okay with it, and Ridge believes it.  Brooke says if what she just saw is any indication, Caroline is covering up her urge to be a mother.  That isn’t just going to go away Brooke advises.  Ridge says he realizes that.

He wants Caroline to be happy.  Brooke wonders if he is thinking about having a whole new family just to put a smile on Caroline’s face.  Why not, Ridge asks. Brooke reminds him he wanted to live in the moment.  But if he truly loved Caroline he would put her needs first Ridge notes, and that is what he is going to do.

Zende and Nicole

Zende and Thomas are working out on the sky lounge when Nicole arrives.  Thomas smiles as Zende and Nicole banter about her not being a morning person.  They discuss Thomas being back in LA and being put through his paces before her can be a designer.  Nicole wonders if he’ll be okay working with Caroline since they were once an item.  Thomas notes that was a long time ago and they’ve both grown and changed.

Nicole tells Zende that Maya and Nicole are heading home. Zende notes that you can miss what is in front of you by being so busy trying to document it. (Maya and Rick didn’t post a single picture on social media).

Nicole tells Zende to kick her under the table next time she brings up something silly like Thomas and Caroline.  They discuss Thomas becoming a designer under Mr. Tough Love (Ridge).  It will make Thomas the best he can be, but Nicole wonders if Ridge is doing the same for Caroline.  Their age difference is serous Nicole says and wonders if it leads to different wants and needs because they are in different places in life.

Caroline Confides in Thomas about Wanting a Family

On her way out Caroline finds Pam’s meds on her desk.  With Pam’s desk being locked, Caroline takes them with her.

Thomas comes in and says he just left “besties” Zende and Nicole, though they are clearly a couple.  He wants to see what she was looking at on her phone.  Her friend posted a picture.  Clearly its of children.  Thomas tells Caroline that she’s allowed to have feelings over having to choose between Ridge and having a family.

Caroline shows Thomas the changes Ridge made to his design.  Caroline says they want Thomas to succeed.  Thomas says again that she can talk to him.  He can see the baby issue is weighing on her. Caroline admits to being disappointed.  She thought she would have a family, but she is fulfilled in other ways.  Her career and she is so in love with Ridge.

Thomas says a woman like her should have everything.  Caroline says that isn’t going to happen so she needs to be grateful for what she has.

She asks Thomas if he wants kids.  He answers immediately.  Yes, bring them on.  But he hasn’t found the right partner yet.  Maybe he’ll walk out the door one day and bam there she is – just like when she walked out of a limo that day.

Thomas tries to make the changes Ridge wanted in his design, but Caroline can’t explain in words so she takes his hand and draws…


Thursday August 28, 2014

Wyatt tried to move Hope’s cat out

While Hope continued to unpack, Wyatt and his allergies went out.  Wyatt turned up at Liam’s office where Liam had just finished a meeting with Bob Barker about animal welfare.  Wyatt dumped a box of Hopes’ cats things on Liam’s desk and told Liam that cat was moving in with him because Wyatt was allergic to Hope’s cat and anything that reminded Hope of Liam.

Liam picked up a tablet and rushed out of the office.  Outside he asked a security guard if he’d seen Bob Barker.  Liam returned Bob Barker’s tablet to him as Wyatt caught up to continue their conversation.  “Just because I’m not some stupid animal lover…”  Wyatt started.  He didn’t get much further.  Bob barker took him on.  Wyatt called Bob Barker a whacko which got Wyatt a beating Happy Gilmore style.

Deacon went to Hope’s for advice

While Wyatt was out Deacon stopped by Hope’s house and asked for Hope’s help.  Hope was nervous until Deacon said he wanted her help with getting through Brooke’s walls.  The past few days, spending time with Brooke and Hope as a family, had made Deacon realize he wanted that more than anything.

He’s never have the same scratch as Spencer but Deacon didn’t believe that was what Brooke had seen in Bill.  Brooke thought that Bill was a man she could believe in and depend on, but he isn’t.  But I am, Deacon told Hope.

Hope advised her dad that he had to be the kind of man that Brooke wanted back in her life and that she thought he could do it.  Hope also told him that if he loves Brooke, he has to let her know.  Father and daughter hugged.

Bill went to Brooke

Meanwhile Bill went to visit Brooke who was enjoying a bottle of wine – on her own – while reviewing one of Ridge’s portfolios.  She told Bill that fashion was just another money making business to him, but to those who worked in the industry, Ridge and herself included, it was art.  Bill had taken that away from Ridge and Forrester Creations.  Brooke didn’t think Bill truly understood the impact on Ridge or the business in Ridge losing his talent.  Brooke told Bill the story she saw in each one of Ridge’s designs and taking a sip of wine stated that a lifetime of huge achievement was gone.

Bill reminded Brooke that they had been on the precipice of a great achievement themselves.  Getting Married.  But Ridge had interfered again with another newsflash.  Brooke admitted to still loving Bill but didn’t know how to minimize what this meant to Forrester Creations or Ridge.  Bill told Brooke she was the only woman for him and he was the only man for her

End of Summer Party

Meanwhile, at Forrester creations a photo shoot with Maya and Ivy’s jewelry designs wrapped.  Rick told everyone to enjoy the end of summer bash at Bikini and not do anything he wouldn’t.  Maya batted her eyes at Rick asking if he wasn’t coming.  Carter and Oliver rolled their eyes at Maya’s obvious come on.

Rick said Caroline was still away.  Maya told him that didn’t mean he had to stay home alone.  Carter intervened and told him that was right.  They would have a boys night.

The party got started at Bikini with Carter setting Rick up with a shooter before he got his beer.  When Oliver learned Liam was coming he went to find them a table.  Aly told Ivy her hair looked great as they chatted about Ivy’s date.  Ivy told Aly it wasn’t a date, just a party.  Liam arrived and complimented Ivy on her hair…