August 6: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, August 6, 2015 – Episode #7136

Nicole and Zende

Nicole and Zende discuss Nicole’s relationship with her father.  She thinks he can’t understand the struggle given he grew up Forrester.  But he shares a story about when he first came to the US.

Rick and Maya

Rick and Maya begin the countdown to their wedding day.  This time tomorrow they will be married.  Maya is nervous because of her dad.

Brooke and Eric

Brooke and Eric prepare to head home to the rehearsal dinner. They discuss Julius for disowning his own child.  Brooke notes he’s better be on his best behavior tonight.

He Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Julius and Vivienne just walk into the Forrester mansion.  Rick finds them discussing who is paying for this extravagance.  He welcomes them.  Rick tells them Nick is performing the ceremony.

Maya arrives and Julius notes she certainly looks like a model wherever she goes. Later, Rick and Maya note her father behaved for the rehearsal.

Nicole tells Rick and Maya she’s only been at two weddings.  Zende jokes he’s been to two or three weddings for each Forrester.

Eric and Rick joke about Brooke loves a wedding.  Julius wants a moment with Eric. The discuss retirement. He brought him something.  A golf club.  But Eric doesn’t play golf. Maya and Nicole watch.  Nicole says its never wrong to hope when Maya wonders if her father is really trying to fit in.

Nick has written some remarks for Rick and Maya’s approval.  Rick tells Nick that they trust him and should surprise us.

Nick introduces Nick to Vivienne and Julius.  Nick has known Maya since when she first came to LA. Eric arranges a toast.  Julius discusses golf with Nick. Vivienne speaks. She is thankful to see her daughter so successful and happy. Nick toast Rick and Maya. Eric says they have seen the change Maya has brought to Ricks life.  They wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Rick toast his bride to be.  Words can’t express the love and respect he has for her.  Her courage is limitless.  The world is a better place because of Maya Avant and he can’t wait to make her a Forrester.  He kisses her.

Maya approaches her father. She needs to know if he wants to be here or not, and what he feels or doesn’t feel about her.

From the distance Nick and Nicole note that Maya wants her father’s love.  Always has, Nicole agrees, but over and over again, he has hurt Maya.  He hopes that his being here was enough.  If she had her family again she would have all her dreams.  But he can’t just snap his fingers and make that happen.  But he’s putting it behind him now.  He is seeing things differently now.  He sees what she has become and what she has done with her life.  Julius tells Maya he wants to be part of her life.  He really does.  Maya thanks her father.  Rick calls her over…

He asks if she’s okay.  Maya says her dad said everything she had to hear.  Her heart is so full.  Rick says there will be some rough spots.  He will possible change but regardless of that, they have what they have.  Maya is excited to be his wife tomorrow. In  few hours she will be Maya Forrester Rick tells her.


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