Days of our Lives 50th Anniversary Promo!

Days of our Lives 50th Anniversary Promo!

The recently released promo for Days of our Lives upcoming 50th Anniversary shows clips of days gone by and spoilers of what is to come.

The spoiler hints that Bo’s absence from his Fancy Face hasn’t been voluntary.  It appears he is being held captive somewhere!  In which case he likely never got Hope’s letter about their in absentia divorce.  How will Bo feel that Hope has not only moved on in his absence but is fielding marriage proposals?

Likely better than Aiden, who the clip shows proposing to Hope.  Hope tells her lawyer beau that she cannot accept.  Aiden later throws something at a wall shattering it.

The clip also shows:

  • Sami Brady screaming (as only Sami can) as one of Tony’s goons grabs her.
  • Chad DiMera is in a hospital bed trying to convince Abigail that he didn’t kill anyone.  Clearly Chad is a prime suspect as in Salem’s latest serial killings.
  • Shaun Douglas Brady shaking his father’s hand and hugging him, both clearly back in Salem at the Brady pub…

Watch to see more…


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